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  1. This change in the latets version has rendered the Geocaching app virtually useless for me. I have no unfound cache for nearly 20 miles, so now when I "Find Nearby Geocaches", I get zero results. So this update discriminates against those living in the countryside, or who have found all of their closest caches. I don't consider this a "feature" - I consider it a "bug" and I can't understand why the Groundspeak silence on this one. It's absolutely the most basic functionality of the app that has now been destroyed. The whole reason the app exists in the first place. Can someone from Groundspeak provide an explanation as to why the 10 mile limitation was introduced (deliberately? accidentally?) and a timeline for the fix. Assuming an API call change might resolve this, I'm guessing that an app update wouldnt be required? Maybe I'm wrong on that. In any case - I now have an app that I paid for, that I can't use. Groundspeak - please tell us what's going on with this one, and provide an update to fix. Please. PLEASE?!?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. 1: I'll have a look at GSAK - never used it before. Will this then apply the Ignores back to Groundspeak (ie. so future web and iPhone app searches ignore the caches?) Or does the filter only work in GSAK? I guess I'll have to read what GSAK is. 2: Nope. I'm in the UK and "Yorkshire & Humberside" region covers both banks of the River Humber...unfortuantely!
  3. Sorry if this is a FAQ - but is there any way to "bulk ignore" a group of caches in an area? I know I can add individual caches to my Ignore list, but is there a way to send a large group to that list? (my scenario: my local cache search is picking up hundreds of caches from the other side of a nearby river, however these caches are not really "close" to me considering the travelling time it would take me to get there. Even though they are showing as 10 miles away "as the crow flies", it would take me nearly 2 hours to drive there. So I'm looking to ignore them all for now so they dont appear in my searches...). TIA!
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