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  1. I’d like to be able to run a pocket query or cache search by cache owner, i.e., seeing all cache hides by a specific owner and then be able to map them. Viewing finds by owner is easy enough, but querying hides by owner eludes me. Has anyone had any experience with this query?
  2. You might be a geocacher if you can only find your wife’s “g” spot outdoors with a clear view of the sky.
  3. I have very quickly came to realize the backbone of the activity is a relative few of the total enthusiast. I have searched the site and FAQ looking for some information but have come up empty. I am looking for some statistical data regarding the information on user stats. I suppose that a person could look up individual user data and compile some sort of information letting us out here know who does the most, most finds, most hides, most users, ect. ect.. This would be very interesting to me. Perhaps be able to see in my home state or city, who is the biggest contributor to the activity. Would it be great if the users were able to run queries of their own? I know I’d like to know who to thank in my area for all their effort and I’d also like to see at a glance where I stand compared to other participants. Perhaps you already have this data available and you can direct me to it. Thanks you so much to all participants for this activity and all the effort you folks at Groundspeak contribute to it. tdl&claire
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