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  1. I had a talk with Dave about this policy when we first started caching. I can say that I was very lucky to get a straight forward answer about why caches are not allowed in these areas, but fishing and public hunting is. It seems that the state cannot figure out a way to make cachers pay to use their land. Hunting and fishing liscenses bring in money for upkeep of trails, trash, general upkeep of the properties. If cachers were allowed to use these lands for free, then supposedly, the traffic increase would offset the funding for upkeep, and the areas would deteriorate from hiking trails to caches. Now I know that this doesn't sound right, and yes I argued the CITO policy, and offered an event, and tried my best to test their policy to no avail. Even as an ODNR volunteer, it would be pointless to try it again, but like I've said before, there are usually signs in those places that could be used as part of a multi or puzzle if you really want to draw people there, just wont be able to take them passed the parking lot.
  2. Here's something that I designed. My original plan was to have some made to give away at our CITO event. But hey, I'll share.
  3. We accept your challenge. Our 2006 CITO event is in the planning stage and can be viewed at 2006 Ruschreek CITO
  4. This listing of ours is the one haunt that everyone around here knows about, but I have met people in other states who have heard of it too.
  5. Is the problem that it is in a very public place or that it is on private property? I don't think there are rules about public places. However, if it is on private property without permission, it is then a problem. If you don't want to go public with a SBA log, contacting the reveiwer is appropriate. I agree that the description obviously should be updated to correctly describe the location and high muggle factor. Personally, I would let the reviewer take care of it. If they don't see it as a problem, it probably isn't one.
  6. 825 Main St. Zanesville, OH They close today at 5:00pm. HURRY
  7. How was it clear that a cache was inappropriate? And who said it was to begin with? They were archived by the owner because another cacher made bad comments about them on their log. He deleted the comments before he archived, and the cacher he names in one listing cant be found in the system. As a matter of fact, I could only find one discouraging log on all of his hides, and that was for using a paint can that was wet and rusting. I dont agree with his thinking in abandoning his caches, but from the logs, he did a good job at placing quality caches.
  8. And for all you southern Ohioans, that means that the cops are bored and mean. I'm just kidding Maggie & others. I'm not close enough for all that. We're still populating a 20mi. radius. And yes, I realize that I too am a Southern Ohioan, that's why I get to joke about it.
  9. Put a piece of rope through an eye socket, tie it off, throw it in a creek. Make sure it sinks, and make sure your knots are good. Give it a week or two. If you dont want to mess with the socket, put it in an onion sack.(This method might add some time because minnows, crayfish, turtles have a harder time eating. When it's stripped, set it out in the sun for a few days. If you want a whiter appearance, 20% bleach/water solution poured over it before the sun drying.
  10. Look at Hughjazz hides. One listed as a small 4x4 container, LMAO.
  11. I used Gorilla Glue to attach mine to a metal watertight box that's slightly smaller than an ammo can. It's waterproof, and strong as steel. The magnets hold the box and it's contents about 10' off the ground, and you still have to pull pretty hard to remove it. I used 2 3/8" magnets on each of 4 corners of the box, and it's still holding great after a few months outside.
  12. It says something about a person who does not immediately want to stop traffic to their cache when they are informed that there may possibly be not 1 but 4 man-eating dogs in the vicinity. I would find those 4 dogs and make the dog warden aware. If you have leash laws they are not allowed to run free even on private property. That email from their owner would probably get his interest fairly quickly. Regardless of who owns the land, I would remove my cache permanently since there is the smallest chance that a killer dog just might get loose. The guy sounds a little too proud of his man-eating beasts. As the president of the company, Jeremy has an obligation to set guidelines that will legally protect it in such situations. Without that guideline, who knows gc.com may have been taken to court last year over a dog bite and now be nonexistent. I can respect the decisions made by the site and personally feel as if they are also protecting my family. I know I don't want to get attacked by dogs and find out later that they were aware of the danger. My 2 cents on the fake complaints to gc.com: If someone is sending complaints about your cache and your cache is properly placed. It shouldn't be all that hard to prove it is properly placed. I'm confident that if it were to happen more than once gc.com would catch on and the person would be ignored or banned. Life is full of inconveniences, at least this one might actually be protecting my kids. The way to win an argument is with facts, go get some then come back and tell us what you found out.
  13. FTR I was first to read a new listing once.
  14. LMAO!!!!!! Hey Ed, I dont play chess, but I think it's your move.
  15. An ammo can is your best bet. Granted, sometimes things leak, but an ammo can with a good seal is the only regular size container I would trust fully submerged. Put some tissue inside an ammo can, sink it in your bathtub overnight.
  16. This is exactly what I have been wanting to set up, but I just noticed a problem, my camera doesnt have a NightShot Mode.... Mine doesn't either, but it should still work. Take your camera and your remote in the closet with you and opint the remote at your lens while pushing any button. Granted, the ones in a remote arent as bright as the ones you would use on the trail, but it should still show up as a bluish white light on your display.
  17. Good to hear. The small ones are $4.00 the larger ones are $5.00. There are acutally a few caches pretty close to the store itself.
  18. One reason is to try and highlight things I've seen around here in my 29 years living here that are either forgotten or unknown to visitors, but are either historically significant to the area, or based purely on an interesting natural formation. I also LOVE reading that people enjoyed seeing what I brought them there for. And yes, I get a kick out of making people scratch their heads and maybe even letting some bad words fly while hunting my stash.
  19. I've been involved in cemetery upkeep and recording for awhile now and the best way I found to find one or help it is by recording it with a digital camera and posting it on here. It's my way of making sure future generations can visit a stone long after nature has eroded it away.
  20. This is just to let local cachers know that the army navy store in Zanesville, OH is going out of business on the 25 of Jan. Big sale going on, ammo cans and everything else is cheap. Went to buy some cans today, and found that they also have boxes of stuff which should make good trade items also(bottle openers,keychains, etc) They had about 30-50 ammo cans left today.
  21. Have you thought of using UV led's? You dont have to have night vision, you can also use a digital camera wich more people already own. Then you wouldn't have to worry about any muggles seeing them.
  22. K_StateAlan- You gotta ask yourself, would she have walked that 100 feet to get in to the mall? It's amazing how much further a walk becomes to non-cachers when there are trees between point A and B.
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