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  1. PM sent and trade made!!! Great looking coin.THANKS
  2. Got my coins. They look great Thanks Duane
  3. Need some more chatters come on in and lets talk coins!!
  4. Hmmm are you going to be in the Cincinnati, Ohio area anytime soon?? lol. Neat coin
  5. Great pics of Bella and her treasure!!! Congrats!!
  6. Probably not going to be able to make GW5 but we are attending MWGB3 so hopefully some of the big coin collectors will be there as well
  7. Put me as third in line for one of those new Route 66 coins. We had the pleasure of caching a lil bit on the mother road on our honeymoon a few weeks back and need that coin.
  8. I have pretty much the same setup that damenace has I got my materials from the cahing place. They sell the pages and used to sell the coin flips but have been sold out for some time now. But like everyone elses mine sit in a binder rarely seen. Great idea!!
  9. I am currently seeking the following coins: AJetPilot Legna and Soulbait (any metal) Liberty enlightening the world Team Pooh (any metal) Serial Finder Pewter My traders are in my sig. line. Thanks Duane NOLEFAN9399
  10. Just ordered 2 regulars I hope I can get my hands on a LE as well!!
  11. I have an Ohio 2005 geocoin unactivated of course up for trade. Please see my seeking list. I really want a white Jeep hint hint lol, but am open to any offers. Please e-mail me Duane NOLEFAN9399
  12. Got mine awesome coin Thanks!!! Duane U.S NAVY 1990-1995
  13. Yes one trading list has been fixed but there are others out there that are advertising that they have these non trackable too. I think they should all be done away with (the coins that is).
  14. If these had tracking numbers on them I wouldn't have a problem with them, but the ones in question are blank in the tracking number area and these should have never seen the light of day. If they would put tracking numbers on them and then sold them for profit I would not have minded that.
  15. Ok I can understand the company getting one or two coins for display purposes and reference but 5 each person in the company is crazy. Also if this is the case then these coins had to come from that 15 per run so one of them or more are trading or selling these coins which is unethical
  16. I will jump into this as well. I have coins out there that are unauthorized as well. I don't want to out the collector that has one on their list but they know who they are. The same collector scammed me for an ammo box that has no tracking number on it. This is getting rediculous. These are not VERY RARE coins as these collectors put it these are ILLEGAL coins. The people that have had their personal coins made had NO IDEA that these coins existed NOR did they know that they would ever make it out into public view. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  17. Just noticed this thread e-mail sent. Served U.S. NAVY 1990-1995 in VS-32 and aboard the USS America. Did Desert Storm and Somalia campain. Very glad to have sered for this GREAT country!!!! Duane NOLEFAN9399
  18. Thanks for the help!! I just placed an order and got them coming in. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  19. I am seeking some 2.5"x2.5" coin flips with 2" mylar openings. The caching place had them but hasn't had any for months now. I have to get my coins in covers soon. Anyone have any other vendors that they know of with these?? Thanks Duane NOLEFAN9399
  20. I am desperately seeking a white Jeep to COINcide with MY white Jeep. Please e-mail me if you have this and want to trade. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  21. secret cupid came today THANKS!! Duane
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