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    London is big and I wonder where the best place is to go caching?



    Also, what do you mean by "best place"?


    Do you want somewhere where you can get a lot of caches in one area? Or would you prefer to do individual caches which are particularly good/original? Do you want to see the tourist sights and get caches at those locations?


    MrsB :)


    Good question MrsB! Lets say both :)

    - a lot of caches in one area

    - caches which are particularly good/original


    It's not my first time in London and I am more interested in caches this time ;)


    - theobast

  2. Hi Theodor,


    London is a fairly big place, but it's easy to get around (don't forget it's quite often quicker to walk than it is to get the underground as things are


    Without knowing roughly where your staying - you could look for caches around where you are staying (looking for favourite points is often a good indication).


    If you happen to be in town on the 19th then Goldpots world famous monthly event is on (http://coord.info/GC39EM4) and you would be more than welcome.


    If you let us know roughly what area of London you are staying in we can probably recommend a few "must do" caches.




    Hi LinseyG!


    I'm in London the week before the monthly event :(


    The reason for going to London is actual http://bettshow.com and the hotel is in that area.


    Thanks for the tips, webscouter.

    I will really try to take a look at Royal Observatory Greenwitch :)


    - theobast

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