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  1. Try saving your photo as a .png image. I had to do that as the .jpg wouldn't upload. It was well below the size (pixel and KB) limits/recommendations and would not upload until I saved it as a .png instead.

  2. Thanks for taking the initiative! I agree with Bazzle's timing - mostly. I like 10-noon, before it gets tooo hot. I don't know how long we normally take for lunch, but it seems we could do it within a couple of hours and then retire to Geoville, I mean Yurtville, for the rest of the festivities. So long as we stay lucky with the rain we can move the picnic tables to the center if we want. There's no shade there, so should we also reserve a shaded picnic area like the one we started at last year?

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by Suziq:

    Any of you guys disk golf.

    You know, I never have -- but I love to play. And disk golf or not, I have two saucer-shaped unidentified flying objects that light up at night. I can't believe I forgot to bring one last year.

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by familyO'foxes:

    Your girls will be in good company, there will be several young kids there.


    And don't forget the biggest kid of all -- oregone -- will be there.

  5. So, on to the real karts. I called Pat's Acres to see what the best deal is. Ever-vigilant to take care of the Tuesday Night Caching Crew, I asked about Tuesday first. It turns out that that's league night. The deal is as follows:


    The 'Spec Racer League Night' racing series will begin Tuesday night, July 22nd, and run for the next 6 Tuesday nights. This series is a 4 man team racing series utilizing our Rental Karts. Cost is $40 per driver per night. Each driver will get a 12 minute practice session, a 6 minute qualifying session and a 12 lap main event. You do NOT need to have a full team to sign up. We have many drivers to team up with. Teams will be competing for team honors and individuals points will be kept as well. Practice will be open from 4:00-6:00pm, qualifying starting at 6:15 and the main events starting around 7:00pm. We should be done racing by 8:30 or so. This league is open to drivers 14 and over.


    She said that this is the best deal since you're on the track three times. If you're too late to get in the practice session she said she'll also honor the session after the main event. In addition to the $40 you have to buy a license if you don't already have one and they're prorated down to $8.


    If we don't do a Tuesday, she said any other weekday is wide open at normal pricing (plus $8 for the license):

    45mph kart 12 min session $20

    70mph kart 10 min session $35


    Racing ends around 8-8:30pm (dusk, this time of year).


    What say ye? September 9th? Another day that week or the week before? Please reply if you're interested . . .


    For more info.

  6. Must resist icon_mad.gif the urge icon_mad.gif to claim icon_mad.gif I was the fastest icon_mad.gif


    I forget how the order went in the first two races, except that I was third. I did win the third heat though (in a car with no brakes). But it's not about the winning of course, it's about the close racing. MarkL32, fractal, my sister, and I are all very close, so you really have no choice but to a c c i d e n t a l l y T-bone the roadblock in front of you from time to time. In addition to the above there were two non-cachers, two of the fastest racers on the circuit (Beth and Jill (I think)), and about a dozen bachelor-party-goers dressed as women to get the ladies' night pricing. And it worked!


    As for your foot. You could get in the car -- but it's gas on the right, brake on the left. How much pressure can your foot handle?

  7. Let's see. Party on Saturday. Schedule hangover for Sunday. Have to be out of the hotel by 11 (probably). I think a pizza lunch would be perfect! We're then heading to parts further northeast to do some sightseeing. How about noon? It's easy to remember.

  8. quote:
    Originally posted by Sparky & Miraren:

    Hmmm... HotTracks... Steve Burns... HotTracks Steve Burns

    Don't forget to include the intangibles, like the feeling of The Tungsten Jihad! T-boning you into the wall. That's got some value!


    Originally posted by Gloom:

    Also, don't forget...

    Race cars that are in control and still send dirt flying . . . I think I'll have to check that out! This Saturday is bad, but it sounds like fun!

  9. quote:
    Originally posted by fractal:

    That's also the night that Mars will be REALLY CLOSE. Telescope party later? icon_wink.gif

    Yow! I forgot about that being the closest night. A telescope party sounds great -- where? My back yard is open for business, but I think I have too much light nearby. Suggestions? [PRAYING]Clear skies, clear skies, clear skies . . . [/PRAYING]

  10. Somehow I knew you were going to say that. And don't even try to play the injury sympathy card -- I'm immune to that trickery. But Sun thru Tue for which event? We don't want to do HotTrack on a Tuesday because that's their LeMans night, but Pat's Acres is only closed on Monday.

  11. There are three upcoming racing events to satisfy your lust for speed:


    This Sunday, Aug 24th, Mt. Tabor, the Portland Adult Soapbox Derby, 10am-4pm. I'll be there!


    Next Wednesday, Aug 27th, kart racing at HotTrack. Anyone interested? Please post either way. How about 7pm? Too early?


    Upcoming -- but soon -- kart racing at Pat's Acres. See rental kart rules and pricing here. It's just a little south in Canby. When should we do this? They don't do rentals on race days. After work? On a weekend?

  12. Team Joyson and I sent The Quantum Mechanic the instructions, but I guess we were too late icon_frown.gif The event was definitely different. Just a small turnout -- maybe 30 people? -- but it was all worthwhile when one bypasser told us to get a life. Ahhh, it doesn't get any better. There were a reporter and photographer from the Willamette Week, so look for an article.


    The second e-mail said there'd be more information coming on how to "invite" others to join the mob.

  13. Hmmm . . . doubt begins to creep in . . . maybe they weren't free and I'm confusing it with Billygan's. But I'm sure they were free for someone. I'll buy the first two bowls, but that means one less ruler for the kids icon_eek.gif

  14. quote:
    Originally posted by The Quantum Mechanic:

    Not getting a lot of local response from this one tho.

    Miss the chance to actually see a Tuesday Night Cache Crew member in person? Not me. But I didn't respond because I can't guarantee that I'll be there -- but I intend to be. Hey, they have free peanuts at the Lucky Lab, so how can I turn that down?

  15. Excerpt from my cache log: I couldn't believe that soup had the time to lay out all that reflective tape and driftwood to make the Geocaching logo! Did you get Jeremy's permission for that? Shinwa and I had to climb the cliff to get a birds-eye view of it -- awesome! The thing must've been 50' across!

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