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  1. I just got this on Aconcagua and read through it. Looks like we don’t earn points for events or web cams? Or am I missing something?
  2. I received mine yesterday. Very nice; lots of categories represented on the front. Thanks for producing it!
  3. Thanks, I'll try Cachly. I was a devout Geosphere user for a long time, but it's no longer supported and won't work after the API change. I think the official app had some upgrades in functionality, so I was hopeful.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I knew it could be done on the website, but I wanted to know if it could be done on the app. If anyone with influence reads this, it's on my wish list. I switched from a third party app that was had lots of options like this. Unfortunately, that app is no longer supported and lost functionality following the API change.
  5. Maybe I'm just missing it, but it doesn't seem possible to enter a found it log for a different date. For instance, if I find some caches one day and can't log them until the next day. If this is possible, I'd sure like to know how to do it.
  6. Thank you BruceS. As an update, I tried again using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, and it worked. I'm still not sure why it would work for me on gc.com, but not wm.com, but I'll just use Firefox for Waymarking.
  7. For some reason, I can't download waymark .gpx or .loc files. I have no ploblem doing so for geocaches, but for waymarks, nothing happens. I was wondering if others were having the same issue, or if it's just me.
  8. The same person got into my collection too. I'm curious to know why we didn't get email notifications. Disturbing.
  9. Eagle Scout 1973, Troop 135, Arlington Heights, IL. Also a bronze palm and Brotherhood OA, Lakota Lodge 175. Unfortunately, my Troop is no more. In those years, Scouting did more to shape me and guide me in the right direction more than anything else.
  10. Thanks Ant89 for your direction and words of encouragement. I thought I looked there before and only found a version of URWIGO, but now I see there's the info I wanted. Here I go!
  11. I downloaded URWIGO builder, but I have no clue where to start. The posts on this forum all seem to be from people with much greater technical understanding than I have. Are there any instructions or tutorials to help me? Do I need to know lua programming? I'd appreciate some advice.
  12. I use the Geocaching Geoshpere app on my iPod Touch. My first step is to get the data sheets and run them through NGS-GPX. I drop the gpx file into GSAK and do any edits such as filtering out the ones I don't want or entering corrected coordinates. From that I use GSAK to make a new gpx file and send it to myself via gmail. In Geosphere, I pick up the file from my gmail and put it in my benchmarks group. I can then view the data sheets paperless. When I have web access, I can also view them on a map. If I had an iPhone instead of an iPod I could view the map a long as I was within cell coverage. It's a great app; I also use it for geocaching and Waymarking.
  13. I loaded up my Nuvi and tested this weekend. It worked great. For paperless data sheets, I also put the gpx file from GSAK in my Geoshpere app on my iPod Touch. Thanks for sharing the info.
  14. My Caching with Kids geocoin, TBYMB4, that has traveled over 11,000 miles is stuck in Port Moody Coin Swap, GC10JP1. The CO listed a requirement that the cache always has at least one geocoin in it; if there's only one geocoin in it, you need to replace it with another. I entered a needs maintenance note asking the CO to change description and remove this requirement. Other cachers have since found the cache and stated that they didn't pick it up since they didn't have one to replace it. I never heard back from the CO. I've listed my geocoin on TB-Rescue in hopes that it will get picked up. I'd enter a needs archived note, but I don't want my coin stuck in an archived cache either. Frustrating! Any thoughts or ideas?
  15. I've got mixed feelings on this. In general I think a little competition is a good thing as it keeps the quality up. The double listing of caches on both sites reminded me of letterboxing. There are 2 main listing sites: LBNA and Atlas Quest. Each allows you to link to the other, or to your own web page and there does not seem to be a problem. I've also seen letterbox hybrids on GC.com listed on the letterbox sites, although they don't actually link to the other sites. I almost signed up at OC.com, but thought differently when I looked at the terms. With warnings about linking to other websites "at your own risk", I didn't want problems with Groundspeak. I'll wait until we learn Groundspeak's official stance on the subject. It would be a shame if this became a legal issue. Groundspeak has done a lot for us in 10 years, but Garmin has deeper pockets. I sure hope this has a happy ending.
  16. I finally got my Wherigo player to work on my Nuvi 500. I found GC226D2, Where The Birds Go. It was a super simple one: 3 locations plus the final location. No characters, items, or tasks. Perhaps that's why it didn't crash the unit this time. I did a firmware update prior to this attempt, so maybe they fixed the problem, but I kind of doubt that; I think it was the simplicity of the cartridge. I wish I understood more about how it all works. I'll have to go back and try the others again that made it crash to find out.
  17. I attempted my first Wherigo cache (GC1AHKR) with my new Nuvi 500. When I arrived at the first location, I got a message that I saw another geocacher, and would I ask him to join me. The only option was to say yes; when I did I could see the next location to go to, but the unit powered off. I made several attempts at this with the same result. I selected the Nuvi 500 as a secondary GPSr to use in the car and on my bike, but I also picked it for the Wherigo capability. I am disappointed and hope that it can be fixed. If anyone can share some insight regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it. Wherigo Where did I go? Not very far
  18. I just attempted my first Wherigo cache with my new Nuvi 500. I arrived at the first location and was prompted to take an action. When I did, I could briefly see the next location, but then the unit powers off. I made several attempts with the same result. I hope someone can help me.
  19. I love th' coin design. Yer event coins get better each voyage. I wish we could attend, but 't jus' too far away. Please let us know if thar`s a way fer a non attendin' cacher t' purchase one.
  20. This was quite a challenge! Thank you. Will the invoice for the shipping fee be mailed to us snail mail? or paypal invoice to our e-mail?
  21. I received mine today. Very nice coins! I'm working on the puzzles now; up to #5 solved so far. Hogwild's description, "reading the tracking number is a bit of a puzzle" means the tracking code is super small and requires microscope eyes to read it. Thanks for printing it on the flip. Now, back to puzzle#6 for me!
  22. I think it's a cool idea (coin, not plastic). I would want at leat one, even if it turns out to be a little pricy.
  23. That was fun, even though I didn't win. How many entries did you end up with?
  24. I think an Enigma cipher is a great idea for a puzzle cache. I've been working on one myself, but haven't completed the details. I had thought about a code book in a regular cache that would be needed to solve the cipher for the Enigma puzzle cache. I don't think I would like a puzzle in the middle of looking for a multi unless I had the ability to solve the puzzle before looking for the cache. As far as simulators go, there are many available: http://www.xat.nl/enigma/index.htm I have used the Palm simulators and they both work very well. Dirk Rijmenants' simulator for Windows is very cool. His website is also very helpful in understanding how the ciphers and machines were used. P.S. Did you know an Enigma geocoin is now available and has a cipher on the coin? Good luck. I will be interested to see the results of your work.
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