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  1. Yes, but I found 0-99 every day, 100-499 mostly a month and 500+ every year. I'm missing a period of time in this question, but maybe someone else understands it differently.
  2. Hi In the last survey and many older, there are mostly questions about quantity geocaches, but the period is usually not specified. Question 4 in the last survey could be asked more precisely (this year or total number, etc.) N.o.e.
  3. N.o.e.

    Send e-mail

    Yes, now is possible switch to old page and send e-mail, but after Nov 30 ???
  4. N.o.e.

    Send e-mail

    Hi I have a problem with "new public profile page". When I want to contact some nick via "Send e-mail" Win10 want"s open it via associated application, when nick"s e-mail is shown. I do not want use no e-mail application like outlook. I want open this like old page in old web e-mail browser. I tried open it in the same web browser, but no web page was open. When the e-mail is not shown, system works correctly. What I can contact nick with shown e-mail, which is in new profile page hidden? Thanks. N.o.e. EDIT: mobile web browser has the same problem
  5. I was unpleasantly surprised by the new look of icons. It is for me a very chaotic and confusing. I can recognize PM and NON PM cache. Wherigo icon is probably the same as Unknown cache. And what about you?
  6. I agree with this idea. Good thing*
  7. Hi After tuesday 14th February server geocaching update my aplication CacheMe doesnt work. (Error: Host required authentification.) Where I can allow access for this application? I search on my account, I cannot find anything to accept. Thanks. N.o.e.
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