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  1. We take a backpack, not a $100 hikers pack, an $8.00 olive green standard issue backpack. We keep at least 2 of everything needed for upkeep (IE)notepads, pencils, ziplocs, etc. We also keep a stocked small cache for emergency situations. In the smaller pocket, we keep binoculars, waterproof matches, knife, first aid kit, and a fresh flashlight. If we're going on a daytrip, we'll throw some granola bars, and some bottled water in also. At best, fully loaded it weighs about 8-10 lbs. and we're prepared for anything. Now our future trip caching out west may change that..........

    Where can I put this darn oxygen tank?

  2. Most of the signs around here say "Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law." I have seen people get arrested on the spot for it. If there's a sign, it's criminal trespassing if you're caught. It was also a problem before with people using that excuse while hunting, so now we get to look at no trespassing signs every 20' on some roads. It looks great, and it's all because people cheat the system.

  3. I cant wait to get there. I've been there once, but it was years ago and I was only a teenager then. Hopefully the bandit who hangs bags of crap in the woods will be done with his reign by the time I get there. I was thinking there was a planecrash site cache out there somewhere, but couldn't find a listing. I'm probably thinking of somewhere else in the rockies. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary while we're there also, so anyone know of a cool place to eat, or go out for a night?

  4. There's a couple caches out there like that, I remember seeing the pictures. Yes, it ticked some people off, but ........ I think it's a great idea and the one I'm thinking of even reported that hardly anyone noticed the cameras, but remembered hearing a clicking noise while approaching the cache. I'd hide it up high, and chained up. I think most trail cams have something for you to fasten them with. Could use a bike cable.

  5. You can also make it a little harder by capping your reflectors. Chapstick lids are great for the tacks. Put the tack inside the lid point first and push the tack through the lid so it only reflects from one angle. Wrap some camo tape around the outside and your done. Larger scale using the rolls of reflective tape(all at wally world). Cut circles the size of soda bottle lids, and use a screw or nail to hold the tape to lid/lid to tree. Our night cache starts on a bridal trail and leads to the reflector starting point. A tack every 150' or so leads them to a design that marks the final location. They then get to crawl into a very unique hole to look for the box. It has freaked many a cacher out to have to crawl into that hole at night, but the cheaters who did it during the day enjoyed it too. Yes it is not dayproof, but I think I'll change that as soon as it warms up. The problem is that since it's a pine grove, it's always kinda dark. Dark enough to use a flashlight during full daylight, plus I tried to keep to a sort of trail since there are dangers nearby that could hurt at night.


    One penny flakes off and your combo lock is usless, though.


    Looks like a padlock to me.

    That's why I said

    I need to get a combo lock that I can reset the numbers to the amount of pennies glued to the one box.

    I know, tedious. How many pennies does it take to get to the center of this cache? :D

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