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  1. Thanks for all the info, I'm still getting used to the GPS and certainly enjoying it, I love geocaching I just wish I lived in England has there are not enough caches down here allthough I'll be going to Bretton in the autum so I hope to find a few there. Jakobs team.
  2. I can certainly recomend Expansys I ordered a Camo on a Tuesday afternoon at 3.15 and got it the next morning and I live in Jersey and they took the vat off for me, has for the camo, great little machine. Jakobs team.
  3. Hello Everyone, Tonight I was out at one of my Caches and was so amazed that with my Etrex camo I was getting accuracy of 5 feet on 12 sat,s with 9 diff symbols, my question is how low will a gps go. Jakobs team.
  4. Thankyou for your kind offer HH. Jakobs team.
  5. Thank you very much for your responses I now understand a lot more than before, as for doing more caches I'm doing one tomorrow and in two weeks time I'm off to Guernsey so I'll do the 3 there. Jakobs team.
  6. Hello everybody, This is my first post, I started Geocaching last week and found my first Geocache quite easy to a point within 10 yards using a Magellan 300 and recieving 8 satellites, Brilliant Fun I'm hooked ,So here's my question if I want to set up a cache will my old GPS be adequate for this even though it does not have decimal seconds but does have UTM thanks Jakobs team ( JERSEY ).
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