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  1. First of all to add to the list of comments. I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Ham) since 1998. I am still one of the young ones. You do not need to study Mose Code (CW) unless you want to have HF priveleges. The Technician Class License (what I have) is based on a 35 question exam over basic operating responsibilities, band edges, Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), Laws, rules, regulations, and some basic Electronic Theory. Most people will not pack an HF radio in for a Geo Caching event. Some will they are making them smaller these days, but you can use a simple handheld transceiver for 2 Meters or even a multiband such as my IC-W32A a 2M/70Cm radio. Second. You ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE A LICENSE to operate on any of the Amateur Radio Bands. This is NOT A CHOICE. Third. If you were to get caught operating without a license, if you were lucky enough to get caught by a ham. You would first be encouraged to get your license. Then you would also be welcomed into the community. But, if you were caught by the FCC (FCC commonly works with hams and local law enforcement) then it will be much harsher. Fourth, why not? It does not cost much money and that is just to pay for the test materials, and processing of the license. Fifth, There are many weekend classes that will give you a crash course to pass the test. Typically lasting from Friday afternoon, all day saturday, Sunday afternoon with a test in the evening. Sixth, We would love to have you. For more information visit: American Radio Relay League (ARRL) And one more thing unlike others on this forum I gladly and proudly display my callsing. 73's de KD7CAO - Eric
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