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  1. A few people have referred to this as a Wednesday event -- but it isn't! This event is Thursday, 11/7, 7pm. Just making sure we all show up on the same day
  2. There is indeed a nearby roadhouse where you can critique, ingest peanuts galore, have the beverage of your choice (so long as your choice isn't PBR, if I remember correctly), and fulfill a requirement of a newish travel bug. As far as the cliff and menace to society thing -- I plead the fifth.
  3. I know this will come as a shock . . . but they don't serve alcohol at HotTrack.
  4. This is your ~one week reminder. Next race day is Thursday, 11/7, 7pm, at HotTrack. Put aside some cash this payday and bring it on! If you're a first-timer, it's important to arrive on time or a little early so you can read and fill out their form (death, dismemberment -- it's not their fault). And you get a briefing on how it all works. If you have a motorcycle helmet you should bring it so you don't have to wear theirs.
  5. quote:Originally posted by oregone: So that's an ixnay on the eaverbay ationnay shirt? No, I suppose it's okay on the eaverbay ationnay. I'm just remembering that KWAK beer was free for duck shirt wearers, but then I also seem to remember that there was a reason it was free
  6. quote:Originally posted by oregone:I'll absolutely be there Don't forget to wear your Ducks t-shirt!
  7. quote:Originally posted by Wander Lost: We'll be up many nights trying to top CSI. I have to work all weekend, I get teased by the CSI cache, I see cryptic "we had fun" logs on the cache page, and the spike holder doesn't give me more meat than this?! I say you owe it to your geobretheren to tell us what went on! Just tuggin' on your leg -- can you tell us some juicy tidbits that won't give away future caches/events? Between missing this one and Seth!'s I'm really feeling lonely
  8. I know this is a me-too post, but Thanks Kyle! The whole approach you've taken to Geocaching is vastly different from some others I've seen, and very welcome. Thanks for the nice words, and I look forward to making my way back out there to redo Creekside one day
  9. Bodoni

    rain rain go away

    Syn, is that you? Nothing against the sun, but I'm looking forward to the rain (as far as Geocaching goes). I need to get my found count up there and it's easier when the aliens aren't about and I'm under cover of raindrops!
  10. Ok, time to flip-flop again. Tuesday night is LeMans night at the track starting at 8pm. We could race, but we might have long waits between races. So Thursday, 11/7, is a better night anyway. Now come on, someone come up with some reasons for Monday. And before you try it, we already know that Fri, Sat and Sun are bad nights for most of the group.
  11. Whoa! I'm sorry -- I've got a Wednesday fixation. We need to do a Tues or Thurs this time. So please change the date to Tues, 11/5 @ 7pm (until it changes again).
  12. I think we will switch to the beginning of the month next time. How's 11/6 sound for the next race. Any takers? BTW, you'll need to race to see fractal's b!tch!n new helmet and other accoutrements. Unfortunately for me, fractal was faster tonight -- both in fastest lap and overall average. The first race was a wash due to some unfortunate T-bone-ing -- but our averages for the second race were only 7/100 of a second apart. That's racin'!
  13. This being the fourth Wednesday of the month, some of us will meet at HotTrack for some kart racing. It's not too cheap ($16 per round, but we usually only race two sessions), but it's a ton of fun. Added bonus is that Wednesday is half price for ladies! Anybody want to meet at 7pm? Please see the site for more info and directions (it's easy to get to).
  14. Yeah, the problem is the missing file extension. The PC has no idea what to do with the file, so it asks you. Just save it again with the appropriate extension (probably .jpg for photos) and it should work. One thing you didn't mention is that when you click on your own photo link it shouldn't work for you either. If it works for you, but not for us, that would be mighty strange . . .
  15. Nice teaser already! I'm trying to nail my company down on a date that will knock me out for a weekend. Unfortunately, this is the date I've been shooting for. We'll see what happens, because I'd love to take part . . .
  16. Nice teaser already! I'm trying to nail my company down on a date that will knock me out for a weekend. Unfortunately, this is the date I've been shooting for. We'll see what happens, because I'd love to take part . . .
  17. Bodoni

    The Cube

    Rain ain't no biggie and I don't think you should change the date on short notice anyway.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:bellemanda, here's one of my favorite photos, sent to me by bodoni: http://www.mrsnazz.com/0788_.jpg (taken at my King Tut's Tomb cache - no longer available since it was plundered) And that's MarkL32 with a head-light coming up from one of the caves. That was an awesome cache site!
  19. Bodoni

    The Cube

    quote:Originally posted by igor71:a kickoff point near the Hollywood district (NE 39th and Sandy) Wh, wha, what? It's not bad enough we have the mad rush for the cache during The Game, you're going to tempt us with caffeine?
  20. Bodoni

    The Cube

    The 14th has been suggested as a possible date for the Barley Mill reunion. I don't know where that stands, but you'd have a lot of the same people wanting to go to both.
  21. Sorry it took so long fractal! Here are the pix. If you want any full size just let me know.
  22. Sorry it took so long fractal! Here are the pix. If you want any full size just let me know.
  23. quote:Originally posted by White Rabbit:You should eliminate some of the white in between the pictures. They're too far apart I think. I agree with White Rabbit. And while we're on to constructive criticism, I think the beaver or tree should be bigger. It should take up more of the square, like the figure in the yellow square.
  24. 9/14 would be a definite yes. 9/7 would be an equally-definite no.
  25. At one point a chopper flew over and we all thought, "No. fractal couldn't have gotten his hands on a chopper . . ." So what's been left out of this virtual log? Tasty squid, excellent service at Cassidy's, and assorted decadence and depravity that shall remain undescribed. All in all, a well-rounded evening. Tons of fun! Best of luck, igor71!
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