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  1. Membership request sent this AM. Thanks MMS
  2. Our vote is for a trackable coin with a seperate icon. !st run should be a special coin with a limited amount of coins made. Something that honors all branches of service. Just a thought. MMS
  3. Lost power here last night and missed this. Add us to your waiting list please. Thanks MMS
  4. Count us in please. Mr Smith is a vet and still works for the feds. Thanks MMS
  5. We would like to join too. If you have an opening.
  6. The 2005 Vampires, Mummies and the GeoGhost Event Coin and the Mt Everest coin(Bronze and Silver)
  7. Coin arrived today here in FL. Looks great !!! Thanks MMS
  8. Seems to be working now. We grabbed 2 coins. Thanks MMS
  9. Count us in for 2 silver coins. MMS
  10. Hopefully we can have a unanimous vote from the geocaching community that this would not be necessary. Your shipping prices seem reasonable, although you may end up having to pay more on the single coin orders. Don't forget there will also be the costs of envelopes, labels, etc. If the shipping charges paid are more than your actual shipping costs, it won't be by much and certainly not worth the hassle of going through PayPal to make the refunds. Besides, by the time PayPal takes their share of the fees, there would be nothing left anyway. Ditto for us Same here... MMS
  11. Placed our order for two. Thanks MMS
  12. Mr & Mrs Smith


    OK I'm hooked, but if I didn't spend the money on coins it would be wasted on paying bills....
  13. Send an email to ineedcoins@gccoins.com - email sent Thanks MMS
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