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  1. I cast my vote for having all the stats reported on one site, just like they have been in the past at GC.com. Whether it is a cache container, benchmark, locationless, virtual, event or mystery, I put out some effort and expended resources to get to, photograph, and log the visit. I do not understand the new course here of separate statistics. No one complained in the past before the launch of Waymarking.com about having statistics posted on one tally sheet, regardless of how valid the type of cache, waymark, benchmark or location. Having a separate site for Waymarks is of no difference to me; just allow all logs to be tallied into one total, please.
  2. Hello all, I just logged a Locationless Cache this week called “Where's In A Name?” at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-931a67b7eccd. This cache was a lot of fun and getting to team with another cacher from outside my state was also a great experience. If anyone out there would like to give this a try, please visit the cache page and cipher your GC.com username to coordinates as instructed. If your coordinates come close to my area, within 10 miles, I would be pleased to assist you with capturing this cache. I can help with any ciphered coordinates in the area of N32 55.866 W096 27.568. Drop me a note and give me your coordinates. I will capture and send back to you the required digi-pix for you to log the cache.
  3. Well, some of the capability is there. I am able to use the Find Keyword function in the search from the “Seek a Cache” page; however this only brings up keywords used in the title of caches. I have found many examples of caches I seek where the keyword is not in the title, but is in the body of the cache description, like “cemetery”. There are many “cemetery” related caches in my area, but they do not reference this in the title of the cache. This capability either in a PQ, perhaps using a radio button to search for keywords, or expand the “Seek a Cache” search capability to include the entire cache description, not just the cache title. tdl
  4. I do not see the capability readily available, but perhaps someone has some experience with keyword searches with PQs. Example, if I want to create a PQ with keyword “Cemetery” in my area. Or perhaps there is a refined way to do this another way through “Find Caches” entry form? tdl
  5. Duh, GPSr set-up, I think took care of it. I had some of the caches labeled with diff icon, e.g. a TB was a diff symbol. Thanks, tdl
  6. Yes, by dump, I do mean dl to my PDA and GPSr. And yes a limited number of caches would be best preference except I like to maintain founds and not founds in my GPSr to use when placing new caches in my area so I can maintain the required Geocaching.com distance between caches. tdl
  7. Thanks Crew for confirming idio. I guess I was hoping for GSAK to do it all for me. I still need to work out the symbol issues when I dl to my GPSr from GSAK. Do y’all use GSAK for dumping to GPSr or some else. I used to dl from Mapsource, but MS would not dl the names in the correct field, just the GC code. I like to use my GPSr symbols to determine “found or not found”, but lately GSAK has been using the wrong symbol. I guess I just need to keep playing with it. Thanks for all y’alls feedback. BTW, Clyde if you are listening, how bout that GSAK speaking to Cachemate as far as categories. Perhaps on a future revision. Put your Team on it, hahahahaha. tdl
  8. I do the same, PQs via email, and then open in GSAK. I then review and ensure that all caches are categorized correctly, i.e., found, not found, owned. All the pretty colors are correct in the column with the cache box icon. I then export to Cachemate, just one file that has all the caches in it, e.g. “All Rockwall Caches.pdb”. These then go to my SD card and then I import them to Cachemate and then open Cachemate. This is where my problem begins. I can find all the cached listed under “All” as I would expect, however I would think that if they are categorized in the GSAK view as “found or not found” I should be able to open the “Found” or “Not Found” view in Cachemate and see them listed appropriately. Nope, it ain’t working like that. Also, when I dump from GSAK to my GPSr, “VISTA” most of the cache icons on my GPSr are correct, but I do get some that display as not found, when infact they are found and are shown as found in GSAK. What’s up with that? This is not complicated, just confusing. I would think if they are correctly categorized in GSAK, then they should stay that way when I data dump to Cachemate and GPSr. I have been playing with it this afternoon and noted that when I do a filter for “Not Found” only, everything goes away except a few caches that have been disabled. Just another Mindf*&K for Tommy Boy here. If you guys are able to understand my problem, help would be appreciated. Sorry about being so verbose, tdl
  9. So, do I understand that your cache logging into GSAK is a manual process and does not categorize and filter automatically when you dump to and from GSAK from Cachemate? I do not understand the point of many of GSAK's functions if they are only usable on the PC database. I'd like to not only know in my palm and GPSr what caches are not found, found, owned and such. Having all caches in my GPSr is helpful when making a hide, so I know how close my proposed location is to an already existing cache, real time while in the field. tdl
  10. I am trying to filter as suggested, however when I select stock filter “Not Yet Found(GSAK Default)” only caches that have had red logs are displayed. I am not able to view only all caches not found by me. When I select “My Found Caches” everything works OK. Any thoughts on how to create a pdb of only not found caches, since the filtered views on GSAK do not export to Cachemate and GPSr? tdl
  11. Thanks idio, I guess I was hoping that GSAK would transfer these categories for me since they are identified in the GSAK data table. Not being able to sort, as I found today, almost caused me to visit an already visited cache. Neither my cachemate or GPSr showed that I have already found these. tdl
  12. Thank you Clyde for the wonderfully helpful tool. I am beginning to get a lot of use and understanding of this application. Life is good with GSAK. I have been able to categorize and mark caches by color as to my hides, found hides, not found hides, ect., however when I make the dump from GSAK to Cachemate in my Palm, these categories do not transfer and all caches end up unsorted. Also, the data dumped to my GPSr from GSAK, will have some found caches not reported with a found icon, while most do. Can you provide some insight to this? I have read through the posting and have not found a solution to my described problem. tdl&claire
  13. All, I am getting a browser error that the GeocachingUK website account has been suspended. Does anyone know what's up with that?
  14. Howdy Y'all, I will be visiting London for about a week in a few days. I've got about 300 caches in my GPSr and in my PDA. Really excited about coming over and caching and meeting some excellent cachers. Can anyone from the area suggest some “must do” caches? I will be based out of the Kings College area, near Waterloo station. I’ll be bringing some Texas TBs to drop off also. Also, our sympathy and respect to all regarding current events. Stay strong. We Cowboys are standing with you.
  15. I am back with a final thought from me. I have learned from all respondents that the goal is Quality over quantity. Isn’t that true with just about everything, well almost everything? I have learned that my first hide will be a well planned, strategic and tactical adventure for my fellow cachers. I know I have gotten greater satisfaction from the tough ones over the “park-n-grabs”. Thanks to all for your experienced input, the likes of Kit Fox, PlasteredDragon, OzGuff, Tahosa and Sons, budd-rdc, and Harry Dolphin. I apologize if I left some by name out. It’s only 48 hours to Shanghai and 36 more till I am caching in Big D again. And that little comment about 10% ratios, let’s just pretend I never said that, OK. tdl&claire
  16. How do I put the lid back on this can of worms? As I stated I am new to this and I was just looking for some mild feedback. I can see as usual, innocent inquiry is becoming a global pissing contest. Thanks nickie218 for being the only one to actually comprehend the message. I am seeing, as I did not realize before the efforts it takes to install and maintain a cache. I have none yet. I hope to very soon. My comment was intended to respect those that put out a little more effort than others, for what ever reason. Not good or bad. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I’ll be going home now. Please turn out the light when the last one leaves. tdl&claire
  17. I am relatively new to this activity and greatly enjoy it. My fun however is due to a small group of cachers out there. The hiders. I recently did some number crunching, something I do for fun. I know I am very sick. I really appreciate the efforts of a few for the many. I found that most of the caches out there are place by a minority of the overall cachers. For example I found that of the cachers that have over 2000 finds only a couple have a hide ration of close to five percent. I did find that a handful of cachers with in my state have close to 10% hide to find ratio. Can the developers of Geocaching.com publish a listing and recognize those that keep this hunt going. Perhaps there could be an unwritten goal made by all participants to attain a fair hide to find ratio. Maybe I am out of line, being so new to this, but it seems to me that placing a cache for every 10 you find is not a lot to ask. Any thoughts out there.
  18. Thanks Nickel, I didn’t think of that little hitch. I guess I could query the data by descending date also. WJTB, that’s funny. I’m in China now, but will be returning to Texas next week. My first searches will be for the WJTBs. I’ve been able to query and get a list of all the WJTBs in my state of Texas on a desired date. I found that five were located within close proximity of my home coordinates. Can’t wait to get home. tdl&claire
  19. I am using Duracell AAs here in China. Why, because they are readily available and they cost 40 RMB. That’s less than $5 US for a pack of eight, only 60 cents each. They seem to run just as long as similar batteries I buy in the US. By the way, I wonder how many AA batteries I can bring on the plane home without being considered a security risk, hahahahah.
  20. Has anyone seen or created a means to determine the most visited caches in a select area. I am trying to determine which caches have the most traffic in my area. This would be a good tool to determine cache locations to drop TBs. I will try to develop something, but certainly someone else has had the same question. Thanks
  21. Ransom, I have been in China since Sept 04. I have been geocaching her as well. I have to say that most of the traditional caches iI have sought in Shanghai and Nanjing are very poorly maintained. There are two in Shanghai, Relaxing in Shanghai and Bamboo. I visited these caches twice and both times they had been muggled. I had reported these to the owners however the still go unrepaired. There are some very nice virtuals in the Shanghai area. As far as maps go, I use the latest mapsourcde 6.5 and have been able to find my way around. It has been helpful to use a city map of Shanghai that can be purchase anywhere in town. I compare my Mapsource with the city mao and have been able to create some workable guides. Also try this PDF map along with your Mapsource. "http://www.shanghaiguide.com/map/shanghai.pdf". Good luck and enjoy your stay. I am heading home after almost a year here.
  22. I have been working in Shanghai, China for the last nine months. I was given a TB to locate in Shanghai, in hopes it could make it to its desired resting place. I have the Singapore Sling TB. Since being here, I have cached all the locations in this region of China and have yet to find a cache suitable for this TB. My experience thus far has been that most China caches that I have visited are not well maintained. I will be in Shanghai on June 27th enroute back to the US. If any non-local cachers will be in Shanghai at the same time and would like to pick up this TB, please email me and we can make arrangements to exchange. I am really desperate to leave this TB outside of the US. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks, tdl&claire
  23. Nice list of “would like to haves”. I’d like to see in pocket query applications, additional search criteria called “cache owner”. I can not find an efficient means to dl caches owned by a specific hider, e.g., I want all the hides by “9Key” or “Sandbassking”. How difficult to add this on next revision? Perhaps there is already a way to do this. Any ideas?
  24. Thanks Sax and Sus, but where on my profile edit page do I find this field to edit with my ID and text line?
  25. Can I get some help with editing the Cache Stats Icon? How does one edit the line below the hidden and found lines on Cache Stats Icon. see example here: (http://www.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?uid=943ab12d-1fb3-4fde-8d51-8c86bc6a936d&txt=Just%20one%20more.%20%20I%20PROMISE) Thanks y'all
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