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  1. Armor2 and I will be teaching a class for Homeschoolers on Map Reading, Using a Compass and a GPSRas well as other useful outdoor skills (I'm still in the planning stages). The class will be once per week for 26 weeks. A large portion of the class will require the use of GPS units. Most of these kids come from lower income families and can't afford brand new units or even the prices being charged for used units on Ebay. I'm hoping to get at least one GPSR for every three students. Any idea's on where I can get some cheap cheap cheap would be greatly appreciated. The class begins in approximately 3 months so I have a little time to work with. I'm not sure how many kids total there will be but I'm guessing it will be anywhere from 10 to 20 kids in the class. So I need at least 3 units and maybe up to 7 units. I'm not worried about top of the line or latest technology. They just need to work good and be affordable. I'll probably end up paying for them myself and I'm as low income as the kids are.
  2. I have to agree with Gem's on this one. When we found this cache, we didn't have a flashlight, so ended up hiking through (and back again) in the pitch dark. Now I know what it feels like to be completely blind . Even my dog was scared to death . My husband had to pick him up and carry him the whole way through and back. We had so much fun doing this cache. I can't wait to get up there and do it again.
  3. Pepper, How much are these gonna run ya? They really look great! Maybe I'll have some done for me if I can afford it.
  4. I guess I'll throw mine in. If I get the staff my son will be very happy. He's constantly in search of the perfect walking stick.
  5. It's still available. I will lower my asking price to $80.00. Any takers?
  6. I have upgraded to a magellan and am selling my old Garmin 12 GPS. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I am asking $90.00. Price includes shipping expenses.
  7. I'll sell you a garmin 12 for $80.00. It is in mint condition and works perfect. If you want, I'll throw in a pair of FRS radio's for an extra $20.00.
  8. I just bought a pair of Cobra Microtalk PR 1100 WX GMRS radio's. I got them for a super good price at a pawn shop. The sound quality is so much better then my old set of FRS radios. [This message was edited by Seattle Seekers on May 02, 2003 at 04:32 PM.]
  9. Unfortunately, I'm very broke and cant afford the cost of the GMRS radio's let alone the cost of the licence to use them. So I need to know which is the best FRS radio's to use. What's better; Motorola or Cobra for instance. I'm rarely going to need to use them with any greater distance between then about a half mile. But I want the quality to be the best. As little static as possible. The ones I've got now are cheap and it's very hard to understand what the other person is saying, even at short distances.
  10. I am in the market for a pair of FRS radio's. I was wondering what radio out there is the best quality. Which radio's seem to have the best range and least static.
  11. I guess about $75.00 shipping included. It is in excellent condition. Does not come with PC cable.
  12. I need a vehicle mounting bracket for a Magellan Meridian. I cant afford to pay very much though so am looking for somebody who's got a used one they dont need anymore, who'll sell it to me cheap.
  13. As a matter of fact, I just upgraded and have a Garmin 12 sitting around. I have to check with my husband to see if he wants to sell it. Send me an email. dawnwa96@yahoo.com
  14. There was nothing when I tried Seattle Seekers. So I tried my first name and this is what I got. dawn is right for me? dawn is effective and dawn is coming the charm of dawn is breaking dawn is back because 'the price is right' dawn is £7 dawn is always dawn is upon us dawn is a friend of the muses dawn is canceled and why dawn is bright'ning dawn is my favorite nw book dawn is not shy dawn is nigh dawn is helping small child dawn is so sweet" dawn is a feeling dawn is waking dawn is an acronym for "discipling a whole nation" dawn is a journal devoted to publishing ideas and information that are dangerous dawn is one of the few women's organisations that has followed the ffd dawn is slowly breaking dawn is a non dawn is filled with dreams so many dreams dawn is a feeling" dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no dawn is always posting dawn is a time of hope and gratitiude for another day dawn is a massive undertaking dawn is a biblical and mission dawn is nigh' size dawn is helping small child while another one is coming for a hug dawn is a supremely geeky outcast dawn is waking melody dawn is always happy to autograph books dawn is at hand dawn is a little piece of gold that offers wealth and talent to be heard dawn is working every day for healthy communities
  15. I started out as a US Army reservist. I was with the 448th Civil Affairs at Ft. Lewis, WA. Then I switched to Active duty, changed my MOS to Military Police and spent 1988-1991 in Berlin, Germany (287th MP Co.). I got to witness firsthand, the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as German Reunification.
  16. Is somebody planning an Earth Day Cleanup Event for the Seattle area?
  17. I understand how hard it is to lose one travel bug after another. I even replied to Seth!'s post in that thread listing off some of mine which disapeared. However, asking other geocachers to send two or three emails apiece to this one geocacher is harrasment. Two wrongs absolutely do not make a right. I agree with Jeremy for locking the thread. I think he did the right thing. He has a big responsibility with this website and many tough decisions to make. I think people should show him alot more appreciation for what he does for us!!! I for one, Thank You Jeremy!!!
  18. The other day we were sharing stories. You know... Me: This one time when we were geocaching... Kenny: Yeah but remember this other time when we were geocaching... Then we realized we were geocaching geeks.
  19. My record is 20 caches in 9 hours. I researched the area before leaving so that I wouldnt be going back and forth. All the caches were pretty much in a line.
  20. I definately would call the cops but I would also recomend that the cache be archived or moved. Whoever planted those plants could be dangerous and geocaching being a family sport, It could be dangerous for cachers to be going in there. Maybe I've seen too many movies. I know I and my young son wouldnt hunt for a cache in an area with drug activity.
  21. I am missing a travel bug. Info on it is: Tigger Traveler, logged as taken by, "gb_ja", from a cache in Iowa on May 25, 02. I have attempted to email this person but have not recieved a reply. If somebody does know this person, could you give them a friendly little nudge for me? Thanks.
  22. I am missing a travel bug. Info on it is: Fair Bug, logged as taken by, "bubblesort", from a cache in the Bay area on June 14, 02. I have attempted to email this cacher, but have not recieved a reply. If somebody does know them, could you give them a friendly little nudge for me? Thanks.
  23. I am missing a travel bug. Info on it is: Speed Bug - taken by "Gee G" on July 17th, 02. I have attempted to email this person but have not recieved a reply. If somebody does know this person, could you give them a friendly little nudge for me? Thanks.
  24. I have three missing travel bugs. I've only placed a total of 4 so you can imagine my dismay. Until I can get word on these, I wont bother to put out more because it is just too frustrating. Anyway, I have tried emailing the three people who last logged these TB's and have not recieved reply's from any of them. They are: Speed Bug - taken by "Gee G" from a cache in New York on July 17th, 02. Fair Bug - taken by "bubblesort" from a cache in the bay area on June 14th, 02 Tigger Traveler - taken by "gb_ja" from a cache in Iowa on May 25th, 02 Maybe we should create a special subject thread in the forum's just for the purpose of weeding out these travel bug kidnapper's. (or is there one allready?) Come to think of it, I'm probably posting in the wrong spot since this is the northwest forum.
  25. I did not even know about it until about 8pm because I had been geocaching the whole day. When I was coming home, I turned on the radio and heard about it then. I was a junior in high school when the challenger blew up. Dick Scobee had been a graduate of my high school and the news crews were camped out at my school for a week.
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