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  1. I feel that the OP's question on the forums was setting himself up for failure, not because the forums is a valuable tool used by us, but because peoples opinions stray us from the true nature of the thread. I'm not saying that history should be ignored in any way, or that historical significances haven't changed anyones lives. I am saying that much of the strength in certain viewpoints is gained from the oppositions voice. Kinda like bumping a thread. If something happened 100 years ago that affected people negatively, the only reason it still has negative power today, is because people choose to give it that power. Feeding off each other is the only way it works. Yes, there are racist groups everywhere, for every race. It's part of life, especially here in the United States where everyone is free to think how they will. I personally think that we have enough problems here to waste time being offended by, like our schools dumbing up our children to look better on a national average, or not finding a way to free ourselves from the petroleum industry, or ignoring science so that religion wont be disproven. How about this, in 1834 about 3 miles from my house, a Catholic church and cemetery were erected. In 1851, they quit using it and started up a bigger, newer church. The church fell down, and the cemetery was used as a cowfield till approx. 1980. The guy that owned the land decided that since he couldn't sell the land as a cemetery, he'd just knock down all the stones and move them to his cellar. A few years later, he sold the land, as a field. Now there's a modular home sitting right in the middle of the cemetery. Do you know the excuse the lawer gave when asked about desecrating this cemetery? Those bodies are just stains in the ground by now, it doesn't matter. The paperwork was finalized in 1997. That's one out of 18 cemeteries in this county alone that was destroyed for profit. Is it offensive? Probably. Will anything be done about it? Probably not(I've tried). Does being offended by it help the cause? No. The worst thing about it is that this is not only here, but done by our own, out of our own greed. If you want to be offended by something, go ahead. Dont stop there, do something about it. Make a change, change the future, the past is over, let it be just that.

  2. Speaking on behalf of the Southeastern Ohio chapter of Rednecks, I say this. We like our large 4 wheel drive machines, though you cant tell by the way we treat them. We like beer and fire and Hank. We like huntin, fishin, and tellin jokes. We dont like wastin ammo on an ammo box that we could take home and cut the lock off of and fill full of fishin tackle, or lima beans. We have a name for people like that round here. We call em a**holes. Thank you fer yer time, and........GET ER DONE.





    Sorry, had to. I'll pull my collar back up now.

  3. I cant see how it would offend anyone.


    You might want to read a few of the replies above. I am sure if you consider those points of view you might come to understand how it could offend.


    I did read it all, and I still cant see how anything that one of our brave soldiers brings home could be offensive. I guess too that I feel that being offended by something is a waste of time, especially when it happened so long ago. What good does being offended by something do besides force your opinion on someone else? To force someone to either feel the way you do about something, or altogether do without. Would it offend to use up to date German coins? Still the same country, still some of the same people. Or is it just the swastika that offends? Does it matter that Hitler stole the design? Does it matter that the Egyptians used the design for decades as a sign of good luck? The Native Americans used it also, you're living on land that was stolen from them, is that offensive? I guess it just depends on how much time you have in life to worry about things that dont affect you. I feel that everything gets a chance, and no matter what the situation, I can ask myself "Will this matter tomorrow?" In this case, it wont.

  4. History is history, and a coin is a coin. You're in no way promoting the now defunct government by leaving old money in a cache. I would go after one, it would match the WWII helmet I found in an abandoned house nicely. I cant see how it would offend anyone.

  5. Give me a 30-50' circle, I'll find it. If I dont, I'll come back. Granted, there are alot of people who got started this year with christmas GPS and will freak out about little things while getting used to how variable this game is. People shouldn't expect that just because they have a GPS and eyeballs, they will find every cache they set out to. I only say this because I have noticed that as time goes by, the newer the cacher, the easier the find. Not always the physical hide, but giving it away with hints, hiding method, location, etc. This isn't supposed to be easy. Has anyone else noticed that people actually play using only Google Earth? No GPS. That's too easy. It also increases the chance of caches getting stolen or damaged by muggles. Someone mushroom hunting this spring would definately check out a neatly piled stack of sticks in the middle of the woods, regardless of how far from civilization you think you are. Once my GPS puts me on that X, I quit looking at it and start looking for hiding spots. Your GPS just gets you there, your brain does the rest.

  6. Deception is my friend. I try to use some in everything I hide, simply because I think humans are too smart not to. Showing a multitude of obvious hidingspots stuffed with sticks and leaves. One of my favorite is a decoy hiding spot which is directly on top of the real one. They root through the decoy, find nothing, move on, DNF. The decoy sits on a flat rock which can be moved(decoy and all) to reveal a false bottom, and an ammo can. The fun to be had in a pile of rocks. :P

  7. Caching at night definately adds a little more difficulty, but I think it adds fun too. Headlamps are a must, Wal Mart has quite a few different models cheap. And an actual night cache is one of my favorites. It's a different world at night. :P

  8. We're in the middle of a new cachers series of 36 micros. We did the first 20 in 2 days and are waiting for the rest to be listed. They're scattered over 32 miles of hiking trails, and the first to complete all 36 gets a prize mailed to them. Not sure what it is, but it should be good after all that hiking.

  9. I meant a comment was made about people not making it 72 hours in the woods, but it shouldn't take that long to get out if you know to walk East or West. You've got a few chances to tell which way to go in 72 hours, especially if it only took you a few hours to get there. Get lost in the afternoon, walk away from the sun till dark, sleep, wake up, walk towards it till it's overhead, stop for lunch, walk away from it. Or you could go West.


    Was that too much?

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