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  1. Does anybody know where we can find a link to followthearrow ???
  2. We will be going to Amsterdam at the end of May and would like to team up with someone in Atlanta to be able to find these caches.
  3. Added link to the post http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=322459
  4. Take a look at a post titled 'Southampton Trackables' and you will see the reason for this cacher holding these trackables and the efforts they are going to to try and get them circulating again.
  5. Here's one of ours. A combination - Looking Down from High Up http://coord.info/GC3VC18
  6. Find any cache placed by Gary & Jane and you'll find good and 'decent' swag. They have caches in Dorset, with some brilliant walks in the Purbeck Hills.
  7. The thought of 'gangs' of cachers rattles me. The Pair of us usually go together and sometimes 2 people at one cache site can be too much. Having said that, we have several caches in the New Forest that are regularly visited by Scouts and D of E groups and we've seen no more impact on those areas than at other caches not visited by them. Also, we have 3 Night Caches that are often visited by Scouting Groups, with no bad effect on those areas. Finally, we have one cache in particular that is visited almost weekly by a group of children from a Special Needs School. Maybe we're just lucky that these kids are enjoying what we've created. And finally....What does dichotomy mean
  8. This Series looks good and we've Bookmarked it for our Geolympix week. Thanks to thehoomer for letting us know.
  9. Thanks very much for all the time and work that you put into the lists. We enjoyed having a look to see who was where, and it also gave us some encouragement to go and seek more of a certain kind of cache....(We now make a point of getting more multi-caches). Make the most of the extra time that you will now have. Best Wishes Dave and Pauline (DizzyPair)
  10. Oh....I've done that one. It is high but not 200ft. Well done on your recent achievement.
  11. What is the GC number for the cache that involves climbing 200ft up a pole on an industrial estate?
  12. GC337EN "2799 Of Them" is pretty central in the New Forest. Go to that cache page and then on the left side under Find.... Click on nearby caches of this type.... This will bring up a list of the traditional caches. Note the amount of 'Regular' and 'Small' caches compared to the micros. Also ....You will see how many 'favorite points' have been added to each cache.
  13. Another thing to consider is the fact that we all play the same game but with differing self imposed rules and values. A cache might be rated as 5 for difficulty, but then someone goes to an Event and they're told the solution to the difficult puzzle that they cannot solve. Then, when they get to the coordinates and cannot find the cache, they PAF, and are told exactly how to locate the cache. What would be the difficulty rating now??? Some people do this sort of thing regularly, and some people don't....We're all different. Also, when reading logs of a "5/5" that requires paddling under a bridge, and you see the proud Mum or Dad that has just found the families "Wow...We're so chuffed.....Our very first 5/5 cache" and the kids are so happy, surely there's more good than bad in that situation. Lots of 5/5s are over rated, but we can choose to find them or walk away.
  14. In comparison to many other caches in this country it's rated correctly. A typical tree climbing 5/5 in the UK involves going up only one tree, but the cache I mentioned involves doing this 5 times, or even more if you do not get your rope in the correct place. I understand your point about a puzzle making any cache even more difficult. The difficulty we face is that there are so many caches that are over rated for difficulty and terrain. We seem to have gone full circle with people placing what they're finding. They find a cache up a slippery bank that is rated 5/5 so they go and place a cache in a similar type of location, and rate that as a 5/5 and so it goes on. If you look at the caches in Germany, there are hardly any traditional caches that are rated as 5/5. The majority of their 5/5s are puzzles or long multi-caches. A typical tree climbing cache in Germany is rated as about 2/5. Anyway, I agree with what you say overall, but I'll repeat again that the caches I mentioned are 5/5 compared to most other caches in this country.
  15. In comparison to many other '5/5' caches in the UK, this is rated correctly. I note that some people hide their statistics so it is not so easy to see what real experience they have of finding this type of cache. We all learn from experience....Some have lots of experience and some have very little. Also, I ask "How can a person comment on any particular cache" when they have not been there done that?
  16. GC3K9XQ T5 Tree-top Challenge is definitely a 5/5...more like 5 x 5/5s!!!! Also GC2VH8B Earnanæs, þæs wyrmes denn and GC2JPKZ Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate
  17. Those “Soggy Mushy” logs …Now they’re a mystery. Person idontcare discovers geocaching, finds a handful of filmpot caches, and thinks “Wow ….This is great fun! I’m going to place a cache myself”. They salvage a filmpot from the bin and put a thick wad of paper in it…..all folded up tightly and shoved in a money bag, so that all the finders can enjoy unfolding it and then struggling to fold it again and get it back in that bag that is splitting, so that it’ll just about squeeze into that infamous film pot….Never mind that the lid will not fit properly, ‘cause the filmpot will let in the moisture anyway. The “cache” is not far from home, so idontcare might see the cachers fumbling around in the woods that are just round the corner from where idontcare lives. The clock is ticking, the rain is falling, the log is getting damp, then wet, then it’s a soggy, mushy mess. The nice people write of their experiences. “FTF…I am so chuffed…Another FTF to add to my list. Great spot for a cache. TFTC”. “Found easily. The log is damp. TFTC”. “An easy find. The log is wet. TFTC”. “Found it but could not sign because the log is a soggy mushy mess”. “Needs maintenance”. “Needs maintenance….The log is unsignable….Please do something” Nobody visits for a few months because they’ve read the logs about the soggy mushy mess. In the meantime, person idontcare has given up with caching and has not logged onto geocaching.com for 6 months. In the meantime, cacher ICARE has been exploring in the area and has discovered a long lost disused rail bridge that would be an ideal place to put a D1 T5 regular sized cache. But…Shame…..It is too close to idontcare’s cache. ICARE is patient…He has seen the logs that say idontcare’s cache has been neglected, so waits to see if it will be archived. If it is archived, ICARE can place his cache, which lots of people will enjoy finding, and ICARE will really enjoy reading their logs as they write about their experience….The finders will find a new, well maintained regular sized cache, and ICARE will have the satisfaction that he has provided pleasure for a lot of people. The clock is ticking…. Person ihelp comes along and finds idontcare’s cache…It is still wet, soggy, and mushy. …Ihelp delves in his pocket and finds an old printed off cache page. Removes the soggy mess, tears some off the dry sheet of paper and shoves it in the filmpot…. Voila! ……………idontcares cache is now fixed and people start to “find” it again. Ihelp toddles off to the next one. ICARE thinks ….”What a stupid thing to do!”........ Idontcare is no longer caching, doesn’t care about his cache, and by that cache still being active, means that no-one else can place a cache in that area.[/font][/size][/size] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do we do?? If we know the cache owner is still 'active', then we replace the log. If we know they're not, then we don't. Are we right? or are we wrong? In 10 years time, when you cannot find a space to place a new cache, then come back here and read this. {post edited by mod to reduce font size}
  18. Yes, that's the one that I was wittering on about. I got a surprise when I saw you had started this topic, when we had just come from one of your caches that is in need of maintenance. It's the cache page that needs to be altered, or else go out there and find something else that suits your formula. Do what you want.
  19. Pharisee...I am not wittering on and am not afraid to post needs archived logs. We have posted 393 of them. The cache in question does not need archiving, it needs maintenance.
  20. I cannot believe what I am reading here. We found a multi-cache yesterday that had a Needs Maintenance posted on it on 09 Sep 10, then another on 21 Jul 11, neither of which have been actioned by the cache owner. We have also posted a Needs Maintenance on the cache. These logs all refer to the fact that the location for getting the information for part of the formula has been replaced with something different. The cache owner has been given the correct information, so all that is needed is the formula to be altered on the cache page. But has the cache owner altered the cache page??...No.....but he's reading this right now!! Or does a Needs Maintenance not apply to the cache page being incorrect???
  21. If you want to find 100 caches in one day, doing a lot of cache and dashes is not the way to do it. The most we have found in one day is 123. This was achieved by myself, without anyone else, whilst Mrs Dizzy was on Brownie holiday. I started on drsolly's Chiltern Hundred at 0200 and cached until late afternoon. Then after a short rest started again in the evening and stopped just before midnight. Sorry, but I do not agree with Shiggaddi's idea of having company to speed things up. Using Shiggaddi's method of other people going on to the next cache whilst a log is being signed might speed things up, but if you want to find 100 in one day, then you'd only be cheating yourself, because you would not be the one that found every one of the 100 caches. So my advice is do it alone....YOU will find the 100 caches Edited to add that after the Chiltern Hundred, I did some other caches that were all close together.
  22. Yes!! -- Exactly.......And what about those that tag along, contribute nothing, and claim a 5/5? Or even worse are those that join a gang and then 10 of them claim a FTF!! Only one person is the real FTFer We all do it our own way.... We all know best....We are all always right.
  23. It wasn't duff info Andy. I only found out by chance yesterday evening, that it was not there, so emailed the cache owner, who quickly replied to confirm that it was gone. Not muggled, but removed.
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