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  1. SEEKING: THX4TC Jeep green, black, orange, yellow Jeep Racer blue, green, red, yellow Rubicon Brothers 2007 TRADERS: I have just updated my traders in my sig. line including a Lackey coin
  2. BUMP! There are still quite a few of these coins left for purchase over at LANDSHARKZ. Pick up a few today
  3. MWGB in Indiana this year is going to be huge in the coin trading area. A lot of the coin addicts will be at this one.
  4. Got a Raiders of the Lost Cache coin today woo hoo this thing is awesome thanks TSUN!!
  5. Can't wait for those Jeeps to show up at my door. Thanks for the update. edited for poor spelling
  6. Hey Glenn I hope you feel better soon buddy. You know a Jeep doesn't like to sit long they have to get a lil mud on them. I wish you well my friend. Get better and get out on the trails Duane
  7. Well this is not the first time I have been shot down on a forum thread. I guess I will close this since most see this as a negative.
  8. BUMP still only at 5 coins to beat. they are not flying out the door but they are moving. Get yours while you can. I know a few said they would try to beat the 5 so if you have send me a PM or an e-mail so I can put you up on the leader board.
  9. I think your name calling is uncalled for. tsun Ditto on the uncalled for. The coins were pre-orders like most coins are today so there is no telling half the time when you will get them. That is no fault of the seller that is mostly the mint. So calling the seller names is definitely uncalled for.
  10. OK let me join in on the fun here. I have a whole set of different numbers and looking for #99 on each. HAVE 10 of hearts #169 SEEKING #99 HAVE Jack of hearts #282 SEEKING #99 HAVE Queen of hearts #143 SEEKING #99 HAVE King of hearts #13 SEEKING #99 HAVE Ace of hearts #10 SEEKING #99 I hope these are still out there for trade PM me or e-mail me thanks Duane
  11. Yes it is a good way to sell my coin but also a good way to get an XLE that no one else has at this time
  12. 5 coins is easy to beat guys. Buy your coins for a shot at an XLE
  13. This is a cointest for one of my gold XLE Just Married 2007 geocoins. Only 10 of these coins were made. I have 9, the only other person that has one is DLiming. Here is your chance to be the next person to get one. No super duper trivia questions for this coin, it is pretty cut and dry. Whoever buys the most of my regular Just Married 2007 coins at LANDSHARKZ will win the coin. Just PM me or e-mail me the amount of coins you purchased and the top 3 will be posted. I will change the top 3 as many times as needed so everyone knows where they stand. I will also be verifying the amount with Landharkz to keep it fair. The cointest will end when the coins sell out or July 16th whichever comes first. In the event there is a tie, the person who reached that number FIRST will win the coin. Good luck! Duane NOLEFAN9399
  14. Landsharkz is having a shipping sale but only for a very limited time. Pick up a few coins and save on shipping while you can.
  15. SEEKING: 5 Jeeps geocaching adventure WHITE, GREEN, RED, YELLOW Federation gold Jeep'en Jumpers silver OFFERING: My new Just Married 2007 XLE gold of which only 10 were made
  16. With the amount of people I have seen saying that they are coming I think 4pm to sun-up might just be enough time. I have my new coins in and I might also be selling some there as well.
  17. Got a GW5 chicks and a blue geojellie both for my daughter thanks RC
  18. got my new just married 2007 traders in yesterday including the 10 XLE's
  19. Bump---- Still coins available. Go to landsharkz.ca to pick a few of these coins up.
  20. The coins are up and available again. There was a message on the site earlier saying limits reached but that is now gone.....BUY AWAY!!! lol
  21. Sorry Tasia we will miss you.......I am sure it is work keeping you away....you are going to be coming down with a cold around July 20th I am sure lol.
  22. Sorry Tasia we will miss you.......I am sure it is work keeping you away....you are going to be coming down with a cold around July 20th I am sure lol.
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