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  1. ???? I don't believe it! These maps suck!!! Thank you for saying exactly what I've been wanting to say for a while.
  2. How can that be? They are absolutely terrible. How can they be so good for you and be so unusable for so many others?
  3. I use Mozzilla so I don't know how bad it is with IE, but I can say it's awful with Mozzilla too. It's not the browser, it's GC.com
  4. Really ??!! Are you serious? They are so bad and in some ways useless or unuseable. The old maps worked fine. You could wizz around without waiting forever for the maps to refresh, it wouldn't lock up, you could access cache pages in a reasonable amount of time. You could easily build a bookmark list. The cache list on the side of the page didn't have the caches listed in a totally random order. It only listed 20(?) caches at a time but the others were just a click away. I think GC.com should be embarrassed of these maps. I thought updates were supposed to improve things, not...... well, you know.
  5. It seems they have different priorities than most of us.
  6. No posts on this topic for almost a week?? I know it's not a dead subject, did this topic get moved to a different thread again?
  7. I think having so many caches on the map at one time really bogs things down. Once you zoom out a couple clicks, the maps become unusable. I liked it better with just 20 at a time because the maps moved so much better. Plus it's not like you couldn't get the rest of the caches on the map. They were just a click away.
  8. I still don't know what caches are on my bookmark list unless I open each cache page. Is that feature going to return?
  9. Is this comment in jest? Zoom out and you can see it is in the Atlantic just off the Scotland coast. It get's stuck on "requesting geocaches..."............ For me at least
  10. The old maps allowed me to see which caches are on one of my bookmark lists. I prefer using the bookmark list instead of the regular PQ and the old maps made it very handy to do it. Now I think I'll have to open each cache page to see if they're on my list. or re-bookmark everything in an area to make sure I have everything.
  11. Wow,it seems to be blazing. I'm impressed/relieved
  12. But would that fix it? Collecting money won't fix it,someone actually has to DO SOMETHING!!
  13. I would still be sloooowww even if you paid more. I think there's management/motivation issues.
  14. I have met Jeremy and a number of the lackeys and I can assure you that they are as a group totally unsympathetic to the plight of the downtrodden I'm almost positive I've heard Jeremy say "Well, let them eat cake." Sounds like he needs some competition.
  15. Yes,30 bucks is a good/fair price for what you get....when you get it. If someone gives you something for free but it doesn't work,is that a good deal? I don't think the 30 bucks is the issue here, the issue is a malfunctioning site. It's like having a Rolls Royce that leaves you stranded once a week,get it fixed and you're stylin' but as it is,it's a pile.
  16. Oh,I think it's been going on a tad longer than that. But shame on you for forgetting to renew on time.
  17. I think the fact that Jeremy hasn't been in the forums at all for several weeks speaks volumes. It tells me that he is working hard to fix the problem. Would you rather have TPTB sitting around spending their time apologizing in the forum, or working on fixing the problem? I would much rather have TPTB fixing than sitting
  18. This is getting really bad. Do I have to wait until Monday to log my finds because the site can't handle the load?!! Then what happens when Monday fills up? It's been going on for quite a while now. Is this issue really being addressed with any urgency?
  19. Woo hoo!! Figured it out. I had 40 due to me not having the queries deleted after running. So I manually deleted them and now I'll check the "delete after running once" box/bubble and see how that works. Confidence is high!!
  20. I tried to submit a PQ today and got this "You have reached the maximum number of Pocket Queries for this account." I haven't been doing much GCing lately so this is a surprise to me. Now that I think about it,I tried to PQ a week or 2 ago and I got the same thing. I'm going to be needing a PQ in less than a week so if someone could help me solve this issue, I would be very appreciative. Thanks
  21. I would think I was more in agreement with Jerr than an apologist
  22. Of course, it takes about 30 seconds to read the cache page, check the map for water at the cache site, AND email the owner to double check the attribute. If I was going to plan a whole day and journey around a cache or two, I would CERTAINLY confirm the attributes, scuba or any other. Common Sense should prevail, not attribute nazis huh. amazing that godwin's law took so long to kick in. let's see... people who want the attributes to be listed correctly; the people who brought you death camps. yeah, those seem roughly equivalent. good job on that one. nice piece of reasoning. First of all I sure most people know what someone means when they say ----nazi. They're not talking about WWII Germans. Secondly, Jerrytcher is right in that with google earth and other programs, it's not too hard to doublecheck the validity of some attributes. " If I was going to plan a whole day and journey around a cache or two, I would CERTAINLY confirm the attributes, scuba or any other. Common Sense should prevail" I agree. Do your homework. Remember, Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.
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