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  1. I am having a problem after I download the pocket query to my files. For one I am not sure how to unzip the file and two how to get that info to my GPS. I am feeling kind of dumb here. First time going away from Garmin and using Magellan and it doesn't seem as easy as it used to be. Back in the day I would use GSAK but shoot in 8 years I would think we have advanced from that.

  2. OK I know this has been gone over a million times and I am sorry for that. I am older but guess I am not wiser. I was out of the sport for 8 years and now trying to get back into it and believe it or not I am not computer savvy. I purchased a Magellan Explorist GC GPS and downloaded a pocket query but now I am lost on how to get it from the computer to the GPS. I need a set up class for dummies I guess lol. Any step by step instruction would help. Thank you

  3. OK I have gone off the deep end. I am offering for trade my Jeep'en Jumpers coins I have the Antique Gold and the Silver edition. I do believe I am one of only a select few that has both, a lot either have one or the other. The gold has not been activated and the silver is activated in my name per Jeep'en Jumpers request. It can be transfered to the new owner. Like usual I am looking for coins that can go on that other site. The camper needs some upgrades and this is the best way to do it. E-mail me or drop me a pm thanks

  4. I have a bunch of frog-princes and pathtags that I want to trade away. Multiple tags/frog princes for 1 coin is ok too. Here is what I have:


    (15) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Nick Liming Version

    (1) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Team Shydog Version

    (2) MWGB 2008 Pathtags

    (1) Dhenninger Pathtag

    (1) Eat,Meet,& Greet Pathtag

    (1) 2Trux Pathtag

    (1) Doobies Pathtag


    Looking for coins trackable/non trackable.

    PM me or e-mail me with what you would like

  5. OK new list time.




    (5) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Nick Liming Verion

    (2) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Team Shydog Version

    (1) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Mr 501 36 Version

    (1) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Avroair Version

    (1) MWGB GeoGuys Frog-Prince Steve-2G Version

    (1) Proto Picnic 2007

    (3) Nolefan9399&KimbyJ's Just Married 2007 Black Nickel

    (2) Nolefan9399&KimbyJ's Just Married 2007 Nickel

    (1) CHAT Happens Nolefan9399-009




    Pretty much open to any trades.


    Shoot me an e-mail or send me a message on here

  6. I have:

    (10) MWGB GeoGuys Frog Prince Nick Liming versions available for trade

    (1) Original Groundspeak Lackey for trade




    Pretty much anything trackable and not activated for the frog princes and something equivelant for the Lackey.




    Email sent. Hope for luck.


    grodan Karin


    Trade made!!!! Thanks


    Have 5 Frog princes left!

  7. Oh! so it goes by number of coins? not by the coin the other is offering?


    I mean if the coin is a rare or valuable one...


    For example... for the lackey 05, the lackey 07! ;)


    Yes the value of the coin is considered. 2 or 3 coins that equal the value of one coin or 1 coin that is of the same value. I go by the seeking list on the geocoin gallery as guidance as how sought after a coin is.

  8. I am trading off the rest of my valuable coins. They are just collecting dust so might as well trade them to someone that will appreciate and enjoy them. I am looking for coins I can put up on that other site (a man has got to pay bills). I am open to any offers. I will leave this open until Friday night then whoever has the best deal gets them. You can go for all or just 1 or 2. Here is what I have to offer:


    Easter Coin Bunny (gold/light blue)= offer to beat 1 coin (Karma 2010 Pink Goddess LE)


    The Geocoin Fairy (version 1) = offer to beat 1 coin (Oceania Earth Turtle Bora Bora)


    Groundspeak Lackey (silver 05 version) = offer to beat 1 coin (Anthus Laptop BN)


    I will put the leading offer beside the coin that way everyone knows what to beat..I will not put out names just what is offered.

  9. I am auctioning off my last original NOLEFAN9399 Gold LE coin, of which only 20 were minted, over at EBAY. It is only at a little over $3.00 now. The last one I sold on EBAY went for $36. Grab this one up for your collection. It is trackable on Geocaching.com and it is not activated. It also has its own unique icon. Here is the link:


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