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  1. How many geocaches can I load into my Oregon 200?
  2. You may want to rethink your price. http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Colorado-Hand...4659&sr=8-1
  3. Second on the Zagg. I have one on my Oregon 200 and I love it. It took a little getting used to but now it's like it came on the Oregon. I don't even notice it.
  4. I sold the 400 so I'll be keeping the 200. Thanks.
  5. It is in excellent shape, comes with cable, carabiner, garmin cd and original box. I bought it from this forum and the original purchase date was July 16, 2009. It has detailed street maps, I don't know if the 400t comes with the detailed street maps originally or not. These may have been added by the original purchaser. I would like to get $300 for it.
  6. I have a 400t and a 200. I honestly don't need both. They are both in great shape and I have the carabiner, computer cord and original box. Not sure how much I could get out of them. Anyone have ideas about starting asking price. I will advertise here first then probably put one on ebay.
  7. I have an Oregon 400t also, not to hijack the thread, I bought it used and it has topo and detailed street maps. Were the street maps on the unit new or did the previous owner add them. There is no sd card in the unit. And they are both used at the same time.
  8. I'm doing something wrong, can you explain it in a little more detail for someone who is not a whiz with computers? Also, will this update work on an Oregon 200?
  9. Download it to the GPS or my computer?
  10. How do I download this to my Oregon 400t?
  11. I have it on my 200 and my 400t. I love it, seems to be very accurate here where I live.
  12. Yeah, its the Oregon 400t.
  13. Oh that's it!! Wow do I feel stupid. Thanks!
  14. That straightens me out on the odometer thing. I still can't change the top of the screen though. There are three choices, automotive, geocaching and I think the third is called default. This is not a big deal but I hope there is not a problem in the unit.
  15. It resets on another part of the screen. I use it as a pedometer, just used it yesterday actually. That was before I downloaded the 3.10. The top of the screen is set on automotive. There are three choices for that. Automotive, geocaching or default. I have it set on automotive, and I can't change it since upgrading to 3.10. On the lower part of the screen, I have two things chosen (while the "large" number icon is picked). The bottom one is the odometer. This one is the one that won't reset. Just noticed it resets on the compass screen too.
  16. I downloaded the 3.10 upgrade now when I go to the trip computer icon, I can't reset the trip odometer. I have gone to setup, reset, reset averages/etc... This resets the trip odometer on the top of the screen. It doesn't reset the larger odometer I have set on the bottom part of the screen. It lists many choices to pick from to show on the screen while in trip computer mode. On the top, I have the automotive icon picked, also I can't change that either. But, the odometer on this choice resets just the one I have picked on the bottom of the screen does not. I have turned it off and on but this doesn't help. Any ideas??
  17. Several posts on the latest updates for Garmin Oregon have me wondering if I should update or not. I have a question though, how do I find out what software my Oregon 400t has right now? I would like to upgrade to the 3.10.
  18. tomwilson74

    Oregon 400t

    I just bought a used Oregon 400t and was wondering if I "restore defaults to factory settings" will this delete the topo maps also? I just want to delete the geocaches in the unit but don't want to lose the maps.
  19. I don't know the seller so I am not trying to "seal the deal". I have an Oregon 200 and a 400t on the way. I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. I can see the screen just fine indoors and outside. It is not an issue with me. I love the Oregon series.
  20. The city maps are on a 2gig micro sd. I wonder how much topo it would hold? I really only need Arizona, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia. That route would be much cheaper than buying a 400t.
  21. I am trying to decide which Oregon to buy. I have an Oregon 200 with City Navigator on a micro sd. I want the topo maps but really don't want to switch the topo sd and the city nav. sd back and forth depending what I am using the gps for. I can get another 200 and the topo cd for around $350. I have saw the 400t for $389 (refurbished). Is it worth the extra $40 to get the 400t? I don't have a problem buying a refurbished unit, I bought the 200 here on the forum used and it is working great. I know the 400t will do more than a 200 with topo maps. Can I use the city navigator micro sd on the 400t? If I can, will the street maps and the topo maps show up on the screen at the same time? I would think it would be a bit crowded. Or will I be able to switch back and forth between the two map setups? I may end up selling the 200 if I can do that. Any help would be appreciated.
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