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  1. I am trying to finish off collecting the coins on my seeking list. It is the only list I have that is up to date let me know if you have any of these coins you are willing to trade. I will also be doing multi-coin trades as well. Here is the small list of what I have to offer for trade: AVAILABLE Geo Credit card Orange Geo Credit Card Green Atlanta Gal 2006 Dressel Dragons Silver GeoWoostock 5 Attendance Just Married Black Nickel Just Married Nickel
  2. OK as most of you know I am getting out of collecting geocoins , but I saw the Moab KOKO coins and knew I had to get one of each since that is where we went for our honeymoon. Most of my trader list is way out of wack and I am also getting rid of some of my keepers. Here is what I have to offer for the two coins. A complete set of 'just married' 2007 geocoins that is BN, Nickel and the gold (of which only 10 were made). If this is not what you are looking for shoot me a pm and we can see if we can work out a trade of anything else I am getting rid of. Thanks! I also have BN and Nickel just married coins for trade as well if anyone is interested
  3. AFTER THURSDAY THESE WILL ALL BE GOING OVER TO THE E-PLACE. There are some coins there now and one special auction that has a bonus coin that goes with it!!! Worth checking out
  4. Here is a new updated list of coins I have for sale. Please refer to post #10454 for pricing. Michigan MIGO Refurbished Georgia Micro Copper Marlin01 Geosquid v2 2007 Geocoinfest Multi-event New Jersey Proto Picnic 2007 Delaware Cache Event Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver Polished Nickel Geo Coin Club 2006-05 USA 2005 Oakcoins coin Geofood Chrome LIGO Long Island Silver LIGO Long Island Bronze World of Geocaching v1 San Diego BN Kansas Sunshine BN Moustik 2007 Polished Nickel Lighthouse series 2 Bronze Michigan MIGO 2006 World of Geocaching V2 Hurricane Katrina TFTC- Geocoin by Jamie Oklahoma route 66 gold 2 Haughton Hunters Arizona silver Geocaching Police Garmin 2007 Northeast Ohio NEOGEO Cachers 2006 Antique Bronze Rokop AS I love Geocoin 2006 gold Nebraskache Geocorn Vermont 2006 Misty Silver This is all I will be offering until I sell most of these. There are others that will go on that other site as well. Thanks Duane
  5. Adding more LIGO Long Island bronze LIGO Long Island silver I Love Geocaoin 2006 Gold Nebraskache Geocorn Team Badger World of Geocaching v1 Legend of Bigfoot San Diego BN Vermont 2006 Misty Silver Maine 2005
  6. I am slowly getting out of collecting and am selling some of my collection. Here is a small starter list and I will be adding more coins in the future. All coins are unactivated. Some are in coin flips and others still in plastic sleeves. All coins will be $12 including shipping. I know that this is high for some of the coins on the list and a steal for others. The ones that do not sell here will go over to auction. Please pm me or e-mail me your wants. Here is the list: 6 Just Married BN 2 Geocoinfest multi-event New Jersey 1 Geocell chrome geofood 2 Haughton Hunters 1 Geocaching Police Squad Garmin Armed nickel 1 bronze NEOGEO 1 Wildlife muggles Bucky Beaver Nickel 1 May 2006 Geocoin club 1 Proto Picnic 2007 1 Delaware cache event 1 Marlin01 v2 LE gold 1 Rokop geocoin AS 1 Lehigh Mafia 1 Geosquid v2 6 Just Married Nickel 1 Team Pez
  7. I have 5 each of my NOLEFAN9399/KimbyJ Just Married 2007 in BN and Nickel left for trade. If anyone wants to trade please e-mail me or pm me. Seeking list in sig. line. Thanks Duane NOLEFAN9399
  8. 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!! Just got my Harvest Day package in on Tuesday and thought it appropriate to post it here on Thanksgiving. I received an awesome package in the mail that had all kinds of goodies in it. It was very well thought out and I got coins that were on my seeking list as well and we all know most of mine are hard to come by anymore. This mission definitely did what it was intended to do and that is put a big smile on my face and be thankful for all of my good Geocaching friends. Here is a pic of the goodies I got. Thanks Seabecktribe!!!!
  9. Congrats CF30 hmmm looks like those coins were on your seeking list too! I heard in the chat room that yes that was your Thanksgiving mission package.
  10. OK here are some coins I am desperately SEEKING! Dependent on the coin I may do multiple coin trades. Here is what I am SEEKING: 5 STAR TERRAIN JEEP PDA PAPERLESS CACHING ( satin nickel) THX4TC JEEP (black,green) AJETPILOT FEDERATION (gold) My trader list has expanded with some neat coins after GeoCoinFest so take a look and lets make a deal! Duane NOLEFAN9399
  11. Woooo Hooo I found one of these sweet coins in my mailbox today!!! Thanks !!!!!
  12. wow hmmm I am also looking for a Federation gold. I cached with Greg for a few years before getting into coins and by the time I was interested in coins he had none left. So anyone that has an extra let me know I have a few coins I would offer in trade Duane
  13. Ok here is a good one to put this gift crap to a close. I know a lot of people get coins as gifts BUT I am sure that some if not most of you have sold a birthday, or Christmas present to make money. This was a gift right?? What makes that any different? Not a darn thing
  14. Many many collectors have had to sell their coins because of hardship and most are helped out and some were even able to keep their coins. Do collectors like to sell their prized possesions no. She obviously is in a hard situation here the least people could do is care and maybe bid on the coin instead of giving her crap for it. Like AnT said so much for a caring community
  15. SEEKING THX4TC Jeeps in black, green, orange, and yellow to complete my set. Traders are in my sig line. Thanks, Duane
  16. I am seeking all 3 metals of The Huskies geocoins. I have a husky myself so this coin would mean a lot to me. Please see my trader list below. Thanks
  17. shame shame shame. Plus I do think that is a little high too for non trackable.
  18. Looking for a 5 star terrain Jeep. Traders list below. Thanks
  19. Looking for a 3 Sparks blue morpho. See traders list below. Thanks
  20. The coins I was waiting for must have gotten lost in the mail, gotta love the old USPS . Anyway since I haven't gotten it I am looking to trade for them again. I am desperately looking for the THX4TC black, green, orange, and yellow to complete my set. I have a maze coin left and whatever is on my trader list. I hope someone still has these coins available.
  21. I wanted to see these at MWGB but seems that the mint 'ducked up' the shipping. I hope I can get my hands on a few of these from the people I met there hint hint
  22. Congrats on your find and welcome to the other side of geocaching lol. I myself sometimes leave unactivated coins in caches as swag. If you find an unactivated coin in a cache it was meant to be a gift or a little more valuable swag than your normal McToy. I have many unactivated coins that I have collected over the years. It is up to you on what you wish to do with it. Congrats again on your cool find.
  23. 2 days left for the coins. After that they will be put in caches so buy them while you can
  24. 2 days left for the coins. After that they will be put in caches so buy them while you can
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