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  1. Visit the great folks over at Lansharkz.ca to pick up my coins that are now in stock!!!
  2. Wooo hooo can't wait to get my hands on some chicks at MWGB!! SHHHH don't tell my wife lol
  3. Thanks for the heads up, gots me 3 BNs. Thanks nicolo!!
  4. Pursue pursue......I hope I get one though lol
  5. Lots of names here I see that I would love to meet. Maybe we should schedule a coin time as well. I better save some of my personals to trade.
  6. MWGB 2007 GCZRVY is not too far away. I was wondering who out there is coming and bringing coins to trade? I would like to see MWGB be close to GW5 with traders and maybe a get together as well . Sooo who is in??
  7. Steph you just have to come to MWGB and bring me a coin while you are at it lol. They look great. I will have one of my new ones for you.
  8. Sounds like the cart is before the horse here on the pricing thing. There is no idea yet what the price of each coin will be. Also since you are only 15 it is going to be very hard to find a company out there that will work with you because of liability issues. Good luck with it, but also be prepared for this not to work the way you want it to.
  9. You said you would send me one of your gold coins remember?? lol Not me either but one day I am sure we will make a trade.
  10. Hope you have one of those gold LE's left when you come to the MWGB 2007.
  11. I would love to trade for this coin. Prior military here and did Desert Storm so it is a must to get one of these coins in my collection. Nice looking coin. I would trade you one of my NOLEFAN9399 coins for one.
  12. Hey Doc I do believe this one was destroyed do to copyright infringement, so it does not exist anymore
  13. Just got an e-mail from Landsharkz and these coins should be to them by the 29th of May and be on sale quickly after that. The e-mails have been pouring in for trades, but their are still some traders available. I have 4 BN left, 6 Nickel left, and 6 gold LE's left. Please only offers of coins on my seeking list and only HTF's for the Gold LE's please.
  14. I will take #34 OHIO. Great contest and would be proud to participate!!
  15. I will join the crowd on the scooby coin. Who's coin is it anyway?? Great looking coin.
  16. Shipping is indeed going up, but not that much... I too will pass.
  17. As of now I will only be trading coins for coins on my seeking list only because I am getting such a limited amount of coins. Sorry if it spoils it for some of you.
  18. Here in a week or so our new geocoins should be ready for purchase at Landsharkz.ca. Their will be 120 Nickel and 120 Black Nickel of these coins for sale. Their will also be 10 Gold XLE's that will be for special trades. I will only have a very limited number of coins to trade so keep this in mind if you want one. It will be trackable on GC.com and will have its own icon. Here are the pics: I will let you guys know when these coins are up fpr sale on the site. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  19. I still have the OKIC 2007 MEMBERS ONLY coin (silver) up for trade. Seeking list is in my Sig line
  20. That is so awesome. The smile on her face says it all. I am so glad to have been a part of the donating on this fine cause. Thanks to all of the hard work that went into this, you guys are awesome!!!
  21. Man, you have to beef up that trade list, would love a trade on one of these. Glenn I do have a available list in need of update Added some coins to my seeking list
  22. I have for trade a members only 2007 OKIC silver geocoin. My seeking list is in my sig. line. I will also entertain multi coin trades. Here is a picture of it:
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