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  1. You guys rock, thanks for the speedy reply. I hadn't thought about adding maps so thanks for the info. The Vista it is!
  2. I don't know if you have a Netflix account but they are going to release an instructional DVD tomorrow (Mar 29th) on your receiver model. It may have some helpful information.
  3. Ok, wise ones. I want to get either an eTrex legend or a eTrex Vista. Is the additional 16 MB of memory, electronic compass and altimeter worth the extra coin for the Vista? Or should I not worry about those features? I'm very new with the sport and I want to purchase a receiver today if possible but I don't know enough to determine if I should shell out the extra cash for the above mentioned features. Any ideas, feedback or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony
  4. Hello everyone, I'm very new with geocaching, infact I bought a receiver today but have not set it up yet, but I wanted to inform those of you who have an Garmin eTrex or eTrex Summit receiver that Netflix will release on March 29th 2005 an instructional DVD for those units. I don't have either of those models but I figured that maybe some one else could use the heads up. I typed in GPS under the serch window and five Garmin related DVD's popped up. Hope this helps.
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