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    I need to get a combo lock that I can reset the numbers to the amount of pennies glued to the one box. :laughing:

    I know, tedious. How many pennies does it take to get to the center of this cache? :lol:


    One penny flakes off and your combo lock is usless, though.


    Its gorilla glue. On my test I tried to pry one off, it bent the penny first before the prybar finally popped it off. No worries. :lol:

  2. A bolt!



    I have been thinking of a way to place a cache on a street sign without it being spotted. Maybe a bolt is the way to go.

    How would I make it hollow? :cute:


    Drill press is how I made mine. Before you drill, cut the last 1/2" of the threaded part off of the bolt and weld/glue it 1/2 way in a nut to make a cap. Throw a rubber washer or cut a circle out of an innertube, or a large rubber band and stick in your new lid to waterproof it. Also, your best bet is to NOT use a galvanized(shiny silver colored) bolt because unless you're using it on a new structure, it will stand out. Plus, paint wont stick to it. Get plain steel bolts, softer steel, and will hold paint. You can also coat the threads for the lid with vaseline, put it together, soak it in salt water for a day or two. Viola, a nice brand new rusty bolt.

    Hope this helped.

  3. ebd98251-5d09-49a7-8cc1-15b93fe6a368.jpg


    This is Caper. She is a wire haired Jack Russel Terrorist who thinks the world is hers. Most of the time, it is. :D She LOVES going caching. Just having the GPS in your hand triggers her 4' vertical, and frantically trying to pull her leash from its hook so as to make sure we dont forget to take her. :cute: We love our dog. :cute:

  4. I also thought about the laser pointer idea, and I too think that a small solar panel will work. Most of those things run on a couple watch batteries. 1 solar cell with a small rechargable cell attached should do fine in the warmer months. I was thinking of setting post with holes drilled and the pointer glued inside and the button set in another hole that you would need to stick a pencil into to actually press the button. Should be pretty waterproof if using goop, and the recessed button would keep the rodents from chewing the button up.

  5. What's wroung with the ammo cans?

    Exactly, what could be wrong with an ammo can besides size?

    I'd say no way on the paint cans. They're made to keep paint in, not water out. Plus they rust easy not because they're not painted, but because they're made out of cheap metal that degrades quickly.

  6. IMOHO, religion is a personal matter that should not be promoted or influenced. Granted, many religious people feel that everything in their lives has to have some kind of religious twist to it for whatever reason, but geocaching should be free of any commercial ties. If it's promoting anything except geocaching or CITO, it should be revised. Kinda like how extreme religious groups ban everything that they see fit without thinking about the rest of the population, well, this is the other side of the card.

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  7. Actually, it's 17 pounds, but it shouldn't be too hard to hide. :) I used slate glued to the container, then glued flat rocks to that. I wanted the stone look in the background also instead of paint behind the rocks. I think if I do another, I'll leave the slate off and save 5 or 6 pounds. ;) I'll get a pic to post, it looks alright. :)



    Let me know how the granite works out for you. I primed & painted an ammo can like yours last summer. Never got around to placing it, but left it out in the side yard as a test. After 1 or 2 "Ohio snows", most of the paint had flaked off.


    I'm not sure the cause. Strange that it flaked off, even with use of a primer coat


    I also did a screw-top plastic container, and had the same issue.


    Edit: spellung.


    I didnt get very good results with fleck paint either.(also Ohio) It's supposed to be an interior deco paint, but I figured I'd try it anyway. Moisture gets into the pores of the flecks and when it freezes, it cracks. I can see clearcoat working, but how many rocks do you see in the woods that have a shiny gloss to them? That kinda defeats the purpose of the flat colored, unsmooth surface. Try this, take some Gorilla glue (after you sand the box)(yes you need to sand the box if you dont want to repaint it every 2 months) put a bunch of small dots all over the surface of the box being careful not to glue the lid on. Use different size dots also. When that stuff starts drying, it swells. If done right, it should look like (shapewise) a bunch of pebbles. You can just use the regular painting method after that, or paint the texture like pebbles. Why dont you just glue pebbles on it, you ask? Cause the last time I did that, the ammo can ended up weighing 20lbs. empty. Stone accent paint good for interior accents, bad for sitting out in the woods. You can always use stucco for that stone look, and you can get almost any color. Stop starin at me bloomin onion!

  9. We're coming out the 15th-23rd of June. Not sure if the misses would be up to 15k, but I'll try anything. The critters I was refering to would be either the bear, or the rattlers. I like snakes and handle them usually whenever I find them, but not used to being as cautious around here because of the rarity of running into something deadly. The bear, well size and predictability would be my fear there. I'm definately into seeing some old mines, or ghost town remnants. (I absolutely LOVE history) It's always good to meet new cachers, especially some who get to cache in such scenic places.

  10. We're coming to Colorado in June to see if our eastern lungs can handle the altitude caching. We are visiting my sister who lives in Manitou, but our secret plan is to get her hooked on geocaching. She's already a hiker/runner(one of those who thinks running the Pikes Peak Marithon is fun) and loves outdoor stuff, so it shouldn't be hard to convert her. :D As of right now, we may only use one full day caching, but I would definately like 2 better. ;) Anyway, with the area being so saturated (Manitou/Colorado Springs) and quite a few listings are 2-3 mile hikes, we're trying to figure out a game plan. We dont really like quick stops, but like I said we're packing a day full and we're not sure how the altitude will affect us. We're also planning to hit all the local interest spots (the gorge, garden of the gods, pikes peak, etc.) so we'll hit some of those caches during sightseeing. We're staying a mile from the trading post at garden of the gods, and I think that were going to place one since my sis runs in a very scenic area like every day and will take over maintaining it for us. So, we need your input since yall know what to expect. My only worry as of now is some of the critters that we're not used to.(I dont think they'll let my leadslinging sidekick on the plane.) :D Let's hear it, where should we go, whos the tricky dicky hiders of the area. We like a challenge, we also like seeing forgotten history. Also we're looking for a noctournal, and I would love to tackle a 5/5 since there are none here in Ohio. :D

  11. I realize that the op was talking about a plain ole rock, I just wanted to point out that I have placed rocks with a fossil or an outcrop of quartz or something in a cache to later realize that someone who doesn't look for or at rocks all the time would probably only see a rock. I wouldn't put one in a cache unless there was something special about it. I have also found worthless rocks in caches, it's a bummer.

  12. Most of the time our kids our kids throw them away right after they pull them out of the box. The rest of the time, they throw them away a few days later, or the next time they clean their rooms. It was a good idea back in the day, but now with all the things for kids to do and cool toys to play with, there's nothing cool enough in those meals to hold their interest for very long. I dont think that saving money on geocaching is bad at all, but I'm sick of trying to repack caches that are full of these things.

  13. if you appreciate rocks, trade even, rock for rock = acceptable.


    if there's a cache next to the railroad tracks, and I go take a rock from

    the tracks to put in the cache, that is trading down, that is not a polished

    treasure at all ............. I could get a truckload of that.


    You'd be surprised what rocks you can actually find on the railroad tracks. The mining of gravel for the railbeds is taken from areas with alot of minerals and rarities. I've found many green crystals that look like kryptonite, hematite(found so much of this stuff that I actually put a bag full with a description card as to what it is in our caches so everyone can have a piece.) No, I dont think it's cool to grab just any rock and use it for trade, that's LAME. If you happen to be a rock hound though, and find something interesting, it could be a good trade. We found one awhile back that was only filled with rocks, the kind bought at a rock shop though.

  14. Hello all you talented people. You can see our team logo on your left. I digitize art for embroidery for a living, however, I suck at graphic art. Go figure... I would like to see our logo with clean edges, prefer cdr or ai format if possible. If it's just a couple clicks of the mouse, I would also like to see it with a chrome or metallic look to it.


    Anyone willing to help me out with this, I will digitize your team logo for embroidery use. I can send you a file that you can take to your local embroiderer and have it sewn on whatever you would like. There are some limitations to embroidery, we can discuss all that at a later time.


    Thanks a bunch!

  15. We placed what has turned out to be one of our favorite caches in a beautiful area in a State Park (with permission of course). Unfortunately dumpers have placed their used refrigerators, bikes, matresses and other large items within a few 100 feet of the cache. Both trash and cache are at the bottom of a large hill. It's a steep climb that you have to basically slide down pratically on your behind.


    I really would like to see this area cleaned up and that junk hauled out. I need trucks, winches, muscles, most likely we'll need antibiotics.....Looking for advice from people who have done it. How do I go about accomplishing just a large task? We've already been told that the park will not help foot the bill on this one, so we're on our own.

  16. I agree...enough with the junk people! At least have the morals to TNLN.


    While we quickly learned not to expect much out of the trade items, it's rough when you are taking along newbies. Especially newbies with children. Gee, that was fun, we walked all that way and got dirty for a box of trash. WooHoo!


    Thank you to all trade-downers who have ruined the hopes and dreams of children around the world!

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