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  1. :laughing: I find it very troubling that some folks are Jeep hoarders. I have had the unfortunate misfortune to be the last holder of a white jeep and a green jeep. In both cases, they were removed from the caches I placed them in, without the benefit of a log for either the cache or Jeep. The white jeep has never been seen again, while the green jeep showed up at an event, where several folks 'discovered' it. I see the first behavior at a minimum, a mistake by a one-time cacher that didn't know any better to a outright theft by someone who knew better. The taking and holding a jeep, as in the case of the green jeep, IMO rates close to theft. I've never understood the desire to log items, merely for the granting of an icon on my profile page. Although some folks who bring large groups of hoarded collectibles to events for sharing, may be nice folks, my opinion of them as cachers is deminished.


    I had the same happen with one of the two green jeeps I found. It just disappeared from the cache , no logs. :laughing:

    Button Point Cache

    The other was retrieved by the next cacher and hasn't moved since. :ph34r:Tioga Peak GJTB

    It's kind of a shame as I found both as FTF on a couple of caches in my area and added them to my watchlist when I dropped them hoping to see some interesting travels.


    Excuse my ignorance, but does this mean that the cache owner is posting multiple logs on their own archived cache?


    Do repeats increase the smiley count?









    Sept 5 2005 entry pretty much sums it all up.


    Difficulity 3 1/2????? Maybe a 5...... Found only after 2 calls for hints. Wow, some people are really sick. LOL SL TFTC

    Could you please explain how to get archived caches in a PQ?


    You can't get archived caches in PQ's


    But you can check the box for caches that are NOT active. I always check the boxs for caches that are active and that I haven't found when I do a PQ. At least that way I'm not out looking for caches that have issues or may become archived.

  4. Here is a couple from a nearby cache, the first is a needs maintenance log.

    June 5 by XXXX(22 found)

    Good quick find if you are in the area. We found the place where it should have been, BUT, the cache was GONE!! In its place was a note on a red bordered sticky name tag saying "No to geo.trash". It is too bad someone has retrieved locations from this website, downloaded the cache coordinates and went out and removed the caches.

    This is the second cache in the Prineville area we have found with a note like this in place of the cache.



    It is followed by these three.


    :ph34r: July 22 by AAAA (607 found)

    I was caching in central Oregon with DDDD, CCCC and BBBB. We found the same thing that XXXX logged on June 5. I am claiming a find to frustrate the person who took the cache and left the sicker. Thanks for bringing us here to take in the view.


    ;) July 22 by BBBB (496 found)

    Camping in Central Oregon for a week long caching trip with friends, AAAA and DDDD, and my wife, CCCC. We found the note in the area and loved the view. It is too bad someone thinks they can ruin our fun but they didn't.


    :P July 22 by CCCC (498 found)

    While camping with friends, AAAA and DDDD, and my husband, BBBB in Central Oregon for a week long caching trip we found this one. It is too bad to find someone trying to ruin the fun of others.


    These were followed the local cache reviewers request to replace cache or archive. Cache was replaced and has been found a couple of times since then. My favorite is the latest entry even though it is off topic in this thread.


    :) August 15 by YYYY (52 found)

    Easy find - thanks Left Travel Bug #******




    I guess it is easier to just include the TB number on the log than to actually log it on the TB page. :ph34r: I checked the # and this bug is still shown in a cache in AZ. The cache still shows a TB that was in it before being muggled but not the one dropped on the 15th.


    I'm not gonna open a can of worms by grabbing it and dropping it in the proper cache but will e-mail the the cacher that logged it so they can. Maybe the TB owner also.

  5. Here is a little background, back in July I took a friends teenaged son out with me so he could learn a little bit about using his GPS and geocaching. Since that time he has muggled :ph34r: 2 TB's that I dropped that evening and continued to return to one of the caches whenever they would go to the lake swimming. His father found out and managed to return the TB's to me. I logged them as a grab and will drop them far away from the teen. I also informed the owners of the four caches we went to, to possibly offset them from the original coords.


    As of now he doesn't have an account with geocaching.com so I think the caches will be safe if moved a 100 feet in any direction. No coords no cache.


    Did I handle this correctly and is there anything more I should try to do?

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