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  1. These are empty boxes that can be used to hide caches.
  2. Shipping to 21701 would be $4.90 for up to 8 kits. The break point iis when you go over 8. Kits here in the Bay area cost between $2.00 - $4.00 when you can find them.
  3. Got my hands on 100 or so decontamination kits that I’m going to try and sell here before I try Ebay. I’m asking $2.50 each plus shipping or you can pick them from me if you live in Tampa, FL. Email me if you’re interested.
  4. 12 years with the Army. Spent my time in Communications at NATO or Sp Ops assignments. Now I'm on the civilian side with the Feds. Can't seem to get away. MMS
  5. We'll take 2 regulars and please put us down on the waiting list for 1 silver. Thanks MMS
  6. Placed our order for two. Thanks MMS
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