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  1. I am considering mounting a TB on a gadget cache with the intent to lead the cachet to discover and get a combination to a lock. Has anyone encountered this and how was the experience?
  2. That is very helpful. This path requires knowing the CO to search. Can it be done by location radius?
  3. I found 2 physical logs in the field about 30 feet from each other. I signed the log and logged online the GC matching the online log and paper log that matched. The other did not have a GC code on the paper for me to search. I was hoping to generate a map of nearby archived and log it on paper and online as a find. All searches online say Project GC has a checkbox for archived to filter this but I don’t see this and only find “Disabled” as an option.
  4. How do I create a map of nearby archived caches? I recently found a to logs near each other and signed the one matching recent logs online. Is it possible to filter a map of nearby archived caches to attempt a smiley?
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    How do i change the icon of a trackable?
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