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  1. I'm still kind of with lonesumdove, but at least now I have some better direction (pun intended!). At least I feel better knowing that 90 degrees does=east, and a search for where I could find the Boy Scout handbook lead me to Amazon (guess they do have everything, don't they...), where I found a couple of other books that also look like they might be helpful. I think I'll try "Land Navigation Handbook : The Sierra Club Guide to Map, Compass & GPS" and "Be Expert with Map and Compass" and see how those are. If anyone else has a better recommendation, feel free to chime in.... (I guess if I don't learn anything from those, I can try "Start Orienteering 1: With 6-8 Year Olds"--sounds like it might be just about my speed!)
  2. So I'm looking at a cache that says to go somewhere and "project a bearing of xx degrees." I have no idea how to do that.... Logically, I'm kind of thinking that if it said 90 degrees, you would head east, but I'm just guessing. (And it's not like it would be that easy--the actual number is more like 57 degrees, or some odd number like that.) And I don't know if this is something I can do with my GPSr (have the yellow Garmin eTrex), or I just need my basic compass. Also, some caches or cache logs have referred to magnetic north v. true north? I've previously skipped doing caches that have this sort of thing in them, but am now feeling like branching out. How can I learn more about this so I know what I'm doing???
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