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  1. Glass Houses. Looks like a Jeep prison you're running with the rules you have applied on the cache.


    Now v-hunter, what would influence you to investigate the OP's profile, and see that he owns a Jeep Prison? :rolleyes:


    That is a bonafide prison though, and the cache was muggled a couple of times, and several imprisoned jeeps lost. I wonder how it has been "stocked" in the past, jeep hoarding perhaps? :rolleyes:


    OP's original post stated he had some jeeps and a jeep hotel, but he edited that out after myself and Harry Dolphin posted. I guess I was just curious. And it is a public profile.


    Just another case of "pot meeting kettle" since the OP has had a yellow jeep in his possesion for almost 2yrs and 2 whites and a green for over a year.

  2. 2007 was a bad year for my TB's


    Buckmark= was picked up by a cacher with 15 finds who hasn't returned e-mail. E-mail was to ask that he edit cache log in which he used TB #. Cache log remains but he deleted TB log.


    Hula Popper= cacher with 13 finds used discovered log on TB page but states he retrieved in cache log.


    Wiggle Wart= cacher with 8 finds, same as above. Discovered on TB page, cache page shows they picked it up.


    Blue Fox= may turn up eventually, cacher with 7 finds over a long period of time so they don't appear to be real active.

  3. How about this Jeep TB? Looks like a real RJTB with a purchased TB tag attached.


    What a great idea ;) Discover it(so you can get the icon) B) , remove the JEEP tag :huh: , add your own TB tag and say "it's mine". :D


    My favorite part is this, from the TB page.

    About this item:

    I'm a red Jeep from the 2007 Jeep geocaching promotion. Keep me moving!


    Doesn't get much more blatant than that. :(

  4. But you might work something out if you offered a case of beer.
    If you can find a MOW crew on that stretch of track you can ask the supervisor. These people are not usually schooled in the dangers of letting people wander the tracks and may give you the go ahead to head out on the bridge.


    I guess I should have stayed at home drinking beer rather than spenting 16hrs in classes such as On Track Safety, FRA rules training and Rail Security Awareness. Training is done annually and is a requirement of employment.


    Cannot speak for Norfolk Southern but by looking at their safety record one could assume their employees do know the danger of wandering down the tracks.


    When the maintenance crews are on the track you know there are not going to be any trains coming.


    One other thing, look closely at what the track maintenance crews wear and copy them. The hard hat safety glasses and orange vest will make you look like one of them and nobody will suspect you don’t belong there.


    This is so wrong, there are rules in place to protect us while working on the tracks. But it does not mean there will not be trains.


    Since 9/11 the railroads have gotten alot more serious about non-authorized people on or near right-of-ways. Impersonating railroad employees is not the way to go. If caught you would probably be facing jail time and fairly stiff fines.

  6. Jedi Cacher, I use GSAK and load caches and benchmarks into the same file on my eXplorist 600. I also use the filter to create files with the BM's on a route, usually set for 1/2 mile to either side of the railroad tracks I'll be working on. Hope that will help.

  7. Thanks for the replies. I will see if I can get more info from the railroad. I'm a fourth generation railroader, Southern Pacific before the U.P. merger. Would like to talk with the surveyors but they usually go through well before we do our work marking the curves for the surface and lining gang that follows the tie gang.

  8. I can't find any referance to a bolt in this location, but this may have been something the railroad did when building the bridge. See log and attached photos.


    R374 is plainly visible at end of bridge and I spotted both while working across the bridge. Mostly was just curious if the bolt pre-dated the disc.

  9. I guess I should spent a little more time on the forums. Did not know there was a stats page to look at and was surprised to see my name on it. I can see holograph manage to match my intials to my username, and thank you for the work on the stats page. Will be on here a little more often since I'm still alittle unsure of everything I need to know. Realized after the fact that the one recovery I logged with the NGS could have been done with an e-mail to Deb Brown because I was just trying to report a stamping error between the disc and the data sheet.

  10. <snip>

    I had a need for a screw to tie a piece of monofilament to. Didn't want a nice shiny screw head giving things away.


    Take a stainless steel screw (far left)

    Add Gorilla Glue to the screw head (center of picture - use a toothpick to get it down into the screw head slots)

    Allow the G.G. to set up (gets foamy, hard and a little shiny)

    Shoot with a little flat/camo paint in color of choice

    How do you screw it in?


    You don't. It just became a nail :D

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