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  1. Our best so far is four in a day but we did visit GC40 and I can tell you it's a very easy find (and a nice cache too). We were taking our time enjoying the scenery but I think six would be a breeze if you kept moving. Best of luck! Long before we were Geocaching we took a tour of Europe and covered 14 countries in 14 days but that's another story.
  2. A friend of ours finding a *very* buried cache which was hidden by the local tourist board! And there are many more. Vive la France!
  3. I wish we could come to your Mega event
  4. One of our very first caches was hidden 25 meters from an Earthcache. We weren't aware of the proximity rules at the time but it's still there. So yes
  5. This is surely one of the best ideas I have seen on this thread. The others are great too, of course but this is supreme! Merci!
  6. That uses an iframe, which unfortunately, isn't allowed in cache descriptions either. Yes, we already tried that one and as NYpaddle says, it don't work either. Come on Groundspeak ... we need countdown to events!
  7. Oh well. Thanks for the info folks. It is as I suspected but it would have been good to have a countdown timer for our Geocaching in Space event.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know of a suitable (copy and paste) countdown timer for a cache page. It's for an Space lift-off event in November. I've tried pasting a few of the ones I have found into the page but none of them show up in the listing. Java/flash issues I'm guessing. Help most appreciated. Thanks Team Geoscouts
  9. Hi Thanks for the super-quick answer. I'm not sure I see your point though. If a player has a multiple choice question with just three possible responses (that is the maximum as far as I can see) then they can easily guess the correct answer (three guesses max) to the question rendering it pointless (in my opinion). What is the point in taking them to a question stage if they don't have to *find* the answer? In Wherigo cartridges we have played, when you get the question wrong you go back to the start point and have another go (or not). This works well in such as a town square for example, where it is no hardship to go back. Anyway, just my input. You are doing a mighty fine job in developing this and your other project. I wish you all the best of luck with Groundspeak. I hope an amicable outcome can be reached. Best wishes Edited to emphasize: It's just the multiple choice question that holds the problem. I can see that an open ended question will work fine as per your explanation.
  10. Hi. Firstly, a huge thanks for Wherigo\\kit! I've been playing with it for a while now and we are about ready to put our our first cartridge as our 200th hide. The slow part is getting out there taking photos and re-checking coordinates. Thanks to \\kit the programming part is easy. A question on questions: We finished the cartridge at the weekend and took it out to test it. On the whole it worked very well and we were able to complete the quest. The main problem was that at each of the stages that required the player to answer a question, the multiple choice answers were offered and if a wrong answer was chosen it reverted back to the question (giving the player unlimited guesses at the answer). The idea was to send the player back to the start upon entering a wrong answer (as per most Wherigos we have played). I cannot see a way to do this in the \\kit. There is an option for "stop emulator" but I'm not sure what this does. Any help would be appreciated. On a side note I have read through this entire thread (very interesting) and found how to get the cartridge to load in the GS builder. It was the 64bit issue. But the builder is new to me and the help file lean. Thanks for all the hard work. Hope you are having fun photographing the ghosts. Team Geoscouts
  11. Hi We live in France and we Geocache with both GPS units and iphone. The kids use the GPS and I favour the iphone (mainly for the detailed satelite imagery). There are lots of free wifi hotspots here in France. I have never had problems finding one when we are out caching in a new area (Quick, McDonalds, Flunch etc. all offer free wifi). You can even park in the car park and use it from there to download your PQs and maps for the day ahead. And now that the official app allows a "live search" for nearby caches directly from the map screen we are using this in stead of PQs. You can save all the data for the day ahead in a few seconds. There are also some good deals on PAYG sim cards which could be useful if you go to a remote area of France. PM me if you need further advice.
  12. We have a blog but I haven't posted to it in ages. Thanks for the nudge. www.touringeurope.net
  13. Inspired by this, I just made a short Wherigo using the //kit and Google maps alone. We went out to test it and it works a treat! Good accuracy for GPS etc. I will be making a proper one soon using this same process. Well done and thanks to the developer. Wherigo is far from dead ...
  14. I'd love to create a Wherigo cache but I've never had any look getting the *builder* to run. It seems there isn't support for Windows 7 Nice idea though
  15. Local cacher: Palelog http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/0337c0ca-0af4-478c-a0bf-42e61cfa5b72.jpg ... and his brother PaleOrc. Not heard back from him yet
  16. Yes. We also use iphone4 for caching outside cell coverage areas (especially when abroad). Be prepared, as the poster above said. Download your PQs before you leave home. Get to a Wifi hotspot and pan around the maps you will need for that day. The map tiles stay cached in the iphone for several days in my experience. There is indeed (or was) a try before you buy option for the iphone app as my wife had it on her ipod. But as the app is less than 10 Euros and really very good I would recommend buying it without hesitation. We also have a droid smartphone with c'geo installed but I find it very tricky to use compared with the iphone app. My only complaint ... PLEASE bring back google maps to the app!
  17. I care, and it is annoying that on the iphone app there is no way to change the log date. We log all our finds *live* and I have to be careful not to log a find before 9am CET because it would show as the previous day. It can also be a grind to have to get a long day of caching logs submitted before bed (usually in the camper van {RV}) so that the finds for that day are logged for that day
  18. Being in rural France there aren't all that many caches around but since we started in July 2010 we have seen many new caches come and a few old ones go here in Limousin. This year I have made it our goal to *clear up our back yard* before we relocate to pastures new. Some of the caches here are proving to be real toughies - user no longer contactable but cache still being found occasionally - that sort of thing. I don't know if we will manage to clean up the last cache in Limousin but our list is down to sixteen (some new ones we haven't even been to yet) with a real *tricky six* in the mix so wish us luck ...
  19. It's two whole years today since we went out and found our very first cache. It was just down the road from here and we were surprised to find one of these mysterious treasure boxes so close to home. We made a day out of it and spent time at the beach before going in search of the cache. No GPS or fancy stuff, just a good hard look on the map and a long search on site. We scored our first "found it" then went on to find another 2000+ geocaches. I think it's safe to say we were hooked from day one. We soon became premium members on the site and rushed out to buy a GPS device. Two years down the line we still look forward to planning our next adventure. We found almost all the caches in our part of rural France and now we travel far and wide in pursuit of our new hobby. The team consists of my three boys (aged 10, 9 & 7) and myself out geocaching most weekends and school holidays with Mum and the younger two children accompanying us at events. It's a great hobby! Thanks to the geocaching community for two years of adventure and many more to come. Team Geoscouts
  20. It makes a difference because IE uses (wrongly) the "alt" tag to display pop-up text where Firefox and chrome use the correct tag "title". Groundspeak appears to support neither in the cache pages (but I don't have IE so I don't know. The tag is listed in the supported tags list so it should work.
  21. Rothenberg (Blair witch meets geocaching) http://rothenbergmovie.com/ You'll never go down a bunker again
  22. Hi. I'm trying to create a cache page with an image map to provide links to related caches in a series. So far the image map appears to disply ok with hotspots which are clickable. The problem is that the "title" tag isn't working so no hover text is possible to direct people to the correct page. I'm assuming "alt" works for IE but I'm using Chrome to setup the page and according to the tag-list the title tag should be OK. I've tried adding it to the main image and it works fine. Anybody been here?
  23. Biscuit tin! Our attempt at "cool" Should make a good place to stay for TBs passing through France ... Obviously being a biscuit tin it won't be place out in the rain
  24. What happens when daylight saving time begins? Bi-annual maintenance plan Thanks for the link Glory Hunters. I know little Spanish but that is the right idea. We hid the box and alarm last weekend. I'm now figuring on two alarms - one in the tree and one in the cache (to chime slightly later). Should be fun to do.
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