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  1. I'm thinking 3 weeks.. but will get an exact timeline here in about 45 minutes... I'm thinking 3 weeks, but I can't confirm until a particular typhoon passes..
  2. I'm thinking 3 weeks.. but will get an exact timeline here in about 45 minutes...
  3. Thanks M~ Yes, I intend on having extras available
  4. You will be needing a larger Carousel made for you Liz!
  5. For those of you that have emailed (and called) about the Artist Edition... I have NOT shown you that blueprint because that coin will not be for public sale at GeocoinDesign.com. I will be keeping one for my meager collection and putting a few in caches, but the bulk of them will be going to Kyndrid... ya'll can beat down her door for them! LOL
  6. Thank you for the compliment! Sheri and I are really proud of these. We've been working on them for almost 3 months now getting the right color combinations and textures in place. The little details, such as the correct position of the paw pads on the front foot and which side we were going to put the curled tail. (We initially had the tail laying on BOTH sides - lol) I am currently waiting on the final blueprint from the mint, as they chose to ignore using "Monotype Corsiva" for the "Track at Geocaching.com" text around the tracking numbers. That is the font used on the first two Carousels, and I want them to match. When that comes back, samples will be done and those photos will be posted here. I expect to put the Tigers into full production by the end of next week, but saw no reason not to offer them up now, since I only really need the font fixed on the blueprint. Its up to you to decide if you want to preorder these or not John, but you haven't been 'burnt' by me They would make a nice addition next to your Horses and Lions too!
  7. Geocoin Design proudly presents the 3rd in the Carousel Geocoin series: Carousel Tiger Geocoin Coin Specifications: Size: 1.75" x 1.48" Platings: 4 Regular Versions, 1 Limited Edition, 1 Artist Edition Custom Icon: It is with great pleasure that I can formally announce Geocoin Designs' new artist (Kyndrid) has perfected the full sized geocoin in this stunning creation of a Carousel Tiger. This 3rd installment of the Carousel series features Translucent and Imitation Hard Enamels, sparkling Glitters, precision lines and modest textures. Be sure to get in on these while you can! Prices - RE: $9.75 LE: $10.00 Preorders are now being taken and individual blueprint art can be viewed here. Enjoy!
  8. The "Cache at Night" Geocoin has been produced in the following numbers: RE: Black Nickel (350) LE: Shiny Nickel (100) XLE: Shiny Gold (50) Icons: - I will not be selling these coins in my webstore, rather, you may contact "Bakers Dozen" through GC.com to obtain them. I don't know what price they will be, nor do I know how much shipping will be. Glad you all like the coin.
  9. Post 3 & 4 will be moved to the new thread
  10. Tsun, As a vendor concerned about the satisfaction of their customers, I personally would issue a store credit after that amount of time. Simply explain that the coin(s) in question are no longer in production, but at the same time, also explain that after 7 months, its not your responsibility to replace or refund their order. Noone wants to get screwed, nor do you want to lose a customer... on the level or not. 90 days should be plenty of time. ~J
  11. heh... especially since they have a $1 menu!
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