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  1. I have recently been playing with Google Earth, Cachemate and GC.com to create a bookmark list and PQs for a route. Here is a link to my success for caches located along IH 40 from LA, California to Raleigh, NC. This can be dl’ed to Cachemate and sorted for travel from east to west or west to east. Probably useful for trucking geocachers or trans-continental family summer vacations. Ohhhhh, I remember those days. I will continue to try and bookmark additional PQs along major Interstate routes. Let me know if this is useful. Find the list here: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...5b-6ef5366d6880
  2. I am still seeking a solution for viewing all shared bookmarks. I know I can view shared bookmarks of an individual on their cache stat page, but I would like to be able to see a list of all shared bookmarks. Any suggestions?
  3. There is a greasemonkey script that will show you how many finds, dnfs and notes there are on a particular cache. you would have to add them all up, but it would work. Linky Cool, Greased the Monkey. I like some of the other features. Now i need to find a means to dump to spreadsheet. Thanks Nickel
  4. We have our little icon and reference next to our name when we log a find. Does anyone know a means to determine how many of our caches have been found. Example, I have 64 caches hidden, I would like to see a query on how many find logs have been created for my caches, kind of an activity overview of my cache hides. Ideas,,, anyone???
  5. Yes, there is a way!!! Go to there profile page User Profile Profile for User: XXXXXXX * Profile * Geocaches * Trackables * Gallery * Bookmark Lists click on the one that says bookmark lists and you see there shared bookmarks. Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thanks for the above response, however my search would be for a listing of all bookmarks, say alphabetically, not one or two at a time as seen on a bookmark owners page. Thanks, tdl
  6. I have been waiting since November of last year to have a Waymark approved in Devilish Locations category. I have made several attempts to contact the manager. What’s up with that? There should be some criteria for Waymark approvers. Is it possible for someone else to take over management of a Waymark category for an unresponsive manager?
  7. Being a lawyer, I approach geocaching and Waymarking with the perspective of what's legal. The standards for hiding a geocache say that the owner is responsible for following all applicable laws. There's a list of "off limits" areas, like military bases and railroad properties, where caches cannot be hidden. Carrying those concepts over to Waymarking, if graffiti is in a location where it's considered to be vandalism, that would bother me and I would not create a waymark to draw attention to an act of vandalism. The category requirements make vague reference to this, like no spray paint on the Lincoln Memorial. But what about the brick side wall of a three-story apartment building in a run-down neighborhood? Someone owns that building and I doubt they consented to the "artwork" on the wall. Does that act of vandalism deserve to be commemorated by a waymark? I'm not sure of that. On the other hand, I'd be doing nothing illegal if I was on a public street, saw some halfway decent grafitti, and pulled out my GPS to mark the coordinates. It is the placement of the grafitti, not the observation of it, that is against the law. The category owner makes it clear that the waymarker cannot *create* the grafitti. Perhaps that is enough. You asked if there are other categories "worthy of testing boundaries." There is a category that was just bumped in the proposals forum for "roadside memorials." These are the crosses, flower arrangements, etc., which are placed at the sites of fatal traffic accidents. In at least three states, such memorials are illegal. In at least four other states, such memorials are regulated (you need to pay a fee and have the site approved, you can only purchase a state-approved sign, etc.). And other states are considering the adoption of similar laws (the concerns are interference with the state's right-of-way, traffic hazards, etc.). It is also against the law in many places to pull over on the shoulder of a limited access highway, except for emergency purposes. So, in contrast to the graffiti example, in the case of roadside memorials both the placement of the waymarked object AND the act of stopping to mark its location or take a photograph may be illegal, depending on the location. Yet, in other places, such memorials are perfectly legal and might constitute interesting places to visit. To posit a more extreme example, what if a "Clandestine Spy" Waymarking category was proposed. "Go onto a military base, defense contractor campus or other location where photography is prohibited for security reasons. Mark the coordinates of a sign saying that photography is prohibited, and take your picture with your GPS next to that sign." Leps, please stand by for your legal assistance and consultation in my upcoming litigation against some Waymark owner and possibly Groundspeak regarding the willing contribution to the robbery and assault of myself while attempting to capture a “Graffiti Waymark”. Although there are disclaimers acknowledged to participate in this activity, I think precedent would allow for liability on behalf of Groundspeak for permitting such a negligent category to be posted on Waymarking.com. Even though I do understand the artistic implication of Graffiti and it’s possible statement of “free speech” on the part of the owner, it is in most cases an illegal activity and performed generally by individuals that would not hesitate to commit an assault and head down to the local pawn to dispense with a nice GPSr and digital camera in exchange for a nice little sack of crack cocaine. I think I will pass on “Graffiti Waymarks”.
  8. I would suspect this thought is in the works by the GS gurus, the ability to export Waymarks to KML formats as with the GC.com cache locations. If so, any ETA on when this capability will be available, and if not, why not?
  9. I have no complaints. Got my coins and they look fantastic. I am very pleased with them. Thanks JMB. tdl&claire
  10. As someone had already mentioned, using Google Earth KML files are really easy. Select caches along your planned route. Then launch them from GE to the GC.com web page. Then execute the GPX dl option to a GSAK database. All that is left is to dl them to your GPSr and hit the road. I found this is easy and convenient. I use this method frequently, even when just going across town and I am in no big hurry.
  11. OK, got ya. We'll get that sorted out. Ok here is what my stuff says: Paypal shows me at 2 golds My Ebay section shows two golds The auction shows me at 1 gold I am the cacher that ended up with 4 golds on my paypall, i am hopeful you can get everything straightened out, just 2 gold and two bronze please. Thanks,
  12. Is there a projected dated for us to get screwed? I am so looking forward to my silver screw job.
  13. I see your validation from the Fed. That is very interesting. Since I do not have an MOC cache published yet, can any tell me how a user of the GC.com website would be able to determine a cache were listed as MOC. Can only members see the cache, does the description page appear to all, but the coordinates are only viewable by members? How does this work?
  14. Mmmm, interesting about DBNF. I see that that quote comes from a private geocaching organization in KY. Can you provide a link to a federal website regarding DBNF and their guidelines for geocaching? Right now, all I saw was a list of rules established by a geocaching group, not necessarily by a legal state or federal entity.
  15. Hello J, giving away money can be very frustrating. Shoot me a note to my email with your PQ criteria and I will run the PQ for you and email it back to you. I know this is not a long-term solution, unless you would like to send me $3.50 per query, but it will get you to the event paperless.
  16. No, not what I said. The "spirit of the game" is what ever the paying members say it is. No money, no website, no game, spirit dead.
  17. In actuality, the “spirit of the game “ is to allow cache hiders to do whatever they wish with their caches as log as they are within the guidelines of GC.com and the reviewing approver. Not trying to be a wise-a** at all and I agree that your scenario of members hiding only MOC caches would be as unfortunate as it is unlikely that it would occur. I wonder what the ration of paying members are to non-paying users. Since there are very few MOC caches out there, I would be willing to bet in the single digit percentage, non-paying users do not suffer from not being able to log a find on an MOC. MOC caches are like many things in life regarding rules and exclusion. Some are illegal, some are by preference of the majority, and some are by rule of the elite. So what. We are not talking about backs of busses or gas showers here. It is a game. If you want something to bitch about how about members and non-paying users that do not bother to hide caches at all or hide too few and leech of the efforts of a few devotees. I was chastised as a newbie not long ago for asking about maintaining a 10% hide to find ratio, but that is another forum.
  18. I hide my first MOC today. My intention is to open it up to general membership after the first thirty days. I decided to make it MOC because of the great time I have had enjoying this activity due primarily to the efforts of Premium members. I did not say exclusively to the efforts of Premium members. I may have found caches that have been placed by non-Premium members. For this reason, my other thirty cache hides are open to all. I decided to give something back to those that financially support this site.
  19. Please screw me first with one. Srew me with Silver. Will pay paypal I assume. Thanks for the screwjob.
  20. WOOHOOOO, Yippee, Holy Carp Batman that did it y’all. Thanks for the hint. Not being able to easily manage my database is a real pain in the arrsss. tdl
  21. How can I move waypoints from one database to another, either individually or a small group of waypoints? Example: I have 190 waypoints in my “Not Found” database. I have today found ten of those and want to move those ten only to my “Found” database. I have tried this with the Database Move/Copy from the menu, but this moves all 190 from “Not Found” to my “Found” database. I then have to delete manually all the “Not Founds” from the “Found” database. What a drag. Can anyone provide a solution? Thanks,
  22. Clock Towers more common than McDonald’s, mmmm, that’s interesting. I suspect you mean that as an exaggeration. Actually, I would suspect that Clock Towers, in the terms of my thoughts, although may be not clearly stated previously, are infact not common. I would not go as far as to say they are rare, but I would be surprised if there were half a dozen in any U.S. city meeting my intended criteria. I am thinking more along the lines the towers seen at these links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Rajabai-Tower.jpg, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Big_Ben.jpg, and http://www.che.utexas.edu/~jasonk/pages/pi...18_131739AA.jpg. These all represent the classic Clock Tower concept of being tall enough too be seen from some distance and with clock faces visible and readable from a distance as well. I would suggest that digital clocks and sundials on buildings would not be with in the scope of Clock Towers, in the classic sense that I wish to define. Thanks for asking for clarification. If the category is accepted, then definition would be appropriate for the Waymark category.
  23. I would like to propose a category for Waymarking.com. The goal waymark would be “Clock Towers”. I would suspect that this waymark would fall under “Things” and then sub-category of “Buildings”. My intent is not just famous or unusual Clock Towers, but all. Clock Towers are rather unique and unusual in themselves. I would also propose the standard waymark requirements to be met, Coordinates, photos, and location and description. Any thoughts on this Waymark topic?
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