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  1. I often get the notification "There are new adventures near you", although there are no new adventure lab caches really near to me. What ist the distance threshold for these notifications and how can I change (customize) it?
  2. When someone logs one of my caches, I get a notification email, e.g. "[LOG] Owner: Pirat found Czedik-Marterl (Traditional Cache)". But when someone finds one of my adventure lab caches I get no notification email. :-(
  3. Many thanks for this very helpful info. Nevertheless it would be nice to have this on https://www.geocaching.com/my/souvenirs.aspx And especially the sorting feature seems important to me, as it is quite cumbersome to find out the most exclusive (rare) souvenirs by going through all souvenirs on https://project-gc.com/Tools/SouvenirList
  4. It would be nice to see how exclusive (rare) a souvenir is and to be able to sort one's souvenirs by exclusiveness. Exclusiveness (rareness) could be measured in two (reciprocal) ways: How many geocachers own this souvenir: A souvenir owned by 10000 geocachers is more exclusive (rare) than a souvenir owned by 100000 geocachers. One of how many geocachers owns this souvenir: A souvenir owned by one of 100 geocachers (i.e. by 1% of all geocachers) is more exclusive (rare) than a souvenir owned by 1 of 50 geocachers (i.e. by 2% of all geocachers).
  5. Today I cannot run the "My finds" PQ. I see "Last Generated (PST): 2016-07-17 23:50:04" and the button "Add to queue" is enabled. When I click this button, I get "Your 'My Finds' Pocket Query has been scheduled to run", but the button stays enabled (normally it would become disabled for the next 3 days). And in fact the "My finds" PQ does not run
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