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  1. Having agreed to adopt a cache from another CO, I received the "someone wants you to adopt this cache" email. I clicked on it, agreed to the three click boxes, and was then told that I'd adopted a completely different cache. It was one that I'd adopted-out a few months ago. I tried again, and I received ANOTHER cache that I'd adopted-out. Third time, I got the cache I was trying to adopt. After contacting a couple of reviewers in the UK, and checking back through a load of emails, I discovered that the person who adopted my first two caches had accidentally offered them back to me for adoption. Then, when I tried to adopt this new one, it gave me these other ones first. The adoption page does not tell you which cache you are adopting, just the "do you agree?" tickboxes. The email says that you can decline adoption requests by ignoring them, but this doesn't seem to be the case as I had to adopt back the ones I'd been offered in error before getting the cache I was trying to adopt. Please can this be fixed? If it's relevant, I was trying to adopt http://coord.info/GC3K9TM but got http://coord.info/GC4NDQN and http://coord.info/GC63G61
  2. May I ask something about this? I've just had someone send me vague answers to my EC questions. Things didn't add up for me, and they've claimed that they were there in 2011, when the site was not an EC. Is it important that a cacher is at the site (frankly I'm not convinced they were there - it's totally out of the way) or that some geology is learned? Perhaps I need a new question, or fewer photos on my page. And are there guidelines for "back-logging" of this kind, I couldn't find them. Thank you!
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