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  1. The cache at the top of Vesuvius - Volvano Cache Vesuvio (GC1VZWX) is in an area which has been posted just this year with signs saying do not enter without permission. When I was there, I did not go to the cache because of this. I have noticed that several people said they ignored the signsvand found it. However, the geocaching rules for placing a cache clearly say ' Geocachers must not be required to cross any land with "No Trespassing" or similar signs.'. When this cache was placed, the signs were not there. (I was there in 2010, and no signs were around). I have sent an email to the owner of this cache, as well as a 'Needs Maintenance', but have received no reply, and I can see from the logs that the cache has not been moved. I think that it should be temporarily disabled until it is moved to a place which meets the geocache requirements, but I don't know who to contact. Any suggestions?
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