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  1. Actually, the term "Legal Tender" meant you were bartering and trading in marijuana back when it was originally initiated, but since it's weight/worth has far surpassed that of gold and silver, it's no longer relevant either. Although I think that alterior motives are definately present, what's the difference? How many of you have frantically grabbed your stuff and ran when you saw a new listing with a rare geocoin in it? Also, having dealt with the woodland creatures and their teeth, plastic can be chewed through no matter what kind of plastic it is. If a squirell thinks there is something interesting or tasty on the other side of a kevlar flak jacket, it'll chew a hole through it to find out.
  2. We are from New Lexington(between Zanesville and Lancaster) in Perry County. We have done our best at populating the area with well hid/well stocked caches. It's getting a little late in the year for a CITO event, so next spring we'll get right on that to try and draw you cachers from farther away into our realm. Dont rule our county out as us and the other local teams have put together some very interesting and difficult caches for you all to find. Be warned though, most of ours are NOT quickies, and though it hasn't been tried yet(to my knowledge) you probably wouldn't be able to find them all in a day. (Was that a challenge?) Have Fun all, and come see us in Perry county.
  3. Why waste a well planned night cache by doing it during the daytime? I just dont get it. Anyone know how to make a night cache so it can only be found at night?
  4. There are 3 Great Seal caches now? We did the first one waaay up that hill and got hit with a heavy storm while on top, and all the way back down. Someone else suggested PewterZ"s Hill the other day, but doesn't look like we will be able too till next year. Will we actually have to go out of state to find it? Hope not, . Have a great day.
  5. We are trying to find a really great/memorable/feel like you've accomplished something cache in Ohio for our 100th find. Need recommendations from fellow cachers. Are there any unfindables out there? We wanted to go to Indiana and find Shelter II, it has close to 100 DNF's (or so I've read, I didn't bother counting them) and no finds up until a couple days ago. Being the FTF of an unfindable would be a great way to mark our 100th. Long hikes, difficult hides, night caches, scarey caches....all input is welcome and appreciated.
  6. Keystone, ROFLMAO! You are cracking me up! My apologies for assuming someone with such wisdom must be female, I have been shown the error of my ways.
  7. EXCELLENT response, I wish my reviewer was so considerate & thoughtful. Thank you for your volunteer efforts, it can't be easy and it must take right much of your personal/family time . . . YOU are appreciated, too!
  8. Well it's not quite as impressive as USA today, but geocaching also made this paper. My brother-in-law the police officer would like for me to request a correction that states "My extremely attractive and intelligent brother-in-law introduced us to the game." So I'll plug his attrativeness and intelligience to all of you. p.s. She left out the fact that she snuck up on me from behind some bushes and scared the bee-jeezus out of me!
  9. I'm sorry but I had to giggle at the visual of someone prying open an electrical box with a screw driver. First, who would even attempt such a thing unless the cache owner has specically said here's what the box looks like, pry it open with a screw driver. If that were the case, I would depend on the wisdom of the owner to ensure I would not be zapped. Second, there is such a thing as looking up, are there wires attached? Geo-cachers must always be using their common sense. Third, if your child knows you are looking for an electric box that means you told them what they were looking for. Your next sentence should have been, don't touch it until I check it out first. Fourth, when in doubt, message the owner and make a second trip.
  10. While on vacation in Myrtle Beach, I walked along a lakeside trail 400' from the cache. Beside the trail I saw 2 black trashbags that were full of clothes a bag full of unopened Ramen noodles. Some of the clothes were on the ground out of the bags. They were wet from a weeks worth of rain a few days before. Anyway, being curious, I flipped the clothes over with a stick(never know where a snake may be hiding) to find a name tag from Days Inn, a S.S. card with a name that matched the ID tag, and a love letter to the same guy from his girlfriend who was currently in rehab, begging him to sneak her in some drugs and telling him to be careful because of the dirty smack going around. Found the cache, got outty. Gave card, badge and letter to local police. Wonder where he went? The next cache in the area was our second wierdest find. It actually found us. We pull up into a parking lot for a quick micro only to find 3 people talking 10' from the cache. We wait for them to finish, and after they get to their cars start looking. As my wife is looking around a bush, one of the ladies that were talking had snuck up to the other side of said bush and scared said wife nearly to peedom. Turns out that the lady is a reporter who recently found out about geocaching and who had just done an interview with 2 local cachers about geocaching in Myrtle Beach. We did an interview also and made it in the paper while on vacation. http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/mld/myrtl...ne/12739386.htm Isn't geocaching wonderful?
  11. I have been wanting to post on this subject for a long time. I kept stopping myself because I didn't want to offend anyone. Now I'm to the point that I don't care if people are offended, maybe it's exactly what they need. We started geo-caching last spring and have grown quite addicted to the game. Living in a rural area there were not many caches in our county. After finding enough so we thought we had a good handle on the gps, we jumped right in and started hiding caches. Thinking that people (around here) considering the purchase ofa GPS for geo-caching would be more likely to do so if there were more hides in our area. We had no idea there were so many cachers around until they started finding our hides. After going through profiles we discovered that there are several people that have found several hundred caches and have not hidden a single one. While we love to hide, we also like to hunt without having to drive 50 miles. Am I wrong to feel that they should be contributing to the geo-caching community by hiding caches of their own? Is this a problem that other cachers are experiencing? So I am looking for ways to either get new cachers in our area or get the cachers already here to get off their behinds and contribute to the cause. As a polite way of encouraging people, I have created a cache-in-a-bag. I have put together a brand new cache and hidden it in one of ours. Whoever takes it has to hide it within our county, that's the only rule. So far no one has taken it. Come on, how much more can I do for them? It's to the point that I am ready to stop hiding all together, which is sad because we do enjoy it. There are 2 specific people (with 0 hides) who have the NERVE to send us messages criticizing our hides. To them I would like to say....keep your lazy butt at home then! I wish there was a way I could keep them from searching for our caches! I would be willing to bet money that neither of those people will take the cache-in-a-bag when they visit, which will infuriate me to no end. So I'm looking for insight on the subject. Am I wasting my time and energy even trying to get these people to fully participate in the game? We have put a lot of money, time and effort in to our caches. Is it wrong to think that others should give back a fraction? Even if I don't get any good feedback on the subject perhaps a few of those people will read this and know exactly who I'm talking to. Cache On! The Mrs. of TeamGuisinger (The Mr. is not responsible for my rants)
  12. I just got a Magellan eXplorist 200 for $104.00. Found it on yahoo shopping, and as a beginner I have to say it works great. I wish it had a download port, but other than that, it put me right on top of(literately) my first cache. It features 14 parallel channels, TrueFix GPS, WAAS/EGNOS, built in map, 16MB memory, 500 POI's and 20 routes, backlight, waterproof, and NO FEES. I suggest getting info from their website though because their manual leaves out a couple things like how to input a location without being there.
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