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  1. :unsure: Saturday May 2nd in historic Shawnee Ohio, home of Latito(Ohio's longest running unfound cache) will be CITO @ Latito We'll cleanup, grab some food and share over 50 coins and bugs for logging. Then we'll all head out to find the 13+ new caches that will be released day of. Cachers from all over the state will be there in hopes that someone will find the elusive cache, and be part of a mass logging. We would love to meet all of you Ohio cachers there.
  2. Haydenville tunnel was another, but it's now archived(for the second time) Those tunnel caches are great, but they're even better at night. Everyone in Ohio should check out GC1N2GR it's going to be a great time. 13+ new caches being released, 50+ coins and bugs to log. Hope to meet some of you there.


  3. A C.I.T.O. event is planned for May 2 in Shawnee Ohio at the yet unfound Latito cache. Hidden 7/15/07, I believe it is the longest running unfound cache in Ohio. This event should be very interesting to say the least. :mellow: Hope to meet alot of you there. We'll clean, we'll eat, we'll cache. It'll be a good time, you should come. It's not too far, I know several cars traveling 100+ miles already. :wacko:

  4. Other than contacting the owners, you shouldn't do anything about either one of the caches until you go look for them. Then and only then should you post your DNF and your NM. A Found or DNF log should be required before you're able to post a NM. Maybe the growing number of DNF's showing on stats would decrease the posting of NM logs from the comforts of home. If the cache or it's owner is missing and a VALID NM log goes unanswered, GC will shut it down. It's all those INVALID logs that cause extra work on owners and lessen the appeal of placing caches.

  5. There's definately some hiking to be done, we had a good time. We did Double Split Trees, The Kangaroo Kid, Winter Fun, The Cliffs, Hosack's #3, Stone House II, Water Trough, Buckeye Trail Ruins is the hike from hell.

  6. We weren't lost but the car was! We were sort of almost lost in the dark in a fairly large state park which had a really wonderful trail system that we did in fact wander off of. Can't call it lost if you know which direction the highway is...right? We managed to bush whack (for hours) to a highway. This was great news as it was spring and we were not dressed for nighttime temps and we were out of water. Unfortunately, the wonderful park was loaded with caches that we had visited 5 times. Like good little cachers we had also marked our parking spot 5 times. We had a highway, but no idea where our car was after 8 hours of caching and 2 hours of being somewhat lost. I won't tell you how we found the car, it's just too embarassing.

  7. In the Central Ohio area, I can think of three cache hiders who are "best" for different reasons:


    dreamer'sspykids have a knack for hiding caches at great places to visit, both historically and in terms of scenery.


    TeamGuisinger hide what are so far my most challenging caches, in the nearby Perry County area. They're the sorts of caches you just know are going to take some time and effort to come up with.


    Lastly, sracer hides terrific caches which are often easy to get to but tough to find and/or retrieve.


    There are other great hiders in my area, and I don't mean to take anything away from their hides, but these three deserve to be on any "best hider" list.



    :D Thanks Larry. It's been quite awhile since I've been on here, and am surprised the talk about me is good. Jen and I went to the last meet & eat in Logan, and a guy actually walked up, introduced himself, and said"I hate you." Apparently time spent at BRIDGE is messing with some cachers personal well being. Surely it didn't affect you too? :D Well, I placed another slightly more evil one a couple miles down the road. If you like logging DNFs, you'll love this one.

    Again, many thanks for the kind words. I tend to take the hard route when hiding. I find the spot before I make the cache container.(If I don't make them from scratch, I camo the crap out of them.) Then I think about how most people hunt caches.(Which can be picked up at any event cache, or cache watching one of your own.) Then I hide the complete opposite. One great tip I'll give out for hiding this way. Find a spot that is loaded with places to hide inside a 20' circle. A tree with a bunch of roots, a pile of large rocks, a bridge :D . Then make a container that you can hide right at the end of someone's nose, while their eyes are looking in all the wrong places. It works, I have proof. ;)


  8. If muggles are at the cache spot when you arrive, ask if they've seen the large snake that resides there, as he usually comes out to sun himself about this time.

    If they arrive after you, tell them you're marking a landing spot for the mothership, and it should be there any time.

    As for the hiders, I've found that if you hide it so good that the cachers can't find it, the muggles wont be able to either. :ninja:

  9. Let me start by saying we live is a very small rural area where the legal system isn't always there to protect and serve. It's so bad that out of town attorneys call it "Hazzard County" and refuse to take on cases in our county. You must be a member of the right church to get "justice" around here. (which btw, we are not so we try to keep a low profile)


    Two nights ago some caching friends of ours found one of our hides and it had a business card from the sheriff's dept with a note asking that a gamer contact them. Being from Hazzard Co we were a little frightened to call. I was imagining a whole list of bogus charges that were going to be filed against us the minute we admitted to ownership. But since Mr. G placed the cache so I was gonna let him have the tickets, fines, jail time etc. :D


    So I call and here's what happened: Two hunters were out scoping possible hunting locations. They happened to see the cache which is in a big metal container. It was very well hidden but I don't want to give too much detail or I'll give it away. They called the game warden who called the Sheriff. Now I've heard several stories about bomb squads being called, I've NEVER heard this.... they thought we were cooking crystal meth in a big metal container in the middle of the woods! LMAO! They didn't call the fire dept or the bomb squad, they just opened it right up...gotta love the rednecks. :D


    In the end we weren't in trouble, he just wanted to know who in the area was playing the game. I explained to him that caches are sometimes mistaken for bombs and he says he'll call me to see if the next bomb/meth lab is a cache before they blow it up.


    Just a funny story I wanted to share.....

    (p.s. yes the container is very clearly marked as a geo cache, but that doesn't mean anything to someone who has never heard of it)

  10. Maybe this isn't the quickest or most hi tech way to do it. But it was accurate and didn't involve purchasing software. Search for your starting zip code. Pick a cache, click on view map, then click on the beta map. Those maps are awesome! Find the road you're taking out of town, you can drag the map from Utah to Ohio and it'll pop up caches all the way. I liked do it this way because I could see exactly how far they were from the interstate. It worked great for our trip, we cached through 6 states. It really makes the drive more interesting, so have fun and be safe!


    p.s. If you get the chance in Indianapolis, I recommend an attempt at Shelter III. It's not far off the outter belt.

  11. I keep waiting to stumble upon a body in one of the remote places we visit while caching. Not many wild animals in these parts, but I was a bit nervous when we hiked in the Rockies. I wouldn't give up remote caches, but stay alert and "protection" isn't such a bad idea if you are in an area that could potentially be dangerous. Rule of thumb....if you have a bad gut feeling - get back in the car. Cache On~


    Edit: spellcheck

  12. Hey yall! We're leaving today, and headed your way. We'll probably be contacting some of you for a few of those "ultimate" caches in a couple days. I think we're also going to place one in Red Rock Canyon since it's in my sis back yard. Hope to meet some of you soon.

  13. I've got 3 trees specifically for messing with people. 1 you gotta climb about 15-20' to get it. One uses a hollow tree that lightning snapped off about 12' off the ground. It has holes at the bottom just big enough to get your hands in, but not the ammo can out. Nearby is hidden "fishing gear" for retrieving it.(though cachers have been known to open the can inside the tree to avoid looking for the gear) The last one is about 8' off the ground inside a hollow tree, they must find the cable to lower it about 20' away.

  14. Although I wouldn't do it, I really really wouldn't advertise it. We were put in a situation where we were with someone when they hid a cache. Not only did we not log our find until after it was published. We let someone else get the FTF before we logged our visit. Guess not everyone is as nice as me.


    I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it, don't get smileys for FTF's anyway.

  15. I thought about that, but honestly, as long as the valley isn't flooding or on fire this is an easy hike.




    We'll be there in 2 weeks maybe we'll get lucky enough to find it on a good day. I have been worried about lions and tigers and bears. Now I need to add water and fire to my list. :rolleyes:

  16. After receiving numerous requests to purchase this cache, I'm giving in and offering to put some up for sale. $30 each. Does not include lock. There is space inside for trade items. Contact me for details.



  17. I buy charm bracelets for $.58 each at Buck Wholesale. They are nice heavy, good quality bracelets. I used to sell them on ebay for $5 each. Then we got in to caching and I started using them as swag. I have enough bracelets to last us another 2 years. They do have a minimum order of $50.


    (edit: they have lowered the minimum from $100 to $50)

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