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  1. Cool coin. Count us in for a couple.
  2. Cool coin. Put us down for two please.
  3. Waiting list ????? one gold for us if possible....we missed this one
  4. Got ours today here in FL. They look great... Thanks MMS
  5. Looking for a 2005 Alabama coin..... Thanks MMS http://cointracking.com/public/MrMrsSmith
  6. Add another coin and 6 pins to our request. New count: 3 Standard coins 1 LE 6 Pins Thanks MMS
  7. Cool card..... Happy Holidays everyone MMS
  8. We received our coins safe and sound here in Florida
  9. You can put us down for a couple of each...
  10. Two standard and one LE for us please. Thanks MMS
  11. We would be interested in a couple of each. Thanks MMS
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