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  1. Approx. 25 coins of each metal are left. and 4 days left before sale ends.
  2. I still have one of the maze coins left for trade. Just because you may not have any of the coins on my seeking list doesn't mean I would say no to a trade request. I am also open for multi coin trades.
  3. I use coin pages that I buy from The Caching Place and coin holders from JP's corner inc. Here is what my coin collection looks like with that set up:coin collection
  4. wow it seems like the GPS Adventure maze geocoin is a hot item. I also have one of these for trade. I would love to trade it for one of the HTF on my list like: a white 5 Jeeps, a Federation Gold, Captain Prozac, Moun10bike v1 or even multi coin trades!!
  5. I have put up my remaining NOLEFAN9399/KimbyJ coins up on EBAY for $8.00 a piece and shipping is FREE in the U.S.A. and only $3.00 everywhere else in the world. Yes they are trackable and have their own unique icon!! Here are the links:Nickel Black Nickel Thanks for looking Duane NOLEFAN9399
  6. Make it an event they will come!!
  7. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I would be interested in a geocoin poker tourney since I was too late for the MWGB tourney.
  8. I got my chat coins and a Jeep'en Jumpers Silver!! Great day at the mailbox!!
  9. Paula I want one so we can trade at MWGB!!
  10. Paula I want one so we can trade at MWGB!!
  11. I also have some of these coins to trade. They are engraved NOLEFAN9399 001-015. I will also be bringing them to MWGB.
  12. Only 11 hours left on the gold XLE on EBAY. It is at a little over $20 now. Still time to bid. Also I have 2 Nickel coins left at $10 a piece with FREE shipping to the states and $3.00 anywhere else. Time is running out though.
  13. The Blue Morpho is my favorite butterfly so I will be definitely be getting one of these coins. Very cool.
  14. SEEKING 1MarkyMark1 gold 2005,2006,and 2007 versions AJetPilot Cacher Need Maint. Arizona Geocachers 2006 Ultra LE Federation gold TRADERS ARE IN MY SIG. LINE. I will do multi-coin trades if need be
  15. I have one of my gold XLE NOLEFAN9399/KimbyJ geocoins on ebay right now. Only 10 were made and I have all in my possesion at this time. Yes it is trackable on GC.com and it has its own icon (had to appease the forum gods ). Gold XLE. I also have a few of my Nickel coins for sale at $10 with no shipping charges to the U.S. and $3 anywhere else you can see those here:Nickel coin Thanks Duane NOLEFAN9399
  16. Yes you may certainly do that. Thank you
  17. There were only 250 coins made so I could get it trackable and have a unique icon as I have seen a lot of people demanding. 30 of those coins I got leaving only 220 to sell. With as huge as the community is I thought this would be no problem considering the way some coins were flying off the shelves so to speak. I have seen some good points here and I appreciate it. Sometimes a personal can be too personal maybe like in thi case. Plus I am no Moun10bike lol. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.
  18. Ok here is the story. A little over a year and a half ago I got an IM from KimbyJ, who lived/lives in Ohio and at the time I lived in Florida, saying 'I see you are into Geocaching.' I responded yes and we started talking from there. To make a long sappy story short, I moved to Ohio to be with her and landed a great job to boot. We both at the time had over 1500 finds each at the time and now we are over 2100 each. We got married on Feb. 23rd. of this year and I know we are not the first geocachers to get married but we decided to celebrate by putting our thoughts on a coin. The coin represents my love of Jeeping and the words Jeeping and caching our way to another adventure just represents our approach on life. The coins have been on sale over at LANDSHARKZ for a little over a month. Here is a pic of the coin for those who have not seen them yet:
  19. My new coins, NOLEFAN9399& KimbyJ's Just Married 2007, have been on sale now for a little over a month now and I haven't even sold half of them I know lol. I see some coins that have just gone on sale are already sold out. I am just seeking some brutal honesty on why these aren't going out as fast as others. With this insight I may be able to get something changed or know to take a different route next time. I am a lover of geocoins and only want to put quality coins out there. This time I didn't put the story with the coin like I did with my last coin. Not sure if that is what it is or something else. Please help.
  20. Sounds like this topic is getting out of hand
  21. Got my Jeeps today and let me tell you these things look great!!
  22. I got my THX4TC Jeep coins I won from the contest (Red, white, army green, blue) and a 2007 DMFlyer
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