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  1. Hi, our class has started a new Geocaching Club for kids. We're implementing different aspects of Geocaching into classroom activities. Our group geocaching name is HEARTherd. We are a 501(3)c group. I am personally using my explorist 500 and letting all the kids share the etrex. However, since we have started the club, we'd like to have one for each child (approximately 15-20).


    If anyone has any cheap etrexes or explorists, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. This is our first month of geocaching. We've found 66 and hid 7. I have 5 kids - ages 12, 12, 9, 6, and 4. Naturally, there's always SOME story! No one has puked, thus far. Thank God! : )


    I have to tell you this one though, it was kinda funny and kinda sad in a way. The kids and I were out looking for a "treasure" after school one day - the sky was a bit cloudy. We had to take a step off a jogging trail into a wooded area. Because of all the hurricanes here in FL, there are a lot of downed trees. My 4 year old is an extremely All American rambunctious boy whose already been on a Football team and TBall team. Anyway, it's about to rain, and I keep hearing my son start kinda crying - I'm asking the usual "Are you hurt"/"What's wrong" questions - while still trying to locate the "treasure." We find the treasure - at the same time the rain pelts us! My 4 yo starts screaming like he's on fire and starts running the 1/2 mile back to the truck. While one of my 12 yo's chases after him, the 9yo is trying to do a "treasure swap," the 6 yo is whining cause she's getting wet and wants to swap something, while I'm trying to take our "Must Have" family pix with the cache and my other 12 yo is trying to put it back where she found it.


    Finally, we all go running back to the car, and my 4 yo tells me through tears "The trees are going to fall on us and hurt us!" Then it hits me that he thinks that when it rains - it's like the hurricanes that hit us. We had a Huge Oak that fell onto our house during Frances and Jeanne.


    I now know not to go when it looks like rain! Chasing 5 kids in the rain is like trying to herd a group of cats - there everywhere! : )

  3. Well, I don't know about the "killing games," but I do know that I can't drive down the road without my GPS by my side - going "Oh, we just passed one" or "Oh, there's none over this way, maybe we should put one here"!


    I have 5 kids (12, 12, 9, 6, & 4) and they all think the same thing wherever they go - "That'd be a good place for one" or "do you think there's one there - let me just check it out, please, oh please?!"


    It gets really bad when your 4 year old looks under every light fixture and bush for a "treasure" whether you're going to a restaurant or a store or a park or wherever :laughing: !!!

  4. In the last month, we have found

    • two dead and decapitated birds
    • the head and foot/leg of a woman that had been burned/charred... Ok, so it was a mannequin, it didn't look like that when we walked upon it!
    • homeless people in tents

    All of these things were within 10 feet of the cache!

    Since we're new to geocaching, I hoping that this is all the hazing/intiation that we're going to get! : ) :D

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