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  1. We are leaving in 3 weeks for our cross country tour. We will cache our way from Ohio to Colorado. We have family in Manitou Springs who are very adventurous. They are looking forward to showing us around their beautiful state, we are looking forward to maybe surprising them with some awesome places they weren't aware of. Crossing my fingers that they enjoy caching as much as we do, if not they aren't going to like our visit at all! :ph34r:

  2. Us too! For Mother's Day weekend we're doing what I want to do and that's caching. It's going to rain all weekend and I don't care! I agree that the feet must stay dry so I will be forced to wear those god awful boots that I'm not coordinated enough to walk in. But I still don't care! I am known to pack an extra outfit incase we get completely drenched. We once got caught on top of a mountain in a down pour without dry things. What a horrible 3 hour drive home! Cache on in the rain - at least there won't be as many muggles about. =)

  3. I'm right there with ya! I woke up one night last week and had something pinched between my fingers. Like it had been crawling somewhere and I grabbed it in my sleep. I was disoriented and trying to figure out what it was. I sat it in the palm of my other hand so I could get a better feel....it RAN UP MY ARM! I jumped up turned the light on and started searching. Sure enough it was a tick! (feeling bugs crawling on me just thinking about it)


    We're in Ohio and have noticed an increased number of ticks. Thank God our dog is see through when wet b/c she always ends up covered. We've pulled no less than 9 ticks off of her each time we've had her out. One even crawled out of the book I was reading the other day. I think it must have been living in there since we were out last weekend. (yes I take a book for when Mr. G wants to go exploring in places the kids can't go, I sit and read while they play around)


    Everyone please be sure to check yourself, your kids and especially your animals. Frontline will eventually kill them, but it does not repel them. Smaller kids you can check those intimate areas, teach your older kids what those intimate areas are that they need to check. Our kids thought we just didn't want bugs on them until we stressed how important it is.

  4. I just love Keystone. He's always the voice of logic.


    I know everyone reads the guidelines when they create an account. It's a very good idea to review those guidelines after you have found a few and before you hide any. It's easy to forget things that didn't seem important when you originally signed up. The quickest way to get a cache listed to to make sure it adheres to the rules the first time you submit it.


    I agree that eight days is a long wait. In your situation I would send a friendly note to make sure that the cache had not been overlooked. Something along the lines of..."I realize that you are extremely busy with all of your VOLUNTEER work. I just wanted to verify that you have GC*** on your to do list. It has been 8 days and I was starting to wonder if it didn't get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for your time!" I don't know if those emails bother the reviewers but I always get an answer.


    On a positive note - If it's taking your reviewer that long there must be a ton of new caches in your area. Hmmm...wonder what you could occupy yourself with while you wait?????

  5. c37ca0d0-baef-468a-b4a4-7744c6f4aa5f.jpg

    This is my recently finished Monkey Puzzle Cache.


    I do not have plans for this container. If you do not have experience in locksmithing or mechanical engineering, it's VERY hard to explain how it works. The pieces must be made to fit and work as a mechanism. The need to make jigs to reproduce exact pieces has kept me from mass producing and selling them for now. I will try to get that done someday soon, but I'm too busy at the moment.

  6. Here's something that my Mom did for us at our birthday parties. Not sure how big you want to get or this may get difficult. For 7 year olds, you could probably pull it off on a small scale. It was always quite exciting for us. Hide a treasure for each child. Attach a different colored piece of yarn to each one. Wind the yarn all through the house/woods/yard. Have them back track and weave in and out of other people's yarn. Each child picks a color and follows the yarn all over to find their treasure. This would elimate the need for gps usage and probably make it easier on you.


    Another option is hiding several caches and doing a group hunt with a gps. I would try to place them where there are lots of hiding spots so it would take a while and everyone could help in the search.


    That party supply catalog that I know everyone has heard about has great pirate items including a pre-packed treasure chest.

  7. Skull Cracker Nocturnal Cache is a our nocturnal that uses fire tacks. Coords take you to a point on the trail. From there you are SUPPOSED to use your flash light to find 1 tiny tack on a tree about 50 feet away. Walk to that tree, look for another tack. Follow them to the cache which is hidden inside a cave. We have yet to figure out a way to make it absolutely impossible during the day.


    Lake Hope Nocturnal is the cache that inspired ours. While ours is straight from tree to tree. This one has you practically doing circles and looking behind yourself. It really had us dizzy but was lots of fun.


    We are trying to figure out how to mount LED's in the forest. A cacher would have to find it, press the button and follow the beam to the tree it points at. This of course raises many issues with mounting and batteries, leading us right back to fire tacks......


    Our nocturnal is one of our favorite caches as it gets some of the best/funniest logs. It's one of the ones that other cachers comment on when we run across each other at events. Goodluck to you, hope you have as much fun with yours!

  8. What an interesting challenge! I would definitely take you up on it. I love seeing all the interesting ideas you intelligent people come up with!


    Comments on the video: it instantly downloaded and did not take me away from gc.com so I don't understand why there would be a problem. If all else fails, you are allowed to put links on your profile...right? Could you add the link there and instruct finders to download from there? Or is that just more complications added to the mix? Anyway, I'm sure there's a way to do it, others have.


    Comments on the gps usage which I think is probably the larger issue: I agree with earlier comment. The cache appears to be a micro. Throw some coords in there and hide a bigger better cache further in to the woods. After all that I think the people deserve a lifesize cache anyway. :o You put forth effort on the gps issue and maybe they'll give a little on the link issue.


    Goodluck! Great idea! (wish we lived closer)

  9. I'm a chic and I love caching. I'm up for a challenge, I go on the killer hikes, the nocturnals, in the snow and in the rain. And I get ZERO credit by the way for being such a cool wife! (he really should appreciate me more) :lol:


    I want to give credit to a woman in the area (bcchick)who really impressed me last fall. We put out a nocturnal way out in BFE, pretty deep in the woods, in a cave. You could enter the cave from the front or jump down in to a hole in the top. This girl drove out there at night with only her dog and having no idea about the front entrance jumped right in that stinking hole without a clue how she was getting out. Now that is one dedicated geo-sister! (once inside she saw the front entrance and went out that way).

  10. I agree, multiple finds on an event page is lame. But here's what I don't get....If you're hosting an event and going through the trouble of hiding temp caches, why not make them permanent? We are hosting a CITO event and every cache we put out is a permanent one for just that reason. I feel that anyone taking the time to hunt them deserves to log a find.


    I will allow attendees to log any coins & tb's we have that day. This has been done at each event I have attended. What's the general concensus on that habit? Good, bad or doesn't really matter since it doesn't earn you a smiley?

  11. I know, I could say that there's a loophole in the definition of not digging to hide or find the cache, which would be true. I'll just stick to the fact that it's private property, and I would be allowed to dig. Maybe I could find a dead tree closeby to use.

  12. We have 2 highly visible urban micros, if you can call anything out here urban. :blink: One is in a public square which is surrounded by the busiest intersection in town. :unsure: The other is in front of our courthouse, at the corner of the 2nd busiest intersection in town. :unsure: We placed them because we felt our previous hides didn't offer anything for people passing through, or who didn't have much time. Most of ours are about a 1/4 mile passed BFE, on the left, follow the deer trail :D , but we like 'em like that. Hard to get to, harder to find. So anyway, our evil twisted hiding methods wouldn't let us just throw up a park and grab. We had to use the high muggle traffic, many places to look in a small area, spots. :huh: BTW, as of right now, we're the only cachers in our town, so crazy people with little electronic devices hunting easter eggs in the middle of town, probably gets noticed. :D:o:D

  13. OK, tell me if you guys think this is possible. Stage 1 would consist of a micro with a laser pointer, and coords for where to stand(this would be the problem point, getting everyone to stand in the exact same spot without physically marking it) This spot would be on the shore of a lake. They would have to shine the laser across the lake, hitting a mirror, which would bounce back, marking the cache location on a nearby hillside(approx. 100-150'). Was also thinking of putting a bike reflector on the tree to make it more visible. Would this be possible, or are there too many variables? This would be(of course)a night only cache.

  14. We hit one last year that was hidden in an old outhouse. When I opened the door, they were everywhere. Not one, but several nests of different sizes all over the interior. I went back to the car to retrieve the bee spray. After using the entire can, and not getting all of them, I finished them off with 1/2 a can of WD40. Signed the log, and left the cache site free of bees for the next visitor.

  15. What about these new caches soon to be listed? Are they too bad? My niece is releasing one called "Don't screw yourself" The container requires the use of a screwdriver that the cacher must bring with them, else their "screwed". One I have ready is called "Colonoscopy" because of the very rare shaped tree that I found.(yes) :) Now granted, I wouldn't want to describe that particular medical procedure to my 9 year old, she and her 12 year old brother discovered the tree and were laughing hysterically at all the names we could have used, I thought using the medical term not only would drum up curiousity, but still fall in the family values theme. "Don't screw yourself" could be misconstrued, but the obviousness of the tool reference is clear on the listing. I have read listings and team names that are worse, but IMHO, putting a few references in there for the adults to get a chuckle out of, while at the same time, going over the kids head, is just dandy by me. "I'll be damned" is the only listing I can think of, but some of the team names are crazy.

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