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  1. If you're using an ammo can, just close it and submerge it for 30 seconds to a minute. If it leaks, pull the seal, wipe it down with armor all exterior, flip it over, reinstall, and retest. Those cans are built to do their job for longer than most caches last. If you're using texture paint, make sure you sand it first. Priming it a similar color wouldn't hurt either. I've found that the texture paint chips quite easily, which exposes whatever color is under it. You can do basically the same thing with rustoleum spray paint and sand. Paint, sprinkle sand as soon as you get done with a section. You can build layers also by repeating in the same spot, just make sure to use a flat color. This too can chip, but when it does, it either exposes the same color paint, or sand.

  2. I see your point, as most people who are making money off the game are more than likely hasty in their manufacturing process. They go grab a log from their woodpile, or local wooded area, take it in their workshop. They probably then proceed to hollow it out, throw a lid on it, sell it on ebay and ship. Anything on or in the bark and wood, just got a free trip across the country where it gets placed in another wooded area(dont see many logs in the city) where whatever was living in it, now populates its new home. And yes, this is how many bad things for nature made it here, they were imported in and on goods from other countries.

  3. I'm thinking a replacement for a gasket could be found at Lowes or Home Depot. Either in the hose and tubing section, or the weatherstripping section. I have also taken them out, wiped them heavily with Armor All exterior protectant, let them sit somewhere warm for a couple hours. Rewipe them, and reinstall, but opposite side as when you took it out. This will sometimes fix leaking seals.

  4. We tried long ago to get groundspeaks help with our event, I guess the list is too long, we never even got a return email. The local litter prevention provided trashbags, keychains, and pickup. The lake supervisor also provided trash bags and rubber gloves, and pickup. We just wanted a couple CITO bags for photos.

  5. It's definately difficult to find affordable, good quality hiking boots for younger kids. I've looked high and low for a decent boot for our 9yr. old daughter. Something waterproof, because she usually has the dog, and they like to explore creeks and such together. At the same time, it needs to be light and durable like Gore Tex, so the uphills aren't so draining. She has hiked up to 10 miles with us in a day, but she had to do it in tennis shoes. We tried a pair of boots from wally world, siliconed them, went out hiking. They lasted one trip before they cracked, leaked water, and hurt her feet, so we use the wal bags between shoe and sock if we "might get wet".

  6. Just think of the food chain here, killing snakes whos diet is mainly rodents and insects. Those are the 2 things we dont want overpopulation of. Those are the 2 reasons we have exterminators. Spiders too, depending on size, mainly eat insects and rodents. Yes, to many, they're creepy. What happens when you approach them? They try to get away because you're bigger, therefore, a threat. Some have defense when you don't hear their warning, we just have to watch more while we're using their environment. If you have spiders in your house, I'll bet you dont have roaches. If you have snakes in your garden, I'll bet you dont have rodents.

  7. I found that info on find a grave. I am a contributor on that site. The grave, famous or not, is already online, for the world to see. As are directions to the cemetery, and the exact spot in the cemetery. With find a grave and google earth, I can go there now, so what's the difference if there's a cache there or not? You could make it a PM cache if you dont trust all of your fellow cachers. I know you said forget it, I just dont see the logic.

  8. Here is our CITO event. It's right on the Perry/Fairfield county lines, so we're hoping for a good turnout. If you want to see the layout of the lake, or check directions, this map should help. Gloves and bags supplied. Burgs, dogs, brats, McD's orange, etc. after pick up. Game after food, grand prize and door prizes after game. List of 20 new caches to all participants, caches will not be released to the public until after the event and after dark to make sure all who helped get first chance. Mostly blown, and light litter, nothing heavy. Hope to see alot of you there. :tired:
  9. Almost everything is ready for our CITO event. Food, a game for after and somewhere around 20 new caches to be listed at the event. They will be available to anyone who attends the event before they will be available to the public. Prizes for the game, and door prizes for anyone attending. Gloves and trashbags are provided. This will happen rain or shine, so please be prepared. This is a large lake, so we divided it up into 4 zones. Groups will depend on attendance, so please bring your friends. This will also be a good oportunity to introduce newbies as the new caches offer many different and new ideas on hides. We're also trying to establish a relationship with the directors in charge of the lake as they owns thousands of acres of land in the area with plenty of room for caches. So far, they really like geocachers and the things we stand for, and have agreed that geocaching is permitted on ANY property that they own. The lake is owned by Rushcreek Conservancy District, they also provided the gloves and trashbags. Here is a map of the lake, and main routes in. This is the listing. Thanks to all who have already RSVPd, Team Guisinger

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