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  1. My Profile button does what it should do at last .... takes you directly to the most visited bits of the website. Excellent! Bravo Groundspeak!
  2. A Geocacher drives this van ... on the move
  3. 12 days for us and desperately trying not to let it slip. Should be OK now the lighter nights are here.
  4. We have a Renault Master minibus conversion for moving from cache to cache. It's admittedly a bit big for some of the smaller country roads we go down but it allows us to go away for caching weekends and sleepover in the back. I bought it from the bus company I work for and removed most of the seats. I sectioned off a sleeping cabin and installed beds. The middle bit serves as a canteen while on the trail and doubles as a fine geocaching bureau on an evening. I guess it's a cross between a crew-cab van & campervan. We also have a smaller 7 seater van for day caching. Just wondering what you folk use?
  5. Our 100th we stumbled on by accident. It would have been a boring motorway stop but we missed the exit and by chance our next cache was quite a find. A puzzle cache with monumental location. For 200 we made a point of getting a multi in a martyr village which we had our eye on. We got it New Year's Day. For 250 we found our 2nd Earthcache and for the next milestone 300 we will hopefully be on our way down to Spain. So 300 may be the last webcam cache in France or our first cache in a different country or one of two high profile caches near the border which would get us listed on cacherstats. Yes, we like to make the effort for the milestones. For 500 it would be nice to get it at the UK South Wales Mega event which we hope to visit this summer.
  6. Is anyone else having this problem? I create a route of our trip south and save the route then create pocket query using the route which works fine but when I try to map it the route is completely wrong. The caches displayed are correct and on route but the blue line is way out. Tried it with a different route and exactly the same problem. Any ideas? Please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong section. Thanks S
  7. I have found trackonfly useful on numerous occasions when the GPS signal has been poor. It's helped us locate several caches that we would otherwise have DNFed. I take the laptop with us but it also works (indeed is designed for) handhelds. That and GSAK are my 2 essentials.
  8. The best we can hope for (and I am) is 60 days in the summer hols. We do it as a family game and although our three boys often take turns in coming caching with me it would not be feasible to go after school as we've pretty much cleared a 60km radius here in rural France. In the holidays we'll do some camping trips and get caches further afield and hopefully go for the full 2 months. I drive the school bus so I'm off when they're off. Works for me. Current: 13 days whoops 7 (13 is our daily count)
  9. A workaround might be to offer an alternative. If somebody really doesn't want to pay the small cost of a call then allow them to email you for the relevant information but strongly advise against it as it will spoil the theme of the cache. I doubt anybody will take you up on it but it should keep the reviewer happy. Personally, I've done some paid caches where I had to use the motorway to access services where the cache was placed and had to pay a toll for the motorway. The alternative offered was a long treck on foot across fields. I didn't mind in the least paying the 2 euros. The most expensive cache we did was on an island off the West coast of France. Had to get the ferry which cost us over €40. Again it was part of the adventure. Good luck!
  10. You guys have it good. In France we have to suffer Cistes. On more than one occasion I have located the cache - a nice cammo box in a good location BUT with a bright yellow margerine tub half-full of water sitting on top. Bienvenu sur la piste des cistes! They really are lame and why they think it's a good idea to plant them in the exact position of a cache is beyond me. Back on topic, I will be watching the new site with interest. There are very few listings in France currently.
  11. +2 Yep, hints are a last resort which is why they are encrypted. If you didn't turn the GPS on then you didn't go geocaching really. You went on a treasure hunt and that's what you got.
  12. Thanks for that info Fonty Family. That is all I needed to know. Thought it may be a problem with my browser but now you have posted all is clear. This forum is my first port of call. I try not to sign up to too many others. Thanks again
  13. The images for Badgegen have not loaded for me for a few days now. Not in my own profile or other's profiles. Is there a problem with the BadeGen site?
  14. Thanks for the positive comments. That is almost exactly the lock I intend to use except the one I have is a 3 figure combination. Looks like it's a goer.
  15. I'm planning on hiding our first puzzle cache this weekend and rather than encrypting the coordinates for the final location I'm thinking of putting a combination lock on the metal box and encrypting the code instead. I can't find any evidence of this being done around here - maybe there are good reasons for that - so thought I'd ask in here first. The location isn't too far away so we'd be checking it regularly for signs of the lock rusting up or labels deteriorating and the likes. Anything else to consider? I realise somebody happening upon a locked box might nick it so it would have to be very well placed. Thanks. S
  16. This is one of my favourites I have seen here in France. I'll let you decide which is the funny.
  17. I've noticed recently that when I'm browsing caches in google maps the "my finds" smileys which are there initially now have a habit of reverting to ordinary cache icons when I move the map which makes "hide my finds" impossible. Is this a bug that has appeared recently? Anybody else spot it?
  18. We are new to the game and heard about it on Downsizer.net this summer. Somebody posted a thread in the forum asking for suggestions on family activities for the summer holidays. We took a quick look on the map and were happy to see the nearest cache was just 5km from our home. So we went and found it and that's how we got hooked. Funny thing is that I can't believe we never heard about it in the UK when we lived there as we were keen orienteers and knew alot of folk that pursued outdoor activities. Funny old world eh?
  19. How do you guys pay the fuel bill, are you all retired? Just wondering. We currently tour France when the schools are on holiday (I drive the school buses) but looking forward to someday touring the whole continent and then on to the next. Do full time RVers have a base that they go back to now and then or are you totally free of that?
  20. We've been Geocaching for almost 4 months now with our three boys aged 5, 7 & 9. They all love it and look forward to our next outing. Even the youngest one picked up the basics easily. We started with just maps/compass and introduced the GPS when we could afford one (after about 2 months). Agree with the above comments - keep it simple and take them on adventure trails to find the caches. Kids love forests and mountains and won't get bored easily especially if there is treasure to be found.
  21. I picked up a handy bag while caching on the West coast of France. Nothing special but it has lots of compartments and a shoulder strap is essential for when you need both hands free to climb those rocks. Regarding what is in it that varies but almost always I carry the following: GPS Compass Digital camera / spare battery Local area map Pen, permanent marker, pencil, spare pencil Micro cache with logbook & pencil Spare plastic bags / rubber bands Spare logbook Small items for exchange (old coins usually) Any TBs I may currently hold What am I missing?
  22. How do you get the result so dark? I have made several attempts at this and had wishy washy results. I have a HP4l laser printer which I assume is up to the job but no such wondrous results as yours. Maybe the acetone here is inferior???
  23. I don't get it. What's the voting for? To create random co-ords? I'm curious is all.
  24. Hadn't heard of this. Will look into it. For us poor folk in rural france $30 is a bit much of a lump sum but 10 would be manageable. Maybe this option should be publicised more? Maybe it already is and I missed it.
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