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  1. Big thanks for the positive feedback folks. Yes the cache would involve finding some coords as the point at which the alarm could be heard would be at a fork in the path in the woods from where you could here the alarm. The placement is remote and very slim chance that a muggle would be around at midnight. Even if they were I suspect the sound would be such a surprise as to have them leave rather sharpish. Going to do the sound tests now. Thanks again for the comments.
  2. Good call Groundspeak. I see this as being a "main benefit" of being a premium member. For us, in France the new maps are near useless. I look forward to seeing Google maps back.
  3. I realise that people might look for it during the day so it would have to be well hidden but I think in the still of night in the woods it could be heard from quite a way off so good luck to them. I have yet to do the sound checks.
  4. I want to hide a night cache near here which would include an audible beacon (digital alarm clock). The alarm would sound at set time each night and again ten minutes and twenty minute later so that the seeker got three chances to locate the origin of the chime before having to give up and return another night. I'm just wondering if this sort of thing has been done already. Difficulty level would be set quite high to reflect the time constraint on seeking the cache.
  5. This is amazing! At last we can see where the caches are in France again. The other maps were useless. Thanks for posting!
  6. Searching this section for help on Multis, this is the closest topic I found. My question: is there a way to go to the stages of a multi-cache without having to write down and the enter the coordinates into the app? Surely when you click on the waypoint flag to create a new waypoint a list of existing ones from the cache page should also be available. If it is then I missed it
  7. Geoscouts are aiming for 1000 finds in a year. We need 15 more but they are all so far away and such a busy time .... maybe slot a day in next week and drive miles. Never get a chance to get 1000 in a year again unless we leave rural France!
  8. So we've finally re-found the trackables link after some needless searching. I don't have a problem with it being moved three tabs in on the homepage now that I know where to look again but is the first tab really needed for premium members? After all I think most of us know the basics and don't really need to see the tutorial so my proposal is for it to only be visible to non-premium members and the "My profile" tab be the dominant (left) tab for premium accounts. Discuss??
  9. My brief advice is to definitely go for a touch-screen device whatever you get. We went for a Magellan Explorist for the paperless Geocaching ability and it is very durable and very useful except for the silly toggle thing in the middle for scrolling. It is almost impossible to use with wet hands. The touch-screen devices I've seen are way, way better to use. Also, buy a case for your iphone if you haven't already.
  10. I'm quite surprised to see that. I have the full app on iphone4 and it is very slow compared with other apps. Also it is the *only* app on my iphone that crashes which it does too frequently. It needs sorting but here is not the place. All that said, it is a very useful app and I wouldn't be without it. I use the iphone more than my handheld GPS nowadays to find caches as it is handy - I always have it with me. There are other useful Geocaching apps out there which might help but I guess you would have to message me for the links? My advice: Spend a tenner - Get the full app. Later you can fork out for a handheld if you stick with the game.
  11. Is there any way to turn the challenges section off for those of us who just want to find Geocaches? Also, +1 for lose the avatars. Thanks
  12. Is it allowable to use an archived cache page to post a note for a clue to a puzzle cache? I'm setting up a puzzle cache near here and needed to put one of the stages on a web page but just got to thinking that why not use our only archived cache and put the hint there? It would save me setting up an external page and keeps the focus on GC.com The clue in the cache would just be the GC number of the archived. Any thoughts / problems with this?
  13. Oh and with regards to other apps, iGCT is downloadable for free and works great for projecting waypoints as well as other stuff.
  14. Open the multicache from your list Click "Navigate to Geocache" At the top of the map page click the flag icon (top middle right) Enter new waypoint name - Enter Latitude - Enter Longitude - Set to Geocache location Off you go! Hope this helps
  15. Does it have pedestrian setting? We borrowed a TomTom when we started and it would only get us to the nearest point on a road (which was rubbish for caching in the woods). The one we have now has pedestrian mode which will take us right to ground zero but be warned they are designed to be plugged in to the lighter socket and the battery doesn't last long when unplugged. Give it a go near your home, if it will track you offroad you may be ok. Before you know it you'll be hooked anyway and buy a handheld Good luck!
  16. We found our first 100 caches using just Google maps. You should be OK. The only ones we had to return to with a GPS were deep in the woods where the overhead was useless. The green arrow is the spot that you are looking for and not the red blip.
  17. Not quite sure what the issue is. If the first "x" is a zero it might not be shown but will not effect the location. I too bought a GC recently and have so far had no problems with it. It can certainly output for example: 45 45.138
  18. I've only edited one and that was our very first find. On our first day caching I logged the finds in the wrong order and for months it was wrongly listed until I found the edit feature. It's a good thing IMO
  19. Know the language. If you don't you could have big trouble with the cache descriptions. We always write our cache pages in French and English but most of the caches around us are only in French. You can use translate software but if the CO is being cryptic it won't make sense. Caching with a local makes sense. We found some English cachers living in Holland and hope to meet up with them next month. Good luck with the trip!
  20. you can do that with iphone geocache app as well ;-) There is also a free app called iGCT (Geocaching toolkit) which I use on iphone. Specially for multi-caches it can project new waypoints.
  21. We use the overheads all the time, it is our preferred search method. When we started it was all we had - that and the OS map. Now we have a car GPS which helps us find some of the trickier hides but I always check out the satellite images first. It's not cheating IMO. Still have to drive many miles to an area then treck off into the woods on foot to sign the log. Now park and grabs on the other hand ...
  22. I did wonder if I was posting in the right place. Thanks. Thanks folks for the replies. I won't be buying the phone to use as a phone, silly as that may sound. I have an old iphone which I use in permanent airplane mode to take pictures and run the geocaching app. I simply want to try out the Google alternative as the reviews are looking good. Just need to know which phones work best with the Android app and which have best GPS reception. Cheers
  23. Leave as is. Too many rules make for a boring game.
  24. Thanks, that sounds like a nice price to me. I will look into this further. Did you have to pay extra for the maps? How much? I don't mind buying the app again for the new platform as I reckon it is well worth the eight or so quid. How accurate do you find the GPS for locating the caches? So many questions but your answers are much appreciated. Thanks. S
  25. Been using the iphone app for the past six months and I am happy with what it does. Trouble is that the iphone I am using has weak GPS reception at best and I need to upgrade but not wanting to replace what I already have I am looking to get an Android platform device. Just wondering what experience people on here have had with various 'Droid' devices or 'Smart phones' ? I don't want to pay the Earth for a second phone and I will probably be buying it whilst in the UK next month so all relevant comments are welcome. It does however have to be a reasonable contestant to the iphone as I will most likely ditch this when I have a suitable replacement. Thanks in advance
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