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  1. See, now this is the reason why I never want to go caching in the States. Either you get shot by some gun nut landowner or beaten over the head with a rule book by some law fanatic. Hell am I glad I live in europe....
  2. Yeah, and there's actually a beer from there called F****ing Hell (Hell meaning light in german - loosely translated) Imagine ordering this in a bar
  3. I loved Prague when I was on a 3 day caching trip there with my friends. I can also recommend Leipzig, even though I guess most people never heard of it, it's beautiful to go caching there and it's only about 4h from Prague...
  4. Also, remember that there are certain areas (or countrys) on this planet where its just not common to log a DNF. I might have loggegd 2 DNF's in my lifetime *Duckandcover*
  5. I mus admit it has heppened to me too... When I had just started geocaching and barely knew anything about TB's, I found one in a cache and put it in my backpack. And then I kind of forgot I had it there. Sure enough, I soon got a new backpack (my geobag ) and the other one with the TB still inside went straigt to the attic. Ábout 1 1/2 years later I found it again and...oooops So I took it, but because I was sorry and kind of embaressed, I just put it in cache and dind't log it. Well, at least it got back into the wild. I still feel sorry for the owner (and I still wonder if there might be another TB somewhere in my early days caching stuff) Hmmmm.... better check the attic
  6. If somebody creates a cache and does a cache description in english because he thinks a lot of international people will visit his cache and he wants to give them a chance to read it without using a dictonary or translator, that is fine and nice of that said person. But the idea to FORCE someone to write his cache description in english is just wrong. Except from that, what about the things that cannot be translated? I happen to speak german, english and hungarian and especially in hungarian, there are a lot of words that can only hardly be translated properly. I strongly oppose forcing people to do anything...
  7. Oh yeah, and while we're at it, why not replace all local food with hamburgers and force them to eat proper american food, so you'll know what you eat when you come to a foreign country. Or even better, just force them to abandon their native languages and make them all speak english. That would be way easier. That is so incredibly arrogant.
  8. I am from germany, even though I am currently living in Vienna. One thing you might have to be aware of is that occasionally, some caches might require you to trespass (even though you can avoid even looking for such a cache by reading the log and looking at the map). On the other hand, trespassing isn't such a big deal here and noone will shoot you They'll probably ask you politely to leave if they catch you. Also, since germany has one of the highest cache densities in the world, there'll be a lot to find But as said before, the best way is to find a local cacher that goes caching with you, because if it isn't a major city (like Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg etc.) the description will probably not be in english. I am sure you'll find someone who will gladly help you. Most important: Have fun
  9. I discovered this a while ago and started to work with them for fun. I am currently making costumized QR Codes for some companies in my area. You can see some of my work on my website (wich is outdated meanwhile, I have found better ways to costumize them by now) www.yourqr.oyla.de It's a german website, but you can find the pics under "Bildergalerie" These things are cool, and you can add all kinds of extra functions, not just websites an pictures.
  10. I still remember how I once did a cache with two of my buddies in an old abandoned hotel. We where checking out the rooms, just to get a quick overview, when we heard some weird noises coming from the floor above us. So we decided to check out what was causing it, and we went to the upper floor (it was already dark and pitch black, we wouldn't have been able to see ANYTHING without our flashlights) and saw a light at the end of the long, dark hallway, and the noises were getting louder. As we approached the light, one of my buddies turned to me and said "you know, I think I know what's causing these noises" I asked him what he thought it was and he told me. I couldn't keep from laughing, because it was so improbable, but sure enough, as we looked into the room where the light came from, there was a whole camera crew with lights, cameras, microphones...filming an adult movie! We were just as shocked as they were (my buddies and me were all dressed in black, with hoodies amd black gloves and some kind of heavy army boots...we must have lokked like a paramilitary group) and even the couple stopped in midaction. We quickly apologized and told them that we would be rummaging around somewhere on the lower floors, but they shouldn't mind us, we wouldn't bother them
  11. "Geocachers are the only people who can still get lost, even with a GPS in their hand"
  12. Really? Because the maps changed geocaching is no longer enjoyable enough to pony up $30/year to support the site that most enables you to play the game and the premium member benefits have no value for you? Keep in mind that Google Maps interfaces is NOT a premium member benefit, only the map view filters are. It's not just that, most changes made in the recent time have been a real step down... All I'll say is Challenges...and there's a lot more. The premium membership was hardly worth it before (for me), but I won't financially support a website that I'm not happy with anymore. As I said in another thread, it's not the Game of geocaching I have a problem with, but rather the way GS works in general... That's just my opinion, and I very much doubt that my missing thirty bucks will change anything, but to speak metaphorically: if your favorite coffee shop stops selling your favorite coffee, would you still pay them?
  13. Well, I for my part will discontinue my premium membership. This bs is just not worth the money anymore.
  14. The carved out stump is not going to be rooted in the ground. But it might look like it was...some people can do awesome things in their woodshops hmmmm....crosspost
  15. Some people tryin to film a adult movie. I won't go into details, but it was very animalistic
  16. Just go and hug some trees to make up and it will all be good. @ Cezanne: It's no use tryin to explain to them how bendable the rules are, because if you bend the rules in the US, you will get shot, pepper sprayed or tasered. (Or blown up) Edited, so I don't get pepper sprayed, shot or tasered.
  17. That used to be my problem too, before I moved to another city. I had already found most caches in my hometown (except for some Mysteries-I don't like em) and all other ones where too far away, even by bike (remember, I'm from europe, so we don't drive so much;plus I don't have a car). That's why I was happy to move, so now I got a whole new town to explore (and btw, caching really helps if you move to a new town, you get to know it better in three weeks than some in 3 months )
  18. I tend to disagree. Even though I love geocaching, I'd rather go a week without caching than a week with no cigarettes. Still, I get you point. It is addictive.
  19. Yeah, I know! I'm still in my twenties and even I am occasionally overheard saying stuff to my friends like: "No, go ahead. I'll wait here, I'm too old for this sh**!" I guess I should stop smoking...
  20. Groundspeak already has my money... If they'd delete my account for using c:geo, then that would be just sad and I would be done with GC forever. Oh, and btw, as far as I know we don't have these prepaid credit cards here...and even if so, I'd have to go through additional trouble to buy!!! an app I don't even want.
  21. "Of course I do! Eating roadkill is fun! Sleeping on rocks is fun! Having to beg people for money....sooo much fun. I'll just go ahead and move."
  22. Sure they can, they can expect everything they want. I'm just saying that people will keep using c:geo, because it's cheaper and better. And you can't control wich app people will use... The next thing is: I can't get the official Groundspeak app, because you need a credit card to buy it, and I don't have one...so what am I supposed to do?
  23. Come on, the guy has it hard enough as it is, beeing homeless. No need making his life more miserable by calling the cops who will then taser him and beat him. Leave him be, I'm sure he'll move somewhere else soon.
  24. I don't think it's a matter of age. If you have fun, just do it. You don't have to do any T5 if you don't feel fit for it, but if you do, even better. Most important: enjoy! I guess I'll have about 60 or more years to find a lot of caches
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