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  1. Ever since my first caching experience in March 2004, I have apparently been caching the hard way. Well, two years, 3 GPS's, 250 smileys and a load of headaches, I finally figured out how to enter in the coords correctly with the GoTo button and the arrow and all that stuff. And it was from a topic in the Getting forums I read tonight that corrected me. Since I started, I had just gone to the page on my Magellan Explorist that showed the coords and matched them to the coords to the ones on the piece of paper. Apparently I could've made it much easier! Oh Well. Does anybody else use my method?
  2. I live near Alatoona, but go to Lanier often, too. I think your best bet would be to anchor it to a bouy line to keep it from being moved by the current or hidden by debris or silt.
  3. I'm 13. I started when I was 12. Go crazy. The only help I have from my parents is driving me to caches and letting me out. I found out about Geocaching on my own and plan, hide, and find all of them on my own.
  4. I actally am thinking (because I have a big front yard) Of putting one there. It backs up to a dirt road with plenty of parking and space, making ingress and egress not a problem. A cache would be fine there as long as it was posted clearly in the description as okay to hunt on property. I have found many caches in people's yards, one such asEducating a Century by Galgreet that are very close to someone;s property. I have even searched for one in a hedge up by the cacher's home.
  5. My milestones are always on the Forgotten Coast in Florida. My first, 100th, and 200th caches are all in the area, although I live 350 miles away in Atlanta!
  6. Well you do have to give him credit for enjoying it so much that he builds a "website" on the subject. I know a few years ago I would build these free little websites on every topic. It was fun, but at least I tried to make it slighly proffesional in my presentation. And King... um, Richard (I think), How old are you?
  7. Gps shoes, Air conditioned shoes... Now all they need is shoes that don't stink.
  8. Legal standpoint my foot! Buying a scratch-off once every 2 months just for fun is harmless fun, illegal or not. Even more harmless than geocaching.
  9. Ha! When I first started out, I had my fair share of unpublished caches! (and with good reason!)
  10. I get mine all @ Hodges Army/Navy, too. I have looked on Ebay, but usually just hit Hodges. There's a micro there, too!
  11. Oh, crap. I'm a criminal!!! Hey, I'm 13, and I do scratch offs!! What's wrong w/ that? It's not like you scratch off to find bad things or anything. Once I even won a ticket and placed the ticket-winning-ticket in a cache!
  12. Well, for me there's two caching containers; one rubbermaid I leave @ home and one leave-in-the-car kit. The one @ home contains all trade and restock items, as well as a plethora of clever micros I've accumulated. The car kit has a pouch for my GPS and a large area for trade items, as well as a zipper compartment for "neat stuff" I find along the trail. It is only about 6x4 inches and clips easily on my belt buckle. My home kit contains: Cammo bandana plastic sunglasses 2 rubber snakes beanie babie goose balsawood model glider kit a spinnerbait a pocket guide on snakes 2 green dice a deck of mini cards door alarm plasic dinosaurs plastic snake highlighter parachute man parachute alien wooden nickel plastic frog January 2006 signal Geocoin 1936 buffalo nickel Martin's Police squad geocoin Caches in the box: Rock hide-a-key Camo Altoids tin Green Clear Can test tube PVC pipe cache My signature "Orb of Confusion" micro
  13. I just started eight grade last week, and last Wednesday was issued an assignment out of my Georgia History Textbook for social studies class. We were supposed to read thru pages 2-16 of the book (themes of geography, region, and Latitude and Longitude) and write down what we felt was the most important topic overviewed in the chapter. I already knew most of the basics covered in the front of the book, so I just skimmed through untill I noticed a whole section on GPS. I read through eagerly untill an even more interesting and suprising paragraph caught my attention: "GPS is an important tool for firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians, and people delivering eberything from packages to pizzas. The technology has even found recreational use in a locational sport known as geocaching, in which participants use a GPS reciever to find hidden items." So yeah. My most important point was Geocaching. I presented my paper and told everyone about what it was. My teacher even let me get up and give some talk on how GPS technology works. But I ended up getting way into it and loosing everyone including the teacher. Now kids are coming up and asking me more in the hallways! I feel like a total nerd! Yes!!
  14. I've got a cache in Wewahitchka, Florida; 300 miles from my house in Atlanta. (I visit the area every few months or so.) I sometimes go 4-5 months without maintaining it if nobody's complained about something or given a DNF. Sometimes it even goes for months w/o a find. The only time I've done real maintenance was last year when the plastic container cracked and the rains from some hurricane drenched the cache and washed away some of the contents. (lucky the cache hadn't gone far.)
  15. There is a cache near where I live in Georgia where you have to crawl down a 4.5 foot wall to get the cache. I managed to jump down easily and find the cache, but getting back up was different. There was no way I could've gotten up the wall on my own, so I rooted in the woods and found a wooden crate I could use. I got up on it, jumped onto the wall, and fell smack back down, scraping the skin off my kneecap on the crate. I managed to get back up the wall, but I was bleeding all down my leg. And it HURT. Luckily, There was a spigot nearby that I used to wash it off. Even to this day I have this huge scar!
  16. So how exactly did these coins wind up in a privy?
  17. There's a cache in my area that was washed away by the Huricanes. Two years ago. Hasn't been up and running, and the owner said it's fine w/ him If I adopt it- but how? Any Help on how to adopt a cache?
  18. This one was just put out yesterdayy in Waynesboro, GA. "PIRATES OF THE CARABINERS" (GCTQQF) Nobody's found it yet... You could be FTF!
  19. Heck, I'm 12 and I'm the one who does the caching, not my parents. (They just drive.) I would rather cache than do most anything, though kids push me around at school and call me a geek for doing it, but do I care?! Nonsense!
  20. Timothy Treadwell was not a "Freaking Nut Job". He was doing what he saw as the right thing to do; attempting to save and protect the bears. The wilderness was his escape, and the bears his saviors from the formalities of human existance. The year after he died, poaching in the area skyrocketed. In his 13 years there, no bears were killed.
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