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  1. Well tadpole, you are not the only one that had that problem, the Goshen/Elkhart area has a lot of caches but it is very hard to find the actual cachers. We are new (110 finds) but have the addiction and the good old snow problem. Best solution is to load up caches from website and go get them, you will soon run into other cachers. Give it a shot. Eddyandlinder
  2. Tadpole, I am a bit of a newbie in geocaching but I have been asked numerous time about what I was doing when in public areas such as Parks. I didn't think that the available card from GS said enough so I created my own. If you think that you can use it send me a email and I will get it to you. Now that you have started caching and finding, you just might find to be catching. Welcome!!
  3. Well, finally you and the response received has caused me to get my opinion in also. I believe that anyone for their own reasons may make the decision to drop or change memberships whenever they want.I think that there is enough benefit to PM that it is worth the money. You don't and that is OK. If you don't agree with it, get rid of it. My question is do you or have you used the map filters, custom search option? Do you want to see the new caches placed? No help as you are traveling to another town without route caches.. I would ask you to think about it before dropping it, there really are good benfits if you are really into Geocaching. I am considered a newbie as only 100+ caches to credit but believe that all the discussion on this will not change your decision once made.
  4. It seems that the military came out with the first GPS so it could have started right there.
  5. Enlisted USN-1957. School at Great Lakes, Hospital Corpsman. Naval Hospital, North Severen, Annapolis Md., Served US Naval Academy, unique experience, only 33 white hats there. Next stop was the Marines, Camp Pendleton, CA. FMF Discharged 1961 (Heard that the rate was extended 3 days after discharge, didn't know it at the time of I would have been a lifer.)
  6. [/size I sure hate to admit that I am one of the Newbies(Started July 2010) that did not log my first trackable (only one found) CORRECTLY!! Thanks to experienced cachers it now has been pointed out to me. I did read the information on Trackables but still made a mistake. Used discovered instead of Grab. It made sense to me at the time that discovered seemed to fit what they wanted (No I did not go back and check). Now I have encountered another Newbie problem. I would like to correct the information and have it show that it was taken from the cache and in the time since original find I have misplaced the trackable number. I have found no place that I can contact to retrieve the trackable number to correct the mistake. This is a very frustrating thing for me as I want to get it corrected. I do agree that the information that is there can easily be misinterpreted and mistakes made. Where do I go for help on this.
  7. Well now, I am one of the Lurkers. Just started caching by using our 1350T Garmin and amazingly have found two caches. I should improve now that I have found a Colorado 300 (at very reasonable price) once I figure out how to use it. I read a lot in the forums just to better understand what I got myself into. So far it is fun and frustrating, the frustrating part is when the find is supposed to be easy and I can't find it. I fear it will be an obsession soon as I already like it that much. I have just tried to run my first PQ and was absolutely amazed at the ease of getting it and how quickly it loaded into the Gps. I go by the name of Old1Hunter but hopefully will be included in the wifes account name "Eddyandme". It would make my life much better as I like to eat.
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