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  1. Ordered two . No place to add our geo name to on the paypal screen. Thanks MMS
  2. #110 We only had to drive 150 miles to get an event, for #16. We had a blast playing the game!!! Can't wait for the next one..... Thanks!!! MMS
  3. Got in without a problem. Asked for 2. Thanks MMS
  4. Paypaled for two of each. Thanks MMS
  5. We would like to purchase 2 of each metal please. Thanks MMS
  6. Paid. Thanks for all you've done. MMS
  7. email sent Invoive paid Thanks MMS
  8. Anyone solve the sides of the map yet. No luck on google for us.....yet. Thanks MMS
  9. Purchased two of each. Paid through PayPal Thanks MMS
  10. Added a silver coin to our order. Thanks MMS
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