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  1. ok thanks for explaining that , and the question wasnt meant to suggest that when signing the logs as a team that anyone in the team could sign it and all team members present or absent could log it as im aware you have to be present when cache is found to be able to log it ,but thanks for the reply . William

  2. recently myself and 4 other gecachers with our own accounts where discussing how to go about making up a caching team but we cant work out how to place caches on behalf of the team we all pay for our own premium accounts and the question is would we as a team have to set up another account and when out as a team when we log cache finds does signing as a team member allow each member to log that cache 

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  3. I Feel that Ham radio is related to Geocaching because i geocache and i am also a ham radio operator and if i know im going caching where phone signals will be a problem (especially in a mountain range) i always take a handheld ham radio with me in case of emergency so yes it would play a big part in caching that way or at least should be considered 

  4. I understand just new to the hobby / sport  . I know i have to submit a new cache for review and get a new GC number and page and its a new experience for everyone ,but can i link the new cache in any way to the old one ie in a part of the name or the original CO , Will archive and start it from anew anyway and thanks for the info .At least it will be a chance for someone to get a new FTF .


  5. I recently went to look for a Trading post Cache on a hill with a Trig stone on it that unfortunately has had a wind turbine located very near by in the last couple of years .this is accessed by a private lane and permission was granted to visit the site but in recent years the owner has been getting a lot of bother with people going up to the turbine and has decided that the site is now out of bounds and has erected trespassers prosecuted signs all over the place so the original owner of the cache has asked me to adopt the cache and relocate it .

      I have now adopted the cache but would like to rename it but give credit to its present name and previous owner ,it will be moved about 3km from where it was to an area where there is no caches for 10 or 15km ,do i just submit its new name and new co-ordinates for review .


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